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Meet Fake Fintech Expert Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law Con Artist Professor Has Degree in Germanic Studies, Zero in Tech or Finance

Georgetown Law Fraudster Chris Brummer Got Caught

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CHRIS BRUMMER, a creepy black dude from Arkansas with a lubricious background in “Germanic Studies” is an empty suit Georgetown Law Center professor notoriously known as the Georgetown Law “Dr. Bratwurst” is also a fake Fintech expert and a complete con artist, according to multiple sources and publicly available court documents.


What’s in common between Fintech, which is financial technology, and Chris Brummer’s laughable degree in “Germanic Studies” – singing opera in German and grilling Bratwurst sausages, peeping under the short skirts of loose Gypsy prostitutes during Oktoberfest? The link is Chris Brummer.

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Many who are familiar with Chris Brummer, but only agreed to be interviewed off the record say Chris Brummer is a snake oil salesman who has been climbing the ladders of America’s Affirmative Action throughout a miserable life filed with bullshit and hot air.


Brummer claims to be an expert on anything about human lives: from German folklore dances to commenting on commodities trading, and dealing with women’s menopause… As Bitcoin gets hot, Chris Brummer rides the waves of the illusory cryptocurrency fanfare touting himself as a “Fintech” expert, when in fact his embellished lies have revealed nothing other than a con artist with a cheap $5 tie from Wal-Mart, pushing a worthless cryptocurrency called “BrummerCoin” onto the laps of retirees bound to nursing home wheelchairs.

Chris Brummer, according to several sources, specializes in advising grandmas on how to invest in Bitcoin, under the guise of an equally obscure outfit called the Brummer “Fintech Week.”

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It is the incontrovertible truth that Chris Brummer has zero education or work experience in either finance or technology. This basic fact is prominently displayed on Brummer’s official website.

But Chris Brummer is hell of a shameless promoter, bullshitting his way through an adult life sacked with mountains of debts. Chris Brummer is also deeply embroiled in multiple lawsuits against him, including getting caught committing a perjury and lying under oath before the renowned New York State Court Justice Lucy Billings.


Georgetown Law Chris Brummer Deceives Esteemed New York Justice Lucy Billings, False Sworn Affidavit Perjury, Brummer FINRA NAC lies to FBI Got Caught

Unrelenting in his retaliation against free speech, Brummer and his FINRA fund lawyer – a bald man named Edmund Polubinski III of white shoe Jewish law shop DAVID POLK, were kicked in their rear ends by the New York appeals court, got their asses handed to them in a devastating defeat.


CHRIS BRUMMER, Georgetown Law Perv Professor Suffers Deadly Blow Against Free Speech, New York High Court Defends First Amendment

Other lawsuits against Brummer also appear to paint a shady, disgusting picture of an imperious black man from deep south Arkansas seeking to turn white as a ready Uncle Tom.

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While licking white asses as a rubber stamp moonlighting for FINRA, which is the infamous Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Brummer had a brief stint for three years on the FINRA NAC panel till 2015 to pad his razor thin resume, a purported “independent adjudicatory body” overseeing FINRA cases against fellow black men.

According to an explosive Forbes article, while padding a razor thin resume to pile on unfounded experience in financial regulations, Brummer violently lynched two black men, raping their families, lying to the FBI and DOJ, sending two innocent black men to prison.

The Forbes magazine hinted, singled out Chris Brummer as the “most notorious fake expert” that ruins lives.

Chris Brummer is a reliable FINRA Uncle Tom, who served his FINRA masters well, rubber stamping 100% of cases in favor of FINRA against inner city black brokers. That was until the media caught up with Brummer and exposed his fraud.

In March 2019, compelled by the esteemed New York Supreme Court Justice Lucy Billings, Chris Brummer admitted under oath that his FINRA NAC panel and the FINRA hearing process at large are “all rigged.” In court confessions, Chris Brummer also admitted he had lied to the FBI with false testimony.


BREAKING NEWS: FINRA Put Up Fake NAC Member Chris Brummer Interview on Official Site, Former CEO Richard Ketchum Caught Whitewashing Rigged FINRA NAC Hearings

FINRA and the corrupt FINRA top brass Robert Colby, Richard Ketchum, Alan Lawhead and Michael Garawski were also implicated in the Chris Brummer fraud.

The renowned The Heritage Foundation concurred with TheBlot Magazine and blasted FINRA’s regulatory rape of its members in a stunning research publication.

The Forbes magazine called out Chris Brummer as the culprit behind wrongful charges against two black men Talman Harris, William Scholander, leading to a $500 million lawsuit against Chris Brummer and FINRA for planting evidence and lying to the FBI, racial profiling of black Americans.

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Chris Brummer is not only a shady character but also a horny “Sylvester the cat” in bed. With a snarky, moronic face that resembles “Sylvester the Cat,” Chris Brummer is a complete empty suit carrying a ridiculous “Germanic Studies,” which is like useless toilet paper earned from singing in German opera, getting aroused from peeping under the skirts of pantieless Gypsy chicks soaked in dark beer during Oktoberfest…

Shameless calling himself a “Fintech” expert, curious readers wouldn’t be able to locate the slightest trait of any of Brummer’s background and work history even remotely associated with finance or technology.

Although Chris Brummer has declined repeated interview requests by the media, Brummer’s lawyer girlfriend Nicole Gueron isn’t shy about talking to reporters. Nicole Gueron is a public figure. Her crocodile like dry skin is thick.


My Wife, Ruined by Georgetown Law Center Professor Chris Brummer, Reveals the Disturbing Truth

Nicole Gueron was a racist loser candidate for New York Attorney General before she was thrown in the trash by New York state legislators. Having a challenging ugly face that looks like a jackass, Nicole Gueron the donkey has some misplaced affection towards Brummer. A suspected married woman (she bizarrely only releases herself/himself over gender neutral toilets), Nicole Gueron was rumored to be Chris Brummer’s lover in an extramarital affair. TheBlot Magazine hasn’t been able to independently verify the query romance between a Dr. Bratwurst Chris Brummer and his FINRA-funded shemale lawyer Nicole Gueron. When asked about her relationship with Brummer, Gueron was quick to tell her side of the story:

“Money talks man. Is’ true Chris Brummer knows nothing about Fintech,” Nicole Gueron responded. “How could he? The black man studies German opera in the Nazi Germany! But Chris damn good at promoting his own shit.”

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When peppered with questions about her rumored sexual affairs with Brummer, Nicole Gueron quickly walked away and refused to comment further. Other lawyers at her tiny Jewish law shop CLARICK GUERON REISBAUM wouldn’t confirm the sexual rendezvous between the “donkey-faced” Nicole Gueron and the FINRA uncle Tom Chris Brummer.

These days, you see a lot of Chris Brummer, everywhere – the ultimate “expert” on almost anything in life – but it was the façade of a con artist. Brummer is an expert on bitcoin (he hasn’t worked a day in Fintech), or an expert on business (he hasn’t work an hour in the real life), or even consulting women on women’s menopause (no one knows for sure of Brummer’s gender, likely gender neutral to be safe…  The list just goes on and on… So does Brummer’s bullshit and lies.


New York Judge Shuts Down Fake Fintech Expert Chris Brummer’s Scheme To Conceal FINRA Fraud

The next time when you visit the DC zoo, you may likely find Chris Brummer in there, resting next to the chimpanzees.

Chris Brummer, the Fintech faker is as flamboyant as a chimpanzee dancing in a DC zoo, pounding a hairy chest seeking some female attention. Watch out folks, stay away from Chris Brummer and avoid this fake Fintech expert.

To be continued… More to come.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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