How to Travel Like the Rich Even When You are Poor

How to Travel Like the Rich when you are Poor


Just because you like nice things doesn’t mean you should have to pay for it.   There are millions of places to travel, and some are more expensive than others. There are, however, places you can go where you can get the luxury feel for hostel-level prices. We take a dive into where you can go for cheap and feel like a queen.  Travel like the rich!  Even if you aren’t.  Even if you’re poor!

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1. Barcelona – beautiful city with art and culture to boot. You just have to go between November and March! This is the slow season, which means lower prices. You should also look for a place to stay in a residential neighborhood, which often are better priced as well. When looking at where to eat, plan to eat a big luxurious lunch. The fixed meals for lunch are huge and cheap. Then get something small for dinner, and you’re set!


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2. Buenos Aires – cheap flights, so you can upgrade if you truly desire. Go here from May to September (their winter). The weather is still beautiful and the prices are MUCH better. Stay in a hotel that includes breakfast as well. It tastes great and is included in the price. Don’t go to overpriced tango shows, find the small local milongas and watch there. Go to nice restaurants, they are never expensive and they are always delicious!

3. Chicago – if you want something domestic, come to this Midwestern city! There are tons of affordable places to eat, and since the dishes are usually large, you could share them with your travel partner. There is a fantastic culture scene in Chicago, and it’s cheap! The museums and the theatre is not what you pay for in New York, so live it up. Take public transport here, too. It works great and won’t have you spending all your money.

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