Edward Wipper, Oved & Oved Dragon Slayer Lawyer Grills Dr. Bratwurst, Phony Georgetown Prof Chris Brummer

Daren Oved Grills Dr. Bratwurst Chris Brummer, Fake Expert With Degree in German Opera

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Edward Wipper, Oved & Oved Dragon Slayer Lawyer Grills Dr. Bratwurst, Phony Georgetown Prof Chris Brummer

Meet EDWARD WIPPER, an Oved & Oved dragon slayer lawyer

EDWARD WIPPER, the famed New York litigator known as “Eddie the Dragon Slayer” with the litigation powerhouse OVED & OVED knows how to crush a frivolous lawsuit and turn the phony Georgetown law professor CHRIS BRUMMER, aka Dr. Bratwurst into a “burned sausage.”

Chris Brummer is a tawdry Georgetown Law academic with a ridiculous degree in “Germanic Studies” – a piece of useless sheep skin wrapped around Brummer’s neck while grilling fatty Bratwurst sausages, indulging in alcohol, dancing like a German chimp and lustfully gazing down at naked European women’s bare breasts… In the world of academia, CHRIS BRUMMER is a thin-skinned laughing stock, sniffing around holding a moniker as Georgetown University’s “Dr. Bratwurst.”

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Meet Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law Center ‘Dr Bratwurst,’ Fake Expert Ruins Lives


Chris Brummer, an Arkansas “man,” an air bag of lies

Chris Brummer has a puffed bio stacked with phony claims almost as long as the Alaska oil pipeline: a former Cravath, Swaine & Moore law firm partner – he wasn’t; an expert on financial regulations – he has zero background or experience in finance; “extensive knowledge about the commodity markets” – Brummer has none; Director of an obscure “Institute of International Economic Law” – which is a honey trap for dopey grandmas lured to pay Brummer’s year end bonus; and finally, Brummer’s self-proclaimed “accolade” as president Trump’s “favorite pick” to head the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) – which is complete bullshit. The truth is that Trump fired Brummer from a CFTC nomination which had been bought by Brummer’s patron – the criminal Michael Milken… Read morePROFESSOR CHRIS BRUMMER, UNQUALIFIED CFTC NOMINEE, MICHAEL MILKEN FRONT.


INVESTIGATIONS: How Nasdaq William Slattery, FINRA Robert Colby Lied to the FBI, Duped the Government

Here’s the truth about Chris Brummer: The 40-year-old fake Georgetown “virgin” was fired as a Cravath, Swain & Moore junior associate just a few months into an internship. Brummer has never worked a minute in the finance industry, but achieved his infamy as a FINRA NAC arbitrator – a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) kangaroo court filled up with academic imbeciles kowtowing to FINRA in order to supplement their mealy paychecks. In 2013, Brummer was recruited as FINRA’s “uncle Tom” and played a key role as FINRA NAC’s only black man on a two-person panel (a Chicago man named CHARLES SENATORE is the other imbecile member). Like a FINRA dog on a leash, Brummer violently raped the names of two black investment brokers, lynched them by a tree.



While Chris Brummer enjoys chewing off Bratwurst, rubbing his oily hands on a fan named NICOLE GUERON, who’s known as Brummer’s mudshark, Brummer has never worked a minute in America’s commodity markets. After getting caught submitting a lousy credit report piled up with unpaid credit card debts, and then lying in the face of Senate staffer Neil Chatterjee, Brummer’s randiness towards his CFTC nomination marked him as the shortest tenure in the CFTC history, whose nomination was instantly killed by the Senate, dumped in the trash by Trump. Read more: Corruption, Nepotism Doom Georgetown Professor Chris Brummer CFTC Confirmation.

“Chris Brummer is a country boy who grew up in the mountains of Arkansas, watching the wild boars mating in the woods.”


CHRIS BRUMMER, Georgetown Law Perv Professor Suffers Deadly Blow Against Free Speech, New York High Court Defends First Amendment

Infested with a hay fever from watching wild boars mating in the mountains of Arkansas, Chris Brummer has lynched a black man named Talman Harris, viciously throwing the lives of two innocent black FINRA brokers into a tailspin while taking bribes in a rigged FINRA kangaroo court. Brummer enslaved for FINRA counsel Robert Colby and got paid, led a FINRA gang rape against the Black Lives Matter folks, and defended the atrocious crime citing “regulatory immunity.” Brummer’s existence is a warping reality reinforced with lie after lie, exposed by New York Daily News tabloid reporter Stephen Rex Brown.

