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EDITOR’S NOTE: TheBlot Magazine has reached out to BRIGITTE MADRIAN, LUIS VICEIRA and FINRA scammers ROBERT COLBY, ALAN LAWHEAD, RICK KETCHUM, MICHAEL GARAWSKI numerous times seeking comment. None of them has responded to TheBlot. The media has also reached out to CHRIS BRUMMER at least 7 times seeking his comment about this article and inquiring about his “expertise” in cryptocurrency and other “expertise” he claims to have in finance, law, commodities, business, economics or anything else real in life. Neither Chris Brummer nor his notorious lawyers DAREN GARCIANICOLE GUERON , EDMUND POLUBINSKI III have responded; neither has any one of them reached out to TheBlot Magazine to complain about anything. Since all articles appearing in TheBlot Magazine are contributed by readers, and Brummer has been completely silent about this and other investigative articles that exposed his fraudulent background, TheBlot Magazine has to infer all articles about CHRIS BRUMMER are true and accurate.  Therefore, BRIGITTE MADRIAN, LUIS VICEIRA are no doubt shameless bench warmers for FINRA.

FINRA BOARD PUBLIC GOVERNORS BRIGITTE MADRIAN, byu, LUIS VICEIRA, harvard university, FINRA NAC, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Edmund Polubinski Davis Polk, Richard ketchum, Jeffrey Bloom, FINRA, Hearing Panels
FINRA BOARD PUBLIC GOVERNORS BRIGITTE MADRIAN, byu, LUIS VICEIRA, harvard university, FINRA NAC, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Edmund Polubinski Davis Polk, Richard ketchum, Jeffrey Bloom, FINRA, Hearing Panels


Horrifying Court Confession: Georgetown Law Chris Brummer Implicates FINRA Top Dogs Robert Colby, Richard Ketchum Lies To FBI

Edmund Polubinski III, Davis Polk, lawyer, Robert Colby, FINRA, Richard Ketchum, Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law, FINRA NAC, Daren Garcia, Ashleigh Hunt, Nicole Gueron, Defamation

BRIGITTE MADRIAN, LUIS VICEIRA are two chalky Harvard academics and FINRA bench warmers disguised as FINRA “public governors,” whose relentless touts of their highly exaggerated bios could easily burn readers’ eyeballs. Both label themselves as “experts” but neither has worked an hour in any business. These are the typical fake experts, real bookworm types that tend to ruin lives, and they do.


Fraud, SCANDAL: FINRA Secretly Pays Google Search Scammer ‘Momentum Factor,’ Conceals Rigged FINRA NAC Hearings from Public


The chunky and pompous BRIGITTE MADRIAN, who is also a recently appointed Dean of  the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University is a self-appointed “governance expert.” But she hasn’t worked a minute in any real industry, and neither has she created a single job in her life. LUIS VICEIRA likes to brag about his “entrepreneurship” in Executive Education, which is literally a for-profit, non-degree trap for fresh beavers to pony up top dollars to be minted as fake Harvard graduates. A lifelong bookworm, LUIS VICEIRA hasn’t started any new business in his life either.

Investigations: My Pristine Reputation, Raped by FINRA General Counsel Robert Colby



In reality, neither BRIGITTE MADRIAN nor LUIS VICEIRA has worked half a day in the real world. No doubt, the pair belongs in the camp of academic bullshitters.  

While sitting on their hands doing nothing but collecting hefty paychecks from FINRA, which is the notorious Financial Industry Regulatory Authority better known as “Wall Street’s lapdog with fleas,” BRIGITTE MADRIAN, LUIS VICEIRA are paid to lend their names as FINRA’s “public governors” – hot air laurels that are supposed to inject a level of “public scrutiny” over FINRA’s infamous reputation as an abuser and rapist of FINRA members.

