FiscalNote CEO Tim Hwang Duped by Fake Crypto Expert Chris Brummer, FiscalNote Press Release Touts Crypto Fraud

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FiscalNote CEO Tim Hwang Duped by Fake Crypto Expert Chris Brummer, FiscalNote Press Release Touts Crypto Fraud

EDITOR’S NOTE: TheBlot Magazine has reached out to CHRIS BRUMMER at least 7 times seeking his comment about this article and inquiring about his “expertise” in cryptocurrency and other “expertise” he claims to have in finance, law, commodities, business, economics or anything else real in life. Neither Chris Brummer nor his notorious lawyers DAREN GARCIA, NICOLE GUERON have responded; neither has any one of them reached out to TheBlot Magazine to complain about anything. Since all articles appearing in TheBlot Magazine are contributed by readers, and Brummer has been completely silent about this and other investigative articles that exposed his fraudulent background, TheBlot Magazine has to infer all articles about CHRIS BRUMMER are true and accurate.  TheBlot has also reached out to  TIM HWANG numberous times seeking comment. Neither FiscalNote nor TIM HWANG has responded. Readers may surmise TIM HWANG conceded he was duped by CHRIS BRUMMER.

TIM HWANG, FISCALNOTE, CEO, Chris Brummer, Georgetown, Crypto currency, Facebook Libra, Washontong Lobbying, FINRA Robert Colby, Richard Ketchum, fraud

TIM HWANG or TIMOTHY HWANG, the self-appointed CEO of an obscure cryptocurrency promoter called FISCALNOTE was played like an imbecile, condoned a notorious fake “crypto expert” and fraudster CHRIS BRUMMER, aka Dr. Bratwurst, according to FISCALNOTE’s puffy press piece reviewed online by investigative reporters.  


Meet Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law Center ‘Dr Bratwurst,’ Fake Expert Ruins Lives

In a January 8, 2019 PR release promoting FISCALNOTE’s so-called “Fintech coverage,” FISCALNOTE and its Chief Content Officer JOSH RESNIK touted a notorious crypto scammer named Chris Brummer as a “partner.” FISCALNOTE and Tim Hwang raved about Chris Brummer the “leading cryptocurrency” expert since the sliced bread. In truth, Chris Brummer is a fraud and phony with a laughable degree in “Germanic Studies” – a total fraudster who hasn’t worked a day in Fintech.

Chris Brummer, Crypto Expert, Geoergetown Law Center professor, Rachel Loko, FINRA NAC, Fraud, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt, Clarick Gueron Reisbaum, Charles Senatore, Chicago, Myles Edwards

It is an indisputable fact that Chris Brummer knows how to grill bratwurst sausages, but hasn’t worked a day in science or technology, let alone having had any experience whatsoever in cryptocurrency or Fintech. Chris Brummer is a total bullshit artist, simple as that.

FISCALNOTE touts ‘Artificial Intelligence’, but was easily trapped in the Chris Brummer fraud

FISCALNOTE boasts an inflated background as some expert in “artificial intelligence.” But it is truly ironic and embarrassing for a shop like this to be easily fooled by the fake expert Chris Brummer, who was supposed to have been screened by FISCALNOTE’s miserably failed “artificial intelligence” process.


Georgetown Law Chris Brummer Deceives Esteemed New York Justice Lucy Billings, False Sworn Affidavit Perjury, Brummer FINRA NAC lies to FBI Got Caught

For FISCALNOTE, it’s one thing for it to peddle its own “artificial intelligence” gimmick to Washington-based politicians who spend taxpayers money, not their own. It’s a far more serious matter for TIM HWANG and FISCALNOTE to be gamed like total morons by Chris Brummer. Hello? Google searched “Chris Brummer” yet?

FISCALNOTE attracts tree huggers and illusory dreamers to “get ahead of the U.S. government” on Fintech. But the relentless promotion orchestrated by TIM HWANG and FISCALNOTE’s first 2019 fund-raising PR push – using fake crypto expert Chris Brummer as a bait to grab money out of dumb donors’ pockets appears to be nothing but a get-rich-quick gimmick. In promoting a fake crypto expert like BRUMMER, TIM HWANG and FISCALNOTE were duped like idiots, implicated in several Chris Brummer Frauds.


Fraud, Lies, Georgetown Law ‘Professor’ Chris Brummer, Rigged FINRA NAC Sued for Fraud, Defamation


Chris Brummer’s professional life outside of his shotgun wedding to a student RACHEL LOKO is as graphic as a horror story, told in the Bernie Madoff style.

Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law Professor, Fiscalnote, Tim Hwang, FINRA NAC, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Richard Ketchum, FINRA, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt, Clarick Gueron Reisbaum

A man growing up in Arkansas, Chris Brummer’s professional upbringing has left a trail of blood, tears and financial ruins torturing the lives of countless victims – many are inner city black folks. The media has been on Brummer’s tail for several years, exposing again and again Brummer’s unrelenting fraud on the public. Brummer retaliated in 2014 funded by FINRA NAC, embarked on a years-long lawsuit against the “pen and the ink,” until Brummer got his charcoal ass handed to him in a landmark defeat in New York’s appellate court.  

In November 2018, Chris Brummer suffered a fatal blow in a decisive ruling by New York’s Appellate Court when five esteemed judges unanimously rejected Brummer’s claim of “emotional harm as a psycho,” and  as a result of the media coverage, Brummer’s failed attempt to muzzle free speech, reported by the National Law Journal and revealed in court records.