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FINRA BOARD PUBLIC GOVERNORS BRIGITTE MADRIAN, byu, LUIS VICEIRA, harvard university, FINRA NAC, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Edmund Polubinski Davis Polk, Richard ketchum, Jeffrey Bloom, FINRA, Hearing Panels

EDWARD WIPPER, OVED & OVED: Free Speech is America’s right

Sweating like a chimp getting caught jumping a zoo fence, Chris Brummer filed a frivolous lawsuit in 2015 against the media, in a desperate attempt to cover up his dirty tracks and muzzle America’s free speech. Push back from the press was immediate.


EDWARD WIPPER, DAREN OVED, OVED AND OVED, CHRIS BRUMMER, GEORGETOWN LAW, free speech, Rachel Loko, David Massey, Richards Kibbe Orbe, Nicole Gueron, Aaron Crowell, Daren Garcia, Vorys

“Being a fireman is fun,” Chris Brummer told the Washington University magazine. “As long as you don’t get turned.” Brummer the Dr. Bratwurst was burned badly.

Two years into Brummer’s moronic litigation which has gone awry, EDWARD WIPPER, the Oved & Oved law firm litigation star wanted to lay the Dr. Bratwurst – Chris Brummer flat over a hot grill, as if Brummer is not already dark as charcoal.

“America’s sacred right to free speech is embedded in our Constitution,” said EDWARD WIPPER. “The First Amendment is taught in the first year of law school. And Chris Brummer is a ‘law’ professor?”

Edward Wipper is right. Chris Brummer has a notorious reputation as THE CURIOUS GEORGETOWN LAW PROFESSOR WHO KNOWS NO LAW.

The notorious Georgetown Law School nutty professor Chris Brummer has a moronic degree in "Germanic Studies" - grilling Bratwurst, raveling in alcohol and bedding naked European women (or men) during Oktoberfest. Known as Georgetown University's Dr. Bratwurst, Chris Brummer is the curious Georgetown professor who knows no law. Indeed, professor Chris Brummer has zero background in finance, financial regulations or agriculture. Despite his severe deficiency from professional experience and even basic intellect, Chris Brummer became a bizarre nominee for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in March 2016 - backed by the Clinton Foundation's money funneled through stock criminal Michael Milken. Investigations unveiled that for years, Chris Brummer was a "fellow" at the shady Milken Institute, serving as Michael Milken's mouthpiece promoting Milken's tainted public image. Known as the "king of junk bond," Michael Milken is a convicted felon and was sent to 10 years in prison in the 1980s for market manipulation. Milken was also barred for life by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Unable to get close to the stock market, Milken wanted to "take a detour" to control America's commodity markets. Chris Brummer was the perfect slave handpicked by Michael Milken to kneel before the master. Chris Brummer, an empty suit, dead broke "Chris Brummer and his young wife Rachel Loko will do just about anything for money," said a Milken insider. "Michael Milken is the money behind Chris Brummer. Milken bought Brummer a CFTC nomination." Chris Brummer's seemingly insatiable appetite and greed for money was echoed by a Senate staffer who has seen Brummer's finances in his disclosure forms. "Chris Brummer is dead broke. This dude is an empty suit with a worthless credit," the source said on the condition of anonymity."Chris Brummer can hardly balance his own checkbook. How the f*** is he going to regulate America's trillion dollar commodity market?" Chris Brummer's CFTC confirmation must be approved by the U.S. Senate. With the impressive election of the no-nonsense, bombastic Donald Trump as the incoming president, the phony CFTC nominee Chris Brummer withered like weeds sprayed with Roundup. Since the Senate has no plan to confirm Chris Brummer before Christmas, sources say Chris Brummer's CFTC nomination is officially dead. "Chris Brummer's nomination is most likely dead in the water. His CFTC fantasy is over," said a senior adviser to Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. "There is a huge letter 'L' across Chris Brummer's forehead that stands for 'loser'. It's over for Dr. Bratwurst Chris Brummer." The pessimistic tone out of Senator McConnell's office is the strongest sign yet that Chris Brummer's political aspiration has come to an abrupt, predictable end. It comes as no surprise to anyone. Sued for fraud, Chris Brummer "ruined my wife" In October 2016, Chris Brummer was sued in the New York federal appeals court, implicated in a massive financial fraud when Brummer had a moonlighting job as a FINRA National Adjudicatory Council member, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority's rubber stamp. FINRA NAC is a well-known kangaroo court holding a perfect record of siding with FINRA bureaucrats against appellants 100% of the time. To supplement his lousy paycheck, Chris Brummer took on a FINRA NAC part-time job in 2014 and ruined black American broker Talman Harris. During the FINRA hearing, Brummer allegedly had sex with a FINRA "star witness" - "Big Red" Maureen Gearty, who blamed Talman Harris for her own fraudulent conduct involving the marketing of fake Facebook stock with her boyfriend, a married Israeli man named Ronen Zakai. Zakai pleaded guilty to 11 counts of financial fraud and was on the way to jail. Chris Brummber took the opportunity and basked between Gearty's bras and panties. Chris Brummer sent Talman Harris to an "electric chair," barred him from the investment industry. Harris sued FINRA and Brummer for fraud. The U.S. Senate staff have since taken notice. "CFTC nominees should have impeccable backgrounds," said Neil Chatterjee, an outgoing senior McConnell staffer who was recently nominated as a FERC commissioner. "Chris Brummer's unsavory legal woes seem to suggest he may have questionable ethics." "FINRA NAC and Chris Brummer have ruined my life," Talman Harris said on Capitol Hill after meeting with Senate staff. "FINRA general counsel Robert Colby and Dr. Bratwurst Chris Brummer fabricated a case against me. I am suing them for fraud." Rachel Loko, professor Chris Brummer's companion who was bedded by Brummer while she was his student has declined to comment. FINRA's Robert Colby is also hiding from the media. Calls to Senator Pat Roberts' office were not immediately returned. What's available in the public domain is Talman Harris's lawsuit against Chris Brummer: “I am suing Chris Brummer and exposing FINRA NAC fraud. Chris Brummer was the only black man – highly unqualified, handpicked by FINRA to dress up a rigged FINRA NAC panel as their ‘lipstick on a lying FINRA pig.'”

