Top 10 Conspiracy Killer Friends You Should Know…

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It’s hard to find a friend you can trust. We all want a supportive pal who wants to help us succeed. The most special buddies share morals and interests. Here’s a list of friends who shared the love of murder and mayhem. It’s a unique blend of lesser-known friends and serial killers.

1. Kevin Crump and Allan Baker
These two Australian buds in their early 20s teamed up for thrill kills in 1973. They used a .308 Winchester hunting rifle to murder 45-year-old James Lamb, just a stranger asleep in his car. Apparently not satiated, they kidnapped, raped, and tortured Virginia Morse in Collarenebri, a teeny-tiny town of 386 people in northwestern Australia. The duo tied her to a tree and killed her with a shot to the head, between her eyes. When the young lads boosted a car, it led police right to them. A wild chase ensued. The criminals rammed a police car off the road and shot a cop in the face. They both pled not guilty but the jury didn’t buy it. They were sentenced to life plus 55 years. Good riddance.

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2. Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris
This pair, known as The Tool Box Killers, kidnapped, tortured, raped, and killed five young women within five months in California during 1979. Ol’ Lawrence had an IQ in the 99th percentile but dropped out of school, got into trouble, and went to jail as a juvie. Out six months later, he was arrested again the next year for parole violation and suspected robbery. A prison psyche eval deemed him paranoid, borderline psychotic, and unable to control impulses. So, they set him free. In 1967 he was arrested again for a hit and run and sentenced to five years but served only three. In 1971 he was arrested yet again, this time for burglary and parole violation. He was let out after three years, arrested again for robbery, and met Roy in prison. Roy’s past was just as jazzy—in and out of prisons and sex offender hospitals, kicked out of the Navy, and sent back to prison where he met Lawrence. Once they were free, the friends reunited and resumed their shared interests. Lawrence got the death penalty and still sits on death row. Roy ratted on his buddy and is eligible for parole in 2019.

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3. Robert Thompson and Jon Venables
This story stands out because the killers were two 10-year-old boys. In 1993, Robert and Jon kidnapped 2-year-old James Bulgar in a Liverpool shopping center. They doused him with blue paint and pummeled him with an iron bar and bricks. They kicked James in the head and crotch, took off his pants, fondled him, then laid him down on railroad tracks where he was split in half. The young killers were caught and examined by psychiatrists who determined they were legally sane—they understood what they did was wrong but didn’t feel bad about it. The youngsters were sent to prison to do their time. They were released when they turned 18. That means they’re 30 now and could be your next friend request on Facebook.


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4. Chang-shin Liao and Chang-shan Husi

At the end of WWII, two innkeepers at a Yangtze River port in Changshow, China were arrested for murder. Police had received letters from locals and family members about missing loved ones. Chang-shin and Chang-shan’s inn was the last place many of them were seen. Police started an investigation that uncovered the robbery and murder of 79 people. Most of the unlucky peops were guests at the inn. Chang-shin told police that he and Chang Shan Hsui had killed a victim per day. They were both convicted of murder, and executed in 1945.


5. Christopher Worrell and James Miller
These two are responsible for the “Truro murders” named after five of their seven murdered victims who were found, in pieces, in Truro, Australia. All were murdered within two months of each other during 1976–77. Chris, a charismatic sociopath and the alpha dog in their friendship, was 23 at the time and James, 40. James had met Chris in prison when he’d been sentenced for breaking and entering. Chris was doing time for rape. The two were released after short sentences and stayed friends. Chris was into thrill killing and James went along. When Chris died in a car accident in 1977, James descended into depression. At his buddy’s funeral