BREAKING NEWS: FINRA Put Up Fake NAC Member Chris Brummer Interview on Official Site, Former CEO Richard Ketchum Caught Whitewashing Rigged FINRA NAC Hearings

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FINRA publishes fake interview with Chris Brummer on FINRA site, Masks rigged FINRA ‘independent’ hearings, 100,000 FINRA Brokers affected

RICHARD KETCHUM, the former FINRA CEO colluded with FINRA general counsel ROBERT COLBY and defrauded the American public by publishing a completely made up, fake “FINRA interview with NAC member CHRIS BRUMMER” on the official FINRA website


The fake FINRA press release entitled “In Their Own Words: Interview with National Adjudicatory Council (NAC Member Chris Brummer” was a conceited bullshit PR gimmick that reads like a narcissistic empty suit CHRIS BRUMMER desperately seeking public attention, using FINRA as a tool for self-promotion. However, the FINRA “interview” was totally made up – no interview ever happened, according to a compelled court confession made by Chris Brummer in his own words, told in public court proceedings.

Since media inquiry, FINRA has surreptitiously “hidden” the fake FINRA news from its website (, citing “ongoing litigation.” But evidence remains.

CHRIS BRUMMER, RICHARD KETCHUM, FINRA NAC, Robert Colby, Edmund Polubinski III, Davis Polk, Momentum Factor, Alan Lawhead, Brigitte Madrian, Luis Viceira, Nicole Gueron, fraud


Inside the FINRA dog house: rape, abuses, molestation, lying, cheating and stealing – an independent Heritage Foundation research shows

In a court of law, destroying evidence is a crime. But for FINRA, which shamelessly calls itself is a “quasi-government” agency, FINRA is above the law. An explosive The Heritage Foundation research on FINRA says “FINRA must be reformed,” citing that more than 90% of FINRA members believe FINRA acts above the law. FINRA members – more than half a million strong are enslaved by FINRA – raped, tortured and imprisoned in a SRO monopoly. “FINRA membership is a dog on a leash.” Others also point out FINRA’s “independent” NAC or panel hearings are nothing but kangaroo courts, totally rigged.

Investigations, Lies, Confessions, FINRA NAC Chris Brummer Admits FINRA Hearings ‘All Rigged,’ Robert Colby Implicated in Fraud

The United States is the only country in the world where the lazy Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) allows Wall Street-funded FINRA to self-police America’s capital markets through a FINRA monopoly, akin to assigning a fox to guard the hen house. In America, if one wants to legally sell financial products for a living, he or she must be a member of FINRA.

The recent global financial crisis fed by Wall Street money and greed stems from FINRA – no different from a thief stealing from the American public. FINRA’s top brass ranks the highest-paid folks working for a $2 billion “non-profit,” with each earning more than $1 million a year in a tax-free scheme.

FINRA’s fraudulent conduct not only raises a major red flag for the court before the highly intelligent, renowned New York Supreme Court justice LUCY BILLINGS, but also reveals a serious public interest concern for the 600,000 FINRA-licensed investment broker members, and for justice at large: why is FINRA lying, cheating and stealing from the American public?There is a simple answer: FINRA’s failed 5-year attempt to cover up investigative media stories of a massive fraud committed by FINRA’s highest brass through their rigging of FINRA’s own “independent” FINRA NAC and panel hearings. Supporting evidence surfaced in court filings as follows, affirmed by former FINRA NAC chair Chris Brummer and his notorious FINRA-paid ambulance chasing lawyers told in Brummer’s own words:

CHRIS BRUMMER, Georgetown Law Center, Professor, FINRA NAC, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Michael Garawski, Brigitte Madrian, Luis Viceira, Robert Cook, Daren Garcia, Vorys, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt

FINRA has been rigging its entire ‘independent’ hearing panel and FINRA NAC hearing processes for three decades