Alan Lawhead, Robert Colby, FINRA NAC, the Corrupt FINRA Watchdog is Full of Fleas

BRIGITTE MADRIAN, Marriott School Management, LUIS VICEIRA, Harvard Business School, FINRA public governor, Talman Harris, William Scholander, Robert Colby, Rick Ketchum, Alan Lawhead, FINRA NAC, Chris Brummer

At least on paper, as interpreted by FINRA, BRIGITTE MADRIAN, LUIS VICEIRA get paid paid to serve as dog keepers, making sure “the FINRA dog is thoroughly neutered to avoid the spread of its rabies.”

My Wife, Ruined by Georgetown Law Center Professor Chris Brummer, Reveals the Disturbing Truth

However, many in the financial industry believe FINRA’s so-called “public governors” are broken flower vases, pure utilities to dress up a fake “nonprofit” agency taking advantage of America’s taxpayers.

Under BRIGITTE MADRIAN and LUIS VICEIRA’s oversight, FINRA’s top dogs make millions of dollars a year as America’s highest paid “nonprofit” earners. FINRA is a total scam.

Richard Ketchum, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Robert Cook, Brigitte Madrian, Luis Viceira, Jeffrey Bloom, Roert Morris, Leo Orenstein, Myles Edwards, Joan Caridi, Lucinda McConathy, Charles Senatore, FINRA


In a grotesque case involving two innocent black brokers TALMAN HARRIS, WILLIAM SCHOLANDER, FINRA’s top dogs ROBERT COLBY, RICHARD KETCHUM, ALAN LAWHEAD, MICHAEL GARAWSKI, JEFFREY BLOOM, CHARLES SENATORE, and MYLES EDWARDS fabricated charges against the two black men, then maliciously lied to the FBI and DOJ, sending the two inner city blacks to prison.

BRIGITTE MADRIAN, LUIS VICEIRA, FINRA Board, Harvard University, Myles Edwards, Talman Harris, William Scholander, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Michael Garawski, FINRA NAC, Chris Brummer,

The two black men’s wrongful convictions were recently overturned by the federal court of appeals in Ohio, Forbes reported.

The fortunate turn of events for the wrongfully charged black men followed the horrifying confession of FINRA’s planted evidence by a former FINRA NAC member, Georgetown Law School imbecile professor CHRIS BRUMMER’s statement in court. In his own words under oath, Chris Brummer admitted to lying to the FBI and DOJ in his sworn affidavit.

“FINRA NAC had NO ACTUAL FINDINGS OF WRONGDOING AGAINST HARRIS, SCHOLANDER,” Chris Brummer highlighted in his unprecedented confession through a sworn affidavit.

Under the watching eyes of the impotent FINRA “public governors” BRIGITTE MADRIAN and LUIS VICEIRA, the pair of love birds y never provided any oversight of FINRA’s misconduct against black men TALMAN HARRIS, WILLIAM SCHOLANDER. The two “public governors” were nothing but sinking showboats.

ROBERT COLBY, the FINRA general counsel who has directly orchestrated FINRA’s racist abuse of black men TALMAN HARRIS, WILLIAM SCHOLANDER, has repeatedly declined to comment on how his office has misled FINRA board.


“I want to personally ask BRIGITTE MADRIAN and LUIS VICEIRA why they never did their job protecting the public,” TALMAN HARRIS fumed during an interview. “I want to ask these brain-dead FINRA public governors, BRIGITTE MADRIAN, LUIS VICEIRA
if they have any shame for allowing FINRA and Robert Colby’s general counsel’s office to lie to the FBI, DOJ, putting my life and the future of my two-year-old babies through hell with fake charges brought by FINRA. I will forever expose their frauds. I am going after all of them.”

Fraud, cover-up: BRIGITTE MADRIAN, LUIS VICEIRA instigated a 5-year crusade against the media and press, funded by FINRA

The highly usual FINRA case against TALMAN HARRIS, WILLIAM SCHOLANDER garnered worldwide media attention. Forbes, The Washington Post, Reuters, and TheBlot Magazine (voice for the voiceless) are among those that exposed a rigged FINRA NAC kangaroo court and FINRA’s rubber stamp, as well as bullshitter “public governors” headed by BRIGITTE MADRIAN and LUIS VICEIRA.