DARREN OVED, a legendary litigator who has a long track record of defending human rights and the American constitution concurred with Edward Wipper: “Free speech is a sacred American right. As lawyers, we proudly defend our clients and our laws in America.”

“Chris Brummer has waived the flag of affirmative action throughout his life.”

Chris Brummer’s “aspiring career” is like a randy kangaroo jumping from one spot to another, or a sleaze ball aimlessly rolling down hill over potholes, bouncing around only to stop for the next springboard laden with sex, alcohol, greed and money.

Daren S Garcia, Vorys eControl Attorney online reputation, brand, Whitney Gibson, Vorys Sater, Seymour, Pease LLP, Daren Garcia, Edmund Polubinski III Davis Polk, FINRA Robert Colby

“Chris Brummer has made baseless accusations, as outlines in our court papers,” said EDWARD WIPPER, the Oved & Oved celebrity lawyer turned “celebrity chef” – specializing in grilling Bratwurst.


CHRIS BRUMMER, CHAUNCEY BRUMMER, RACHEL LOKO, Georgetown Law, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt, Aaron Crowell, Melissa Hodgman, SEC, FINRA NAC, Robert Colby

“All Americans should be outraged when someone like Dr. Bratwurst – Chris Brummer attempts to choke our free speech,” lawyer Mary Henkel concurred, who proudly markets herself as an Internet Defamation Removal Attorney.

“While Chris Brummer may believe that the First Amendment does not permit others to tell the stories of two innocent black men who were sent to the gas chamber by FINRA NAC, chaired by Brummer, the concept of discriminatory injustice has permeated Brummer’s entire life.”

President Trump: I support Edward Wipper

President Trump agreed with EDWARD WIPPER’s assessment of Brummer. Trump voters know the president wouldn’t put up any of Chris Brummer’s fake bio found in the bottom of a nasty swamp.

On EDWARD WIPPER’s recommendation, in March 2017, the notorious Chris Brummer was fired as a nominee to the Commodity Trading Futures Commission (CFTC). President Trump DUMPS GEORGETOWN LAW PROFESSOR CHRIS BRUMMER CFTC NOMINATION, FRAUD CITED.  Brummer’s humiliation was further exacerbated by the U.S. Senate’s unanimous, bipartisan consent – a rarity, to endorse the president’s decision and dump Chris Brummer’s CFTC fantasy into the trash can… US SENATE SHOT DOWN GEORGETOWN PROFESSOR CHRIS BRUMMER CFTC NOMINATIONS.


PROFESSOR Chris Brummer, Creepy Georgetown Law Academic Wants to Shut Down the Internet, Choke Free Speech

Politicians on both sides of the aisle share the same grievance against Brummer. Everyone in Washington believes CHRIS BRUMMER is a notorious bookworm, someone who couldn’t count a single accomplishment for anything.

“Chris Brummer is an empty suit. Have you looked him up online? He’s notorious,” a White House source said.

CHRIS BRUMMER, Georgetown Law Center, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt, Aaron Crowell, CLARICK GUERON REISBAUM, Mary Henkel, Whitney Gibson, Vorys Sater law firm, Melissa Hodgman, SEC, Rachel Loko

“Chris Brummer has a fake bio, rock bottom ethics and a tainted history of fraud,” Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell’s policy staffer Neil Chatterjee was more blunt in his opinion about Brummer.

