Investigations, Lies, Confessions, FINRA NAC Chris Brummer Admits FINRA Hearings ‘All Rigged,’ Robert Colby Implicated in Fraud

FINRA public governors Brigitte Madrian, Luis Viceira Turn Blind Eye to FINRA Raping Black Men, Rigged FINRA Hearing Panels

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Investigations, Lies, Confessions, FINRA NAC Chris Brummer Admits FINRA Hearings All Rigged, Robert Colby Implicated in Fraud

FINRA NAC, the FINRA Kangaroo court is notoriously corrupt. Headed by the shameless FINRA General Counsel ROBERT COLBY, who is the highest paid “non-profit” lawyer in America, “FINRA NAC and FINRA hearings under ROBERT COLBY are all rigged,” according to a shocking court confession made by former FINRA NAC subcommittee chair CHRIS BRUMMER. Chris Brummer is a defendant charged with fraud in court proceedings before New York Supreme Court Justice Lucy Billings.

FINRA BOARD PUBLIC GOVERNORS BRIGITTE MADRIAN, byu, LUIS VICEIRA, harvard university, FINRA NAC, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Edmund Polubinski Davis Polk, Richard ketchum, Jeffrey Bloom, FINRA, Hearing Panels
FINRA BOARD PUBLIC GOVERNORS BRIGITTE MADRIAN, byu, LUIS VICEIRA, harvard university, FINRA NAC, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Edmund Polubinski Davis Polk, Richard ketchum, Jeffrey Bloom, FINRA, Hearing Panels


Georgetown Law Chris Brummer Deceives Esteemed New York Justice Lucy Billings, False Sworn Affidavit Perjury, Brummer FINRA NAC lies to FBI Got Caught

Confessions of a fraudster, FINRA Hearings are ‘all rigged’

CHRIS BRUMMER admitted in court filings that the supposedly “independent” FINRA NAC hearing panels collude with FINRA general counsel’s office (the “Court”) headed by ROBERT COLBY, ALAN LAWHEAD, MICHAEL GARAWSKI – who not only author ALL FINRA hearing decisions for the “independent” FINRA Hearing Panel members (the “Judge”), but also huddle with FINRA enforcement (the “Prosecutor”) in the same room – in the presence of the supposedly independent Hearing Panel members; and together, the “Judge,” the “Court,” and the “Prosecutor” jointly write and publish FINRA panel decisions against FINRA member brokers, particularly singling out inner city blacks as targets –without the knowledge and presence of the accused brokers and their lawyers.

Brummer’s irrefutable court confession is here:

CHRIS BRUMMER, Georgetown Law Center, Professor, FINRA NAC, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Michael Garawski, Brigitte Madrian, Luis Viceira, Robert Cook, Daren Garcia, Vorys, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt

What FINRA has just told the preeminent New York Supreme Court Judge Lucy Billings is the confession of a crime committed by Chris Brummer:

“Further, why does Robert Colby’s general counsel’s office (Michael Garawski and Alan Lawhead are implicated) write FINRA NAC and Panel’s rulings for the NAC/Panel members? 

In the case of black Americans Talman Harris and William Scholander, why did the FINRA lawyer in charge of writing the NAC/Panel ruling for Mr. Brummer sit in the same room discussing the merits of the case with FINRA NAC/Panel member Chris Brummer, together with the FINRA enforcement staff who were prosecuting the same case, without the opposing side or the SEC being informed of such a rigged process? How many other FINRA NAC rulings in history were concocted in the same way where FINRA general counsel ‘s office headed by Robert Colby is the Court, the Judge, the Jury, the Law, the Prosecutors and the Appellate Court – ALL IN ONE? Former FINRA NAC member Chris Brummer was deposed two weeks ago. The media demands full transparency of his testimony and video deposition.”

Fraud, SCANDAL: FINRA Secretly Pays Google Search Scammer ‘Momentum Factor,’ Conceals Rigged FINRA NAC Hearings from Public

And FINRA’s response to the above? The court’s docket reads the following: “These details directly mirror Chris’s testimony.”

FINRA NAC, ROBERT COLBY, Alan Lawhead, Michael Garawski, FINRA Board, Brigitte Madrian, BYU Marriott business school, Luis Viceira, Rorbert Cook, Richard Ketchum, Daren Garcia, Vorys, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt

Meet Robert Colby, why the notorious FINRA general counsel calls himself the FINRA Jesus?

It’s true but largely unknown to FINRA members that FINRA’s ROBERT COLBY is the judge, the jury, the court, the prosecutor and the money man overseeing FINRA’s entire bullshit “independent” arbitration process – immense power vested in one “holy man” named ROBERT COLBY, who is in fact an impotent bureaucrat with a popcorn-shaped balding head calling himself the 21st century “FINRA Jesus,” but more like a permanent rapist of FINRA members who dare speak up.

According to a scathing report by The Heritage Foundation, FINRA NAC and FINRA Hearing Panels rule in favor of FINRA enforcement against their members nearly 100% of the time. No shit! It’s rigged!



