Justin Bieber’s Southampton Brawl Gone wild, girls and more…

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Justin Bieber's Southampton Brawl Gone wild, girls and more...

The latest report of Justin Bieber raising all hell comes in bits and pieces, including an alleged parking lot altercation that ended bloody and a shirtless, screaming Bieber. According to reports, the 19-year-old pop singer was going about his normal routine on Saturday, showing up at Southampton nightclub South Pointe at 2 a.m. wearing sunglasses and a backwards baseball cap with four bodyguards described to be “intimidating” and “overbearing” and promptly taking over the VIP area. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

However, when female club goers started attempting to take pictures of the star, his bodyguards pounced into protective mode, shining flashlights in the girls’ faces and pushing crowds back, which was described by one source as being “heavy-handed.” Still, nothing out of the ordinary, as it was all in a day’s work for the Biebs’s security team.

Then enters a female fan scorned, which is when things take a turn for an Amanda Bynes level of cray. A male club goer, whose female friend tried to chat up Bieber and was rejected, starts trouble with the singer, and the next thing you know, the shirt comes off. “He ripped his shirt off and went nuts. He was screaming,” says one source. Is it just us or is Justin’s recent shirtlessness becoming heavy competition for Miley Cyrus’s pantslessness? After clothing was shed, the club’s security moved in and forced Bieber and his entourage outside, where the altercation continued.

What happened next remains unclear, but several sources told TMZ that the fight heated up even more when the pop star got into a waiting SUV only to climb through the sunroof and on top of the car. The altercation ended with the male club getting knocked out, and one witness reported seeing blood.

While Bieber’s crew is currently under investigation for the dispute, the Biebs himself is off the hook, as his reps assure the media that “Justin was not involved in any altercation.” Sure, and Kanye West is changing a diaper right now as you read this.

This latest episode is just one in a weeklong string of obnoxious incidents spurred by Bieber and his crew. On Friday, Confidenti@l reported that his tour bus driver was seen driving from one door of the singer’s hotel to another teasing and tormenting the fans who had been waiting. Last Tuesday, the singer stuck a fan’s iPhone down his pants after she threw it on stage during a Newark concert. Days before that, pictures emerged showing the superstar spitting onto fans from his hotel balcony in Toronto. And then there was that peeing into a mop bucket incident, and let’s #neverforget when he casually hoped that “Anne Frank would have been a belieber.”

All of this begs the question: is Justin Bieber spiraling into caricature? It seems that as his antics continue, he’s also continuing to alienate more and more fans. The once baby-faced 13-year-old prodigy with the angelic demeanor seems to be turning right before out eyes into a spoiled, entitled, out-of-control teenager with too much money and encouragement and not enough reality. Will he realize he’s going down a path of exile and turn around before it’s too late or will he be our modern-day answer to shaved-head Britney? Well, if we’re going to be taken to crazytown, let’s at least enjoy the ride.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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