The long-running FINRA scheme dates back 30 years, affecting at least 100,000 FINRA brokers who have been cheated by FINRA’s so-called “independent” hearing panel and NAC appeal processes, court documents reveal. Just recently, former FINRA NAC member CHRIS BRUMMER admitted that the entire FINRA “independent” hearing and adjudicatory process is all rigged. In addition, Chris Brummer sold out FINRA by affirming the long suspected truth:

“FINRA’s highest brass headed by ROBERT COLBY, ALAN LAWHEAD are closely involved in the drafting, editing, finalizing, publishing and appealing FINRA’s disciplinary decisions against FINRA members.”

In fact, to cover up the FINRA fraud, FINRA has been secretly paying Google search result manipulator MOMENTUM FACTOR $4,000 a month to whitewash “any articles in the world that make FINRA hearing panels look bad,” announced ROBERT COLBY, FINRA’s notorious general counsel, revealed in court proceedings. The court evidence is here:

Robert Colby, FINRA, Edmund Polubinski III, Davis Polk, Momentum Factor, Alan Lawhead, Chris Brummer, FINRA NAC, BYU Brigitte Madrian, Luis Viceira, Daren Garcia, Nicole Gueron
Robert Colby, FINRA, Edmund Polubinski III, Davis Polk, Momentum Factor, Alan Lawhead, Chris Brummer, FINRA NAC, BYU Brigitte Madrian, Luis Viceira, Daren Garcia, Nicole Gueron

ALAN LAWHEAD, Robert Colby’s deputy took the marching order to suppress free press. But Lawhead comes with his own sack of malfeasance. Alan Lawhead is the head of FINRA’s Appellate Division – a blowhard bureaucrat in charge of FINRA NAC as well as fighting off FINRA member appeals to the SEC.

Fraud, SCANDAL: FINRA Secretly Pays Google Search Scammer ‘Momentum Factor,’ Conceals Rigged FINRA NAC Hearings from Public

Brummer also confessed that FINRA “public governors” BRIGITTE MADRIAN and LUIS VICEIRA conspired with FINRA’s “independent” hearing panel members including Chris Brummer himself, and rigged every one of FINRA’s hearing panel and NAC appeals over the last three decades.

Data shows FINRA’s “independent” hearing panels and FINRA NAC rule in favor of FINRA 100% of the time.

CHRIS BRUMMER, Georgetown Law, FINRA NAC interview, Richard Ketchum, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Michael Garawski, Brigitte Madrian, Luis Viceira, Robert Cook, Ashleigh Hunt, Fraud

Confession of the FINRA ‘Deep Throat,” Former FINRA NAC member Chris Brummer

The empty suit Chris Brummer’s confession of his own aiding and abetting of the rigged FINRA NAC hearings miraculously came to light after he was dealt a deadly blow in the New York appellate court during his FINRA-paid, four-year futile scam to muzzle investigative press that has exposed the massive FINRA fraud. Chris Brummer’s own corruption as a fake expert and bitcoin fraudster also came to light. Chris Brummer, better known as Dr. Bratwurst, has a bullshit degree in German opera, earned from dancing German folklore during Oktoberfest, but ridiculously claims to be an expert on bitcoin, finance, business, commodities, women’s issues, psychic, his own issues and even a brief stint as a corrupt public official – promptly fired by the president. A total bullshit artist, Chris Brummer hasn’t worked an house in business or finance or commodities.

Sex, Fraud: Senate Dumps Georgetown Law Professor Chris Brummer CFTC Nomination

New York Appellate Court Defeats FINRA, Chris Brummer scheme to suppress the media

In November 2018, five esteemed judges in the New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division courageously defended America’s First Amendment and ruled unanimously based on the ‘facts and the law” that FINRA and Brummer broke the law in their failed attempt to choke free speech. The Reason magazine, The Washington Post and the National Law Journal and lauded the New York judges’ correct ruling as a sign that the judiciary has firmly defended free speech in America.

