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CHRIS BRUMMER, Georgetown Law Perv Professor Suffers Deadly Blow Against Free Speech, New York High Court Defends First Amendment

Court Cremates FINRA Attempts Manipulating Chris Brummer to Suppress Evidence of Rigged FINRA Hearings

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CHRIS BRUMMER, Georgetown Law Perv Professor Suffers Deadly Blow Against Free Speech, New York High Court Defends First Amendment

BREAKING NEWS: CHRIS BRUMMER, aka ‘Dr. Bratwurst,’ Imbecile Georgetown ‘Law’ Professor Ignorant About Law. This is an investigative story about a shady fraudster named CHRIS BRUMMER, and celebration of America’s constitutional right to free speech…



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CHRIS RUMMER, a peevish Georgetown Law Center “law” professor notoriously known as Dr. Bratwurst is in fact an imbecile with ZERO work experience in law or any other real world jobs. What the hog sausage professor Dr. Chris Brummer really has is a laughable college degree in “Germanic Studies” – grilling bratwurst and peeping into the panties of Gypsie women during his German folk dance. (Note: this is for real. You get a college degree from watching Germanic opera and drink beer!) After a multiyear, failed campaign to MUZZLE  America’s free speech, Brummer was knocked dead by New York’s high court, kicking the rear end of Brummer and his FINRA-funded, shameful attack on free press.


Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law Dr. Bratwurst with Degree in Germanic Studies Touts Crypto Scam

Chris Brummer is damn ugly. A quick Google search about Chris Brummer reveals the nasty face of a highly contentious fake expert, like a neutered wild chimpanzee fled the DC zoo, bizarrely and shamelessly asserting himself as an expert on just about any hot topic at the time – from discussing women’s intimate issues to banking and financial regulation… When Bitcoin hit $10,000 a piece, Brummer turned himself into a “crypto” expert overnight, peddling bogus cryptocurrencies to grandmas stuck in wheelchairs in nursing homes.

“Brummer is a devout pilgrim of affirmative action and a total bullshit artist who hasn’t worked an hour in business, finance or commodities.”

On November 15, 2018, the New York State Court Appellate Division unanimously vacated a preliminary injunction previously issued by a newly elected, foreign-educated state court judge who’s never earned an American law degree, let alone understanding what the heck is the First Amendment. The junior judge had falsely enjoined prominent media outlets including TheBlot Magazine, Forbes,Washington Post, REASON and others from publishing user-contributed articles exposing frauds committed by Georgetown Law Dr. Bratwurst – Chris Brummer.


Fraud, SCANDAL: FINRA Secretly Pays Google Search Scammer ‘Momentum Factor,’ Conceals Rigged FINRA NAC Hearings from Public

The poorly educated New York state court Justice MANUEL MENDEZ, educated in the Dominican Republic, who is known as a laughing stock judge who’s never graduated from an American law school, was duped and played like a fool by Brummer’s lawyers NICOLE GUERON and ASHLEIGH HUNT – two ambulance chasing rats that had sucked millions of dollars in legal fees out of FINRA to suppress media exposure of FINRA’s rape and abuse of black members.

“The speech at issue by the media cannot be reasonably be construed as inciting violence against Brummer,” reads the appellate court opinion, which makes clear “prior restraints on free speech are unconstitutional.” 

The five appellate court judges unanimously condemned Brummer, and cremated his shady lawyers NICOLE GUERON, a political hack and miserably failed loser candidate for NY State attorney general. More: New York Appellate Court Ruling Crushes Chris Brummer Fake Claims, A Win for Free Speech. 


NICOLE GUERON has her own bag of Viagra to play with. Unconfirmed sources say her racy husband Carter Strickland Jr., aka “C.H. Strickland Jr.” was rumored to have injected his unwanted DNA liquids into alleged #MeToo victims, some are reportedly underage …

“NICOLE GUERON is a challenge to look at – a cheap rag moving around with dirty finger nails, bunion-tortured feet and disgusting pedicure.”

Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law Professor, Fiscalnote, Tim Hwang, FINRA NAC, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Richard Ketchum, FINRA, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt, Clarick Gueron Reisbaum

“Good riddance for her hubbie Carter Strickland! NICOLE GUERON’s flat rear end is larger than the trunk of a Chevy SUV…. No wonder her man C.H. Strickland Jr. wanted to spread his DNA around… I wouldn’t near this bitch even with Bill Cosby’s weenie… ” a source told the media.

The court’s hammer that smashed Dr. Bratwurst Chris Brummer heavy on a hot grill also fell hard in the face of ASHLEIGH HUNT, a half-Asian gypsie and an obscure CLARICK GUERON REISBAUM law clerk, whose own treacherous record of defrauding and lying to judges also backfired.


‘Stock or livestock?’ Investigating Chris Brummer’s fraud history as a FINRA Uncle Tom

The media’s investigation into Brummer’s misconduct dates to 2014, when Brummer, an Arkansas boy growing up watching wild boars having sex in the woods got lucky, squeezed himself into Georgetown Law Center as an academic – waving the flag of affirmative action.

The blowhard Chris Brummer was eager to pad his thin resume to supplement a measly paycheck. Brummer was the right man at the right place: the politically correct Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) general counsel ROBERT COLBY, who was the former boss of Brummer’s wife RACHEL LOKO needed to pick a black man to sit on an all-white, “independent” FINRA NAC panel – with just one goal in mind: rubber-stamp FINRA enforcement cases against black brokers.

