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Georgetown Law Chris Brummer Deceives Esteemed New York Justice Lucy Billings, False Sworn Affidavit Perjury, Brummer FINRA NAC lies to FBI Got Caught

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Georgetown Law Chris Brummer Deceives Esteemed New York Justice Lucy Billings, False Sworn Affidavit Perjury, Brummer FINRA NAC lies to FBI Got Caught
Georgetown Law Chris Brummer Deceives Esteemed New York Justice Lucy Billings, False Sworn Affidavit Perjury, Brummer FINRA NAC lies to FBI Got Caught

False Sworn Affidavit, FINRA NAC Chris Brummer Lied to New York Supreme Court Justice Lucy Billings

CHRIS BRUMMER, a sly Georgetown Law empty suit academic with a laughable degree in German opera or “Germanic Studies” sure knows how to burn Bratwurst sausages during Oktoberfest. But CHRIS BRUMMER is better known as the notorious Georgetown Law Dr. Bratwurst, a corrupt public figure and rotten former FINRA NAC member.

Armed with a highly inflated bio dressed up as a fake expert, Chris Brummer has zero experience in business, finance, agriculture, commodities or Fintech.

Chris Brummer is nothing but an airbag, bullshit artist and swindler who was recently caught pants down hoodwinking the court, committing a perjury lying to the highly intelligent New York State Justice LUCY BILLINGS in his sworn affidavit dated August 2018. Brummer deliberately made a false statement, hiding from the judge a key fact that Brummer had indeed voluntarily met and then lied to the FBI and SDNY prosecutors in 2016 about his fake FINRA NAC story misrepresented to law enforcement. Brummer’s own court admission is as follows:

Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law, fintech, crypto, Germanic Studies, lies, FBI, New York Justice Lucy Billings, perjery, FINRA NAC, Robert Colby, Richard Ketchum, Daren Garcia, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt fraud

In August 2018, FINRA-paid lawyers aided and abetted the Chris Brummer fraud on the court: ‘Brummer has never met with the FBI and DOJ prosecutors’

Chris Brummer’s August 2018 perjury was aided and abetted by FINRA-paid ambulance chasing lawyers DAREN GARCIA, NICOLE GUERON and newbie ASHLEIGH HUNT, who told the prominent New York Justice LUCY BILLINGS that “Brummer had never met with the FBI and DOJ prosecutors in New York” thus alluding to “media articles exposing the Chris Brummer and FINRA fraud and their lies to law enforcement must be unfounded.”

Chris Brummer, FINRA NAC, Georgetown Law, Fintech, Crypto, Daren Garcia, Whitney C Gibson, Vorys, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt, Clarick Gueron Reisbaum, Edmund Polubinski III, Davis Polk, fraud

The UC Berkeley Law School grad, super bright, highly regarded JUSTICE LUCY BILLINGS asked Brummer to produce a sworn statement to that effect – he had never met with the FBI and DOJ, which Brummer did, now publicly available on the court docket of the New York State Supreme Court.

Brummer lied and got caught: Chris Brummer’s sworn affidavit entitled: AFFIDAVIT OF CHRISTOPHER J. BRUMMER sufficiently revealed, in Brummer’s own words that he had never met with the FBI or other law enforcement, neither has he made ANY statements to the government. Brummer deliberately lied.

Meet Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law Center ‘Dr Bratwurst,’ Fake Expert Ruins Lives

March 2019: Brummer admitted in a court proceeding: ‘I met with the FBI and SDNY prosecutors in 2016… wasn’t truthful before Justice Billings’

In March 2019, Chris Brummer confessed under oath that he had indeed “met with the FBI and Southern District of New York federal prosecutors in 2016,” contradicting his own sworn affidavit filed before the renowned JUSTICE LUCY BILLINGS.

“Lying to the FBI is a serious crime. Lying to Justice Lucy Billings is fatal to Brummer and his shady lawyers,” a legal expert commented. “If these are genuine documents, Brummer has undoubtedly lied to both the FBI and the Court. Calling this nut an imbecile fraudster is an understatement.”

Chris Brummer, Fintech, expert, Crypto, Georgetown Law, Rachel Loko, FINRA NAC, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Michael Garawski, Talman Harris, William Scholander, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt, Daren Garcia fraud

Chris Brummer committed perjury, covering up a long history of FINRA fraud

Chris Brummer made the false affidavit to Justice Lucy Billings to induce the media to cease investigative coverage of the Brummer and FINRA fraud relating to their rigged FINRA hearing panels.