THE Chris Brummer fraud, black man Talman Harris was wrongfully sent to prison

Then more bombs fell on Brummer barely a month after he was caught pants down. Brummer confessed in a shocking court filing – in his own sworn testimony – that he had never had “actual findings” of any wrongdoing by black man Talman Harris, who had been wrongfully sent to prison based on Brummer’s role at FINRA NAC, a FINRA rubber stamp under Chris Brummer that had specifically told prosecutors it had “actual findings” of stock frauds by Mr. Harris.  Read more:  GEORGETOWN PROFESSOR CHRIS BRUMMER SUED FOR FRAUD, BROKER TALMAN HARRIS FIGHTS FINRA NAC ‘MEAT GRINDER’


Meet Fake Fintech Expert Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law Con Artist Professor Has Degree in Germanic Studies, Zero in Tech or Finance

A congressional investigation into Chris Brummer and FINRA’s misconduct followed, leading to a revelation of the Chris Brummer fraud.

Adding fuel to the fire, the prominent Forbes magazine seized the opportunity to publicize a blazing story on Brummer, rebuking the FINRA NAC Kangaroo court (under Brummer) and Chris Brummer’s misconduct. The renowned Heritage Foundation also published a scathing research condemning a FINRA NAC kangaroo court, which was then headed by Chris Brummer in 2013 when the Dr. Bratwurst Chris Brummer moonlighted for FINRA NAC to pad a thin resume.

First Amendment lawyer and Washington Post reporter Eugene Volokh took the pleasure to investigate Chris Brummer’s fake claim as a psycho, who also wrote several articles for The Washington Post exposing the Chris Brummer fraud…


Trump Ditches Fraudulent Georgetown Law Professor Chris Brummer, Backs Brian Quintenz as CFTC Commissioner

Such extensive public exposure of Brummer’s notoriety can be easily located on the internet… Somehow, moronically, TIM HWANG, JOSH RESNIK, FISCALNOTE and their mouthpiece LINDSAY HAND conveniently either left their Google search engines at home or are too blind or stupid to do basic due diligence on Chris Brummer. Stupid or greedy? Both.  


For many years, Chris Brummer’s long history of fraud, lies, and relentless self-promotion of an empty career built on affirmative action, and a bullshit college degree in “Germanic Studies,” which is a piece of useless sheepskin earned by grilling bratwurst, dancing German folk dances and bedding naked European women, have fooled many idiots, counting TIM HWANG, FISCALNOTE, JOSH RESNIK and LINDSAY HAND among the dumbest…

Digging through Brummer’s history is as simple as doing a quick Google search on the key words “Chris Brummer.”

Chris Brummer’s glaring notoriety is easily discoverable: Chris Brummer has ZERO background in business, finance, technology or Fintech.

And sure, arguably Brummer was one of the leading experts embroiled in #MeToo accusations, getting a poor Southern Baptist girl named RACHEL LOKO pregnant in a classroom by spreading his obviously flawed DNA was a bad start of the #MeToo campaign… several sources have confirmed.


Is Chris Brummer Angling for a Trump 2020 Ambassador Appointment?


“TIM HWANG and FISCALNOTE are here to make a buck using Chris Brummer as a cheap tool,” a source familiar with TIM HWANG and FISCAL NOTE’S line of thought commented on the fraudulent Brummer release.

“Chris Brummer can sell just about any shit cloaked with a fake Fintech spice. Money talks for TIM HWANG and bullshit walks at FISCALNOTE.”

When reached by investigative reporters seeking comments about FISCALNOTE’s bizarre association with the Chris Brummer fraud, FISCALNOTE spokeswoman LINDSAY HAND (Tel: 516-7259686, email was quick to distance herself from fake crypto fraudster Chris Brummer.


Lying, Cheating, Stealing: Explosive Heritage Foundation Report Exposes FINRA, FINRA NAC Regulatory Abuses

“I am just doing a job getting paid pushing FISCALNOTE,” LINDSAY HAND insinuated. “It’s up to the money donors to decide if Chris Brummer is a worthy of their donations to FISCALNOTE. This is all business.”


Here are some simple questions readers would like to hear from TIM HWANG:

1.What is the basis for your claim that Chris Brummer is a “leading industry expert” on crypto currencies? Mr. Brummer has an education in “Germanic Studies,” grilling Bratwurst and enjoying Germanic folklore. How does that fun sheepskin make him a crypto expert? Or an expert on anything? What’s the connection between a “Germanic Studies” background and pushing fake cryptos by your entity?

2. Mr. Brummer has never worked in the real world. And he recently suffered a devastating defeat in a failed attempt to muzzle free speech as a “law professor ignorant about the law.” Why do you associate your entity with a controversial figure like Mr. Brummer?

3. You stated in your press release: “We are excited to add Chris Brummer’s expertise to our leading policy coverage…” What’s your basis to be “excited” about associating with an apparent crypto peddler?

4. Crypto currencies are essentially unregistered securities according to the SEC. Do you think the SEC is wrong? The SEC and DOJ recently brought several enforcement cases against promoters like your organization or fake expert like Mr. Brummer. Do you have any comments about the government’s enforcement actions in the crypto world?

The Bottom Line, holding Tim Hwang and FiscalNote Accountable

For anyone with an IQ of 10, he probably knows googling “Chris Brummer” on the internet is at least a starting point peeking into Chris Brummer’s nasty history of fraud, lies and sexual affairs.


CHRIS BRUMMER, Georgetown Law Perv Professor Suffers Deadly Blow Against Free Speech, New York High Court Defends First Amendment

It’s curious why TIM HWANG, who appears to be a bright 30-year-old Chinese whiz kid was eager to jump into bed with a fake crypto expert, mixing up with the dirty Chris Brummer. Apparently neither TIM HWANG nor FISCALNOTE bothered to look beneath Chris Brummer’s tainted bedsheet… But why?

The investigation continues….

Give a voice to the voiceless!


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