But those so-called FINRA NAC or FINRA Hearing Panel members must be neutral parties, according to FINRA by-laws which are approved by the SEC. According to the SEC, FINRA NAC And FINRA Hearing Panel members are supposed to act like fair-minded judges, not operators of neutered chimpanzees like CHRIS BRUMMER – kneeling before FINRA’s paychecks, gaming FINRA’s public persona, and ruining innocent people’s lives. But FINRA NAC and FINRA Panels did just that, day in and day out.

In the nasty FINRA zoo, Georgetown Law professor CHRIS BRUMMER stands out as the rousing chimpanzee, pounding his chest vying for media attention. Brummer is nothing but a tool in the FINRA tool box lynching black men.

Meet Chris Brummer, imbecile FINRA NAC member, Georgetown Law ‘Dr. Bratwurst’ Gets the Grill

CHRIS BRUMMER is a peevish former FINRA NAC subcommittee chair and Georgetown Law Center “professor” better known as the highly controversial “Georgetown Law Dr. Bratwurst,” thanks to his fatuous degree in “Germanic Studies” – a nonsensical sheepskin earned from singing German opera, peeping under the skirts of German chicks, swallowing down a heap of Viagra bedding Gypsies during Oktoberfest.


INVESTIGATIONS: How Nasdaq William Slattery, FINRA Robert Colby Lied to the FBI, Duped the Government

Like a typical imbecile, CHRIS BRUMMER enjoys bullshitting his Georgetown Law students, spouting nonsense like a sewage pipe.

Piercing through Chris Brummer’s thick skin is an Arkansas airhead growing up watching wild boars having sex in the mountains of Fayetteville. Since childhood, sources say CHRIS BRUMMER has revered the German Nazis, believing the Swastika is the new symbol of love and freedom, fueling his passion and fuming his pants riding the tidal waves of Affirmative Action to leap ahead as a fake expert.

Georgetown Law Professor, Chris Brummer, Rachel Loko, Chauncey Brummer, FINRA NAC, Charles Senatore, Robert Colby, Robert Cook, Alan Lawhead, Daren Garcia, Vorys, Nicole Gueron, Uncle Tom, Germanic studies

For nearly 20 years, Brummer has waved the dark flag of Affirmative Action scouring the next paying opportunity. Never held a real job in the real world, Chris Brummer has duped a lot of people, including defrauding Georgetown Law students who pile up millions in student debt wasting their lives on Brummer’s mindless “teaching.”

Calling Chris Brummer the black devil with rock bottom ethics is truly an understatement. But much worse. Georgetown law students were never told that

“while teaching a class, Chris Brummer impregnated his student RACHEL LOKO in the classroom, ripping apart her innocence, forcing the Southern Baptist girl into a shotgun wedding.”

Exposing FINRA NAC fraud, Rigged FINRA hearings

For more than four years, FINRA has secretly funded a lawsuit brought by CHRIS BRUMMER to suppress America’s right to free speech – since the press started exposing FINRA NAC and FINRA’s entire hearing process as “rigged kangaroo courts.”

Chris Brummer is the FINRA prawn, handpicked by FINRA’s Robert Colby to lynch two black men, Brummer cannibalizing on the flesh of fellow black men to feed a thin resume.

Thanks to the confession of CHRIS BRUMMER, the notorious and corrupt FINRA has just landed on a pile of manure in the New York Supreme Court, a historical event under the disgraceful watch of a pair of FINRA’s “Public Governors” – FINRA bench warmer board members BRIGITTE MADRIAN (the new Dean of Marriott Business School at Brigham Young University) and LUIS VICEIRA, the Harvard Executive Education director.

FINRA NAC, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Michael Garawski, Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law, Rachel Loko, BYU Brigitte Madrian, Luis Viceira, Daren Garcia, Vorys, Nicole Gueron, fraud

According to FINRA’s bylaws, “public governors” like BRIGITTE MADRIAN and LUIS VICEIRA must provide oversight of FINRA on behalf of the public, a gimmick that on paper ensures the public wouldn’t be hoodwinked by FINRA, the Wall Street “lapdog.” Though getting paid handsomely, BRIGITTE MADRIAN and LUIS VICEIRA have done nothing to protect the public. These two wanderers in the FINRA la la land are just clueless.

“Chris Brummer is a complete phony and bullshitter. That moron hasn’t worked a day in the real world,” said a Georgetown professor who is familiar with Chris Brummer’s history.


New York Judge Shuts Down Fake Fintech Expert Chris Brummer’s Scheme To Conceal FINRA Fraud

“Listening to Chris Brummer talking is like slow drowning in a dark hole – all air, no substance. Brummer is an easily agitated cheap rat roaming around the Georgetown campus. This man has a lot of baggage. Not surprised Brummer is sued for fraud.”

The case of wrongfully charged Talman Harris, William Scholander strikes deep into the core of FINRA as a neutered dog with fleas.

For several years, TheBlot Magazine’s readers are disgusted from reading and discovering about FINRA’s abuse of power: how FINRA’s Robert Colby and FINRA enforcement lynched black men Talman Harris, William Scholander, charging them with nonexistent crimes by lying to the FBI that sent the two black men to prison, leaving their babies dying in the snow. Now, the two black men and their families are seeking revenge in court…

To be continued….

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