Brummer’s false testimony not only perjured himself, but also directly implicated FINRA general counsel ROBERT COLBY, ALAN LAWHEAD, MICHAEL GARAWSKI, and FINRA CEO Richard Ketchum in FINRA’s long-running scheme to commit fraud on the American public through rigged FINRA hearings including:

FINRA and Brummer’s fabricated “market manipulation” charges that sent two innocent black men to prison while Brummer himself admitted under oath “FINRA NAC had no factual findings” against the two black men – FINRA hearings are “all rigged,” revealed in court filing below:

CHRIS BRUMMER, Georgetown Law Center, Professor, FINRA NAC, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Michael Garawski, Brigitte Madrian, Luis Viceira, Robert Cook, Daren Garcia, Vorys, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt

FINRA put out fake interview of Chris Brummer to dress up a ‘pig with red lips’;

FINRA’s five-year crusade expending $5 million dollars to suppress critical media exposure via Brummer’s frivolous lawsuit, which was overwhelmingly rejected by the New York Court of Appeals; and

FINRA is currently paying $4,000 a month to Google searcher scammer “MOMENTUM FACTOR” to muzzle free speech;

Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law, FINRA NAC, Myles Edwards,Robert Colby, Richard Ketchum, Alan Lawhead, Michael Garawski, Rachel Loko, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt, FBI, Germanic Studies

A background story is more telling: INVESTIGATIONS, LIES, CONFESSIONS, FINRA NAC CHRIS BRUMMER ADMITS FINRA HEARINGS ‘ALL RIGGED,’ ROBERT COLBY IMPLICATED IN FRAUD.  A similar story was also published by the Forbes Magazine.

Chris Brummer: lying to the FBI and lying to Justice Lucy Billings, ‘the bullet or the poison’

Brummer’s conflicting “sworn affidavits” pit his lies told Justice Lucy Billings against the truthfulness of his confessed face-to-face meeting with the FBI and federal prosecutors in 2016 in the Manhattan U.S Attorney’s Office – a voluntary meeting urged and arranged by FINRA, with his expenses and legal fees paid by FINRA.

During his visit with law enforcement, Brummer lied to the feds about his roles at FINRA NAC, eagerly touted himself as a “government witness” against an innocent American financier whom Brummer had never met or spoken to.

Brummer and FINRA’s act of deliberate malicious prosecution of a non-FINRA member was revealed in court, burning Brummer and his secret funder FINRA in unchartered hot water.

The prosecutors’ motion papers filed in New York federal court before federal judge Alison Nathan also confirmed Brummer had met with SDNY prosecutors AMMEE HECTOR, MICHAEL FERRARA, SARAH EDDY, in the presence of FBI Special Agent Thomas McGuire and others, court flings reveal:

Chris Brummer, FINRA NAC, Geoergetown Law, Germanic Studies, Robert Colby, Richard Ketchum, FINRA, SDNY prosecutor, Aimee Hector, Michael Ferrara, Sarah Eddy, Ian McGinley, fraud

The federal prosecutors and FBI agents went to great length pinning FINRA NAC member CHRIS BRUMMER as the prosecution’s “star witness” against the financier. Shortly after, all hell broke loose for Brummer and the other FINRA bastards. In August 2017, SDNY prosecutors voluntarily dismissed all charges against the New York financier, a landmark event that The New York Times says a “blow to the legacy” of the notorious Preet Bharara.  Subsequently, a lawsuit was brought by the financier against FINRA and Brummer, reported by Forbes.

Brummer Sold out FINRA: Federal court evidence shows Brummer, FINRA-funded meeting with the FBI, DOJ, contrary to Brummer’s sworn affidavit

During his March 2019 video confession, Brummer sold out FINRA in a big way by stating his meeting with the government prosecutors was orchestrated and paid for by FINRA – concocted by the notorious FINRA general counsel ROBERT COLBY, as well as FINRA-paid lawyers WHITNEY GIBSON (, DAREN GARCIA ( of an obscure Ohio country law firm Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease, in a conspiracy with NICOLE GUERON (

Meet Nicole Gueron, the FINRA milk cow… Say MOO…

NICOLE GUERON is a peevish former SDNY civil division loser lawyer whose lousy one-man-shop tiny practice is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy due to her string of losing cases.