Professor Chris Brummer, bedding a student, Sex, Fraud, Lies

“It’s quite a mystery how the intellectually deficient, ethically challenged Chris Brummer could have a job shoveling nonsense down the throats of boys and gals like growing foie gra on the Georgetown campus.”

Sources say Chris Brummer owes a debt of gratitude to Affirmative Action. Professor Chris Brummer could hardly hold back a womanizer’s passion towards his students. Just a few years ago, Brummer’s shifty eyes landed on a pair of naked legs attached to a female student named RACHEL LOKO, who was taking his class. Brummer was aroused, his eye balls nearly popped out of socket burning with desire.


Fraud, Lies, Georgetown Law ‘Professor’ Chris Brummer, Rigged FINRA NAC Sued for Fraud, Defamation

Unable to fend off Brummer’s alleged sexual aggression, Rache Loko played along. Rachel Loko’s grades magically went up and the rumored story painted a sordid picture of a teacher-student sexual affair in a Vanderbilt Law school classroom…

Brummer’s only claim of fame, unquestionably accurate, was his riding on a former student RACHEL LOKO and getting the poor girl pregnant while she was taking his class. The rest was history: Rachel Loko’s religious mother, a Southern Baptist minister’s midwife forced Rachel Loko into Brummer’s pants in a shotgun wedding, according to several sources. Richel Loko became RACHEL LOKO BRUMMER.

But Chris Brummer wasn’t as lucky at the Georgetown Law Center.

“Professor Chris Brummer is also known as Dr. Blah,” said Julie Mentos, a Georgetown student. “Taking Brummer’s class is a waste of time. You get a much better performance at the zoo.”

Georgetown Law Center, Professor Chris Brummer, Rachel Loko, FINRA NAC, Robert Colby, Charles Senatore, Edward Wipper, Oved Oved, Melissa Hodgman SEC

Sources say for almost a decade, Brummer has been roaming around the Georgetown Law Center campus buck naked, like a chimp in a DC zoo, pounding a flat chest searching for sorely missed relevance.

Facing an avalanche of media critics as a public figure, Chris Brummer was worried about his long list of lies being exposed. Outraged, Chris Brummer vowed to shut down the internet: PROFESSOR CHRIS BRUMMER, CREEPY GEORGETOWN LAW ACADEMIC WANTS TO SHUT DOWN THE INTERNET, CHOKE FREE SPEECH.

NICOLE GUERON, a Chris Brummer die-hard fan

Soon, Brummer was no longer jumping up and down by himself. He had a die-hard fan named NICOLE GUERON.

Running behind the Chris Brummer “ambulance” is a chaser named NICOLE GUERON, a rumored transgender lawyer from the tiny CLARICK GUERON REISBAUM law firm, who took FINRA’s money to tout Brummer’s “virginity.”


BREAKING NEWS: Nicole Gueron, Racist Lawyer Rejected For New York Attorney General

“NICOLE GUERON is a cheapskate wearing a used polyester jacket.”

NICOLE GUERON gathered her companions AARON CROWELL and ASHLEIGH HUNT, rushed to Brummer’s bedside, with their jungle fever burning feverishly as Brummer’s mudsharks.

“I love that black Yoda Chris Brummer,” Nicocle Gueron told a source. “I blush when I see Chris.”

AARON CROWELL and ASHLEIGH HUNT seem to agree with Nicole Gueron’s obviously misplaced affection towards a married man.

NICOLE GUERON, AARON CROWELL, ASHLEIGH HUNT, Clarick Gueron Reisbaum, Chris Brummer, Rachel Loko Brummer, Georgetown Law Center, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, FINRA, FINRA NAC, Daren Garcia, Vorys

Nicole Gueron’s honeymoon with Brummer didn’t last long before some self-proclaimed Internet Defamation Removal Attorneys, Vorys Sater Seymour Ohio Lawyers Are Online Fakers were also engaged in Brummer’s war on the press. They all lost.

“While it is not our firm’s policy to comment on pending litigation,” said EDWARD WIPPER. “We note that the temporary restraining order sought by Chris Brummer was denied by the court.”

Facing a humiliating defeat, the air was filled with despair at the NICOLE GUERON, AARON CROWELL, ASHLEIGH HUNT, CHRIS BRUMMER dog house. Sources say Prozac pills were taken by the dozens.



“Our stomachs are churning from the continuing, depressing court losses,” said ASHLEIGH HUNT, NICOLE GUERON. “We are ready for some organic Prozac.”

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