Interracial Couple Busted for Sex on Public Beach Next to NJ Gov Chris Christie, Claiming Free Speech

Meet Chris Brummer, an empty suit Dr. Bratwurst, a six-month unpaid SEC intern, transformation of a FINRA fraudster

Chris Brummer is an imbecile academic as well as a laughing stock in his own right – who hardly distinguishes between stock and livestock. Chris Brummer has a ridiculous degree in German opera, but zero background or experience in finance or business.

Despite his unqualified background as an “expert on finance” in addition to extremely low intellect, Chris Brummer is a perennial promoter ready and willing hold himself out as an “expert” on just about any human activity on the planet.

Sources say Brummer’s SEC wife RACHEL LOKO curried favors with her old boss, FINRA general counsel ROBERT COLBY, and helped Brummer land a moonlighting job as a FINRA NAC panel arbitrator to pad his razor thin resume. Brummer’s wife RACHEL LOKO also helped the loser husband Chris Brummer secure a six-month, unpaid internship at the Securities and Exchange Commission. Like a kid barely out of puberty, Chris Brummer grossly exaggerated his stint at the SEC and transformed his short term internship into an “SEC expert” on his fake CV.

By 2019, Brummer went through another transformation. This time, Chris Brummer claimed to be an expert in cryptocurrency as a fake crypto expert… A Chinese fellow and FiscalNote CEO Tim Hwang was duped like a fool.

FINRA Supports FINRA NAC Members, Sponsors Racism, Chris Brummer Fraud

Chris Brummer lied to Esteemed New York Supreme Court Justice Lucy Billings: ‘I did go to the SDNY prosecutors office and told them about Talman Harris,’ contradicting his own sworn affidavit

Despite knowing that Brummer had no background in business or finance, FINRA’s Robert Colby handpicked Brummer to head a FINRA NAC panel in charge of adjudicating complex cases against FINRA-licensed investment brokers. Predictably, Brummer’s FINRA NAC ruled in favor of FINRA against FINRA members 100% of the time.

In court filings, Chris Brummer told judge LUCY BILLINGS he had never met or spoken to the FBI and government prosecutors about a rigged FINRA enforcement case involving wrongfully convicted black man Talman Harris, according to a Forbes article, also revealed in Brummer’s sworn affidavit.

Then in court testimony, Brummer admitted to lying to the well-regarded New York Supreme Court justice LUCY BILLINGS that he INDEED had a FINRA-funded meeting in 2016 with the FBI and Southern District of New York federal prosecutors, contradicting his prior sworn statement that he had “never met with the FBI and the SDNY.”

CHRIS BRUMMER, Georgetown Law, Robert Colby, FINRA, Edmund Polubinski III, Davis Polk, Alan Lawhead, Michael Garawski, FINRA NAC, BYU Brigitte Madrian, Luis Viceira, Daren Garcia, Nicole Gueron, fraud

FINRA, a $2 billion ‘non-profit” fraud

FINRA or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is the notorious tax-free, “non-profit” entity with a $2 billion balance. FINRA makes well over $20 million in net profit a year skillfully fleecing America’s taxpayers. FINRA NAC is FINRA’s hypocritical “National Adjudicatory Council,” a bullshit laurel nothing but a proven FINRA rubber stamp ostensibly displayed as an “independent” FINRA arbitration panel.

Horrifying Court Confession: Georgetown Law Chris Brummer Implicates FINRA Top Dogs Robert Colby, Richard Ketchum Lies To FBI

Now, the FINRA dog house is on fire, and FINRA’s top dogs RICHARD KETCHUM, ROBERT COLBY, Brigitte Madrian and LUIS VICEIRA are getting rabies.

Stay tuned for the next one: FINRA crony Chris Brummer confesses to lying to the FBI, making false statement in sworn testimony before an eminent New York judge Lucy Billings.

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