“NICOLE GUERON and her newbie apprentice ASHLEIGH HUNT really know how to milk the dumb FINRA out of millions in legal fees,” said a legal expert. “FINRA has dug itself into a deep shit hole. Thanks to that milk cow…”

In 2018, the racist NICOLE GUERON became a public figure by shamelessly touting herself as a “roofing material” for the house of New York State Attorney General. Then the loser NICOLE GUERON got her rear end kicked hard by New York state legislators. The loser Nicole Gueron was dumped in the trash when her low intellect, racial hatred towards inner city black folks and her shady history of lying to courts and judges were uncovered, an investigation revealed.

Brummer’s sheepish confession: ‘sworn affidavit’ before JUSTICE LUCY BILLINGS WASN’T ‘entirely true,’ confirmed by former AUSA David Massey

Justice Lucy Billings wasn’t the only person Brumer has lied to. During his video deposition, Chris Brummer also lied about the folks in the government he had met in 2016 in New York. Brummer said on video that his meeting was with former SDNY prosecutor David Massey, a lawyer with a notorious New York law firm Richards Kibbe and a scandalous former SDNY federal prosecutor enmeshed in allegations of fraud and corruption. But David Massey dodged Chris Brummer like the herpes virus…

When reached by the media for comment about Chris Brummer’s meeting with him in 2016, David Massey said he had “never met with Chris Brummer.” Massey told reporters and pointed to court flings he had left the SDNY US Attorney’s office for private practice in 2013, more than 3 years before Brummer’s admitted meeting with the government prosecutors.

Fraud, Lies, Georgetown Law ‘Professor’ Chris Brummer, Rigged FINRA NAC Sued for Fraud, Defamation

“I could not have met with Brummer. I wasn’t in the government in 2016. I have no idea why Chris Brummer lied about me. I heard he had volunteered as a government witness. But I have nothing to do with what Mr. Brummer has told the FBI.” David Massey shouted. 

The Chris Brummer, FINRA ‘hide and seek’, selling out FINRA’s Robert Colby, Richard Ketchum, Michael Garawski, rigged FINRA NAC kangaroo court revealed

Brummer’s style of “hide and seek” from the truth is like an oscillating lamp, a slime way of evasion. Brummer also played dumb when asked during his January 2019 video deposition if he knew FINRA CEO Richard Ketchum. “No,” was Brummer’s answer. Two months later during another court proceeding, Brummer quickly sold out Richard Kechum as the culprit behind FINRA’s release of a fake interview to cover up FINRA’s rigging of its so-called independent hearing panels. 

Court evidence reveals FINRA NAC lawyer MICHAEL GARAWSKI has engaged in extensive ex parte communications and rigged FINRA NAC hearings where Brummer headed a FINRA NAC committee, using fabricated charges “violently lynched” two black men. Evidence is revealed about the Chris Brummer / Michael Garawski conspiracy:

Georgetown Law, Chris Brummer, FinTech, Michael Garawski, Robert Colby, FINRA NAC, Crypto, Daren Garcia, Whitney Gibson, Vorys, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt, Clarick Gueron, Edmund Polubinski III, Davis Polk

Outside Brummer’s drunken Deutsche-speaking la la land, Chris Brummer acts more like a brazen bad boy roughed up with the law than a rotten imbecile academic nut.

In 2015, Chris Brummer, as the only black face on FINRA NAC, which is a purported “independent” hearing panel adjudicating cases between FINRA enforcement and FINRA member brokers, FINRA general counsel ROBERT COLBY, ALAN LAWHEAD colluded with Brummer, and fabricated charges against innocent black men Talman Harris, William Scholander, wrongfully accused the two blacks of “market manipulation.”

New York Appellate Court Supports First Amendment, Shut down Chris Brummer attempt to muzzle free speech

For more than five years, FINRA has spent $5 million dollars retaliating against media exposure of the rigged FINRA NAC kangaroo court.

In November 2018, Brummer got hammered like a watermelon.

  A unanimous decision by five judges sitting on New York Court of Appeals ruled against FINRA and Brummer in a landmark victory for free press, buttressing the First Amendment. The court order says based on the ‘facts and the law,” FINRA and Brummer broke the law in their failed attempt to choke free speech. The Reason magazine, The Washington Post and the National Law Journal and lauded the New York judges’ correct ruling as a sign that the judiciary has firmly defended free speech in America. The higher court’s ruling put to death Brummer’s five-year, FINRA-funded futile attempt at muzzling free press.

A recent euphoria in cryptocurrency turned Brummer into a self-labeled“ crypto expert,” peddling fake bitcoins as a fake FinTech expert selling junk to grandpas confined to nursing home wheelchairs…

The beat is on Chris Brummer. Stay tuned for more…. God bless Justice Lucy Billings and the Court for protecting free speech!

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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