BRIGITTE MADRIAN, LUIS VICEIRA, FINRA Board public governor, Harvard university, Talman Harris, William Scholander, Robert Colby, Rick Ketchum, Alan Lawhead, FINRA NAC, Chris Brummer

While TALMAN HARRIS, WILLIAM SCHOLANDER’s 20-year careers were violently raped by FINRA’s made up charges, BRIGITTE MADRIAN and LUIS VICEIRA led a shameless campaign on behalf of FINRA Board to suppress investigative media exposure of FINRA’s massive corruption revealed in the TALMAN HARRIS, WILLIAM SCHOLANDER case. For more than 5 years, FINRA has spent millions of dollars suing the media but has failed miserably.

CHRIS BRUMMER, Georgetown Law Perv Professor Suffers Deadly Blow Against Free Speech, New York High Court Defends First Amendment

Chris Brummer, crypto bitcoin expert, georgetown law center, germanic studies, FINRA NAC, Robert Colby, Richard Ketchum, Alan Lawhead, Edmund Polubinski, Davis Polk, Nicole Gueron, Daren Gacia, defamation

FINRA’s frivolous lawsuit against the ink has since suffered one blow after another. Just recently in November 2018, New York’s Appellate Court, First Department ruled in favor of the press against FINRA and FINRA Uncle Tom Chris Brummer. The unanimous court ruling against the Chris Brummer and FINRA fraud said “the press has a constitutional right to free speech… Prior restraint on speech is unconstitutional.”

BRIGITTE MADRIAN, LUIS VICEIRA: the shameless FINRA ‘public governors’

At the heart of FINRA’s shameless tout as a “market regulator” is a rotten and corrupt “self-regulated” stinky toilet funded by Wall Street fat cats to screw over the American public, where Americans’ basic constitutional rights such as due process are violently shredded.

In fact, many investment brokers who fall prey to FINRA’s regulatory abuses are wrongfully targeted by FINRA on made-up charges.

Headed by a notorious Robert Colby, FINRA’s Office of General Counsel’s office is a complete fraud, rubber stamped by FINRA’s bullshit “independent” public board governors like BRIGITTE MADRIAN, LUIS VICEIRA.

Lying, Cheating, Stealing: Explosive Heritage Foundation Report Exposes FINRA, FINRA NAC Regulatory Abuses

FINRA’s baseless accusations against many innocent brokers are not because of these fellow Americans have done anything wrong, but rather because the color of their skin is darker than the pale faces at the helm of FINRA: ROBERT COLBY, RICHARD KETCHUM, ROBERT COOK,  – the “proper” white folks who have exited the revolving doors of the SEC or risen from the backroom dealings of Wall Street.

 FINRA’s so-called “investor protection” is a shameless marketing gimmick at the center of FINRA’s house of cards. Data compiled by the renowned The Heritage Foundation shows that FINRA NAC panel, which is brandished by FINRA as an “independent adjudicatory body” has ruled in favor of FINRA and against FINRA members 100% of the time. In another word, to predict the outcome of a FINRA NAC is far more certain than the odds of someone being struck by lightning.


BRIGITTE MADRIAN, LUIS VICEIRA: FINRA Faces a $500 million lawsuit

But black man TALMAN HARRIS is persistent. Growing up in the poor areas of Queens, New York, Harris has a young wife and two babies. While Mr. Harris celebrates America’s federal judges who have righted the FINRA wrong by dismissing his wrongful conviction, Harris is determined to expose the FINRA fraud.

“FINRA has no right to violate my life. Their malicious prosecution has obliterated the future of my family and my children, TALMAN HARRIS told the media. “BRIGITTE MADRIAN, LUIS VICEIRA will be sued along with the rest of the FINRA gang. I will be the loudest voice against FINRA racism and fraud.”

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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