“Who would accuse FINRA of racial animus against black brokers if the man overseeing their enforcement hearings is Chris Brummer? Chris Brummer is a total moron, but he is unquestionably well tanned like a piece of charcoal,” Robert Colby told Richard Ketchum, FINRA CEO at the time, according to sources. RICHARD KETCHUM nodded: “Black on black works. Let Brummer deal with the double-black, Johnnie Walker whiskey style.”

Brummer got the FINRA job though he had no experience in stock and bond sales – Brummer hardly distinguishes between a stock and livestock, or a hot dog vs a Bratwurst sausage… For three years, Brummer moonlighted for FINRA, padded his resume, earning a lousy paycheck doing FINRA’s bidding, “lynched” several black brokers while sending others to their “gas chambers.”


Meet Fake Fintech Expert Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law Con Artist Professor Has Degree in Germanic Studies, Zero in Tech or Finance

African Americans Talman Harris and William Scholander were members of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and were brutally murdered by Brummer, barred from FINRA membership, ending their promising careers in finance. Before their massacre by a FINRA panel chaired by Chris Brummer, Harris and Scholander had a 17-year clean history devoid of any customer complaints.

“While at FINRA, Brummer faithfully executed FINRA’s death warrants as a FINRA Uncle Tom against fellow black folks, ruling in favor of FINRA 100% of the time against the poor black brokers.”

Several African American brokers shared with the media about their horror stories, complaining to reporters how they were “lynched” by FINRA and Chris Brummer. The media reported on them, Brummer and FINRA retaliated.


BREAKING NEWS: FINRA Put Up Fake NAC Member Chris Brummer Interview on Official Site, Former CEO Richard Ketchum Caught Whitewashing Rigged FINRA NAC Hearings

Shocking Chris Brummer confession: FINRA’s lies to the FBI revealed in court filings

A recent court discovery reveals a shocking sworn affidavit signed by Brummer and filed in New York state court, in which Brummer admitted he was a FINRA rubber stamp who had made no factual findings whatsoever about any wrongdoing allegedly committed by the two black brokers Talman Harris and William Scholander – innocent men who were sent to prison thanks to Brummer and FINRA’s lies to the DOJ, SEC and FBI. 

“I did not make any of the factual findings set forth in the FINA hearing Panel Decision by the FINRA Hearing Panel dated August 16, 2013,” Chris Brummer admitted in his signed affidavit. “I did not draft, review or comment on any briefs filed with the SEC or other government agencies relating to the FINRA Hearing Panel Decision.”

Between FINRA and Brummer, one of these two bastards lied to the feds and slaughtered brokers Talman Harris and William Scholander…


Fraud, SCANDAL: FINRA Secretly Pays Google Search Scammer ‘Momentum Factor,’ Conceals Rigged FINRA NAC Hearings from Public

Crusade against the media, the FINRA fraud cover up

Since the media exposed Chris Brummer’s fraud several years ago, Brummer has engaged in a multiyear plan to murder America’s First Amendment – spending more than three million dollars of FINRA’s money suing the media – until Brummer got his ass handed to him by New York’s appellate judges.

Brummer’s shameful crusade against the press came to a screeching halt in November 2018 when five distinguished judges sitting on New York’s appellate court unanimously ruled against Brummer.

Georgetown Law Center professor Chris Brummer, Rachel Loko, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, FINRA, FINRA NAC, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt, lawyer fraud

On the surface, Chris Brummer is a stoical face disguised as an academic, flashing his fake resume filled with “achievements” through affirmative action.

But in reality, Chris Brummer is a political mouthpiece easily swung towards anyone’s paycheck, and he has done just that at FINRA since 2013. The corrupt Financial Industry Regulatory Authority spells its own death wish, whose preposterous “nonprofit” status gives it tax-free claims with America’s taxpayers but pays its CEO RICHARD KETCHUM and general counsel ROBERT COLBY millions of dollars a year as the highest paid “non-profit” CEO in America – to regulate their own conduct!


“No doubt, Chris Brummer’s rise to notoriety is because of his inflammable stature as a reliable FINRA “Uncle Tom” – positing his “regulatory background” on a fake resume while moonlighting as a FINRA rubber stamp, beholding FINRA fraud and corruption.”

Chris Brummer, lies, fraud, and failed assassination of Free Speech

Neither Chris Brummer nor his “lawyer” Nicole Gueron was willing to comment about their devastating defeat.

But on other occasions, Nicole Gueron was more candid: “I don’t give a shit what the media reports about Chris Brummer, just keep my name out of the stories.”

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, the nation’s most prominent defender of free speech cheered the court ruling against Chris Brummer, Rachel Loko, Nicole Gueron and Ashleigh Hunt, calling the court decision “a major victory for free speech.”



Despite Brummer’s pathetic background in grilling Bratwurst sausages and flirting with naked European women during Oktoberfest, albeit such a dramatic defeat in court, Chris Brummer is still teaching “constitutional law” at the poorly rated Georgetown Law Center, wasting the innocent lives of eager students.

At press time, Georgetown Law Center Dean William M. Treanor has yet returned phone calls seeking comment about Brummer. 

Want more about Chris Brummer, go to his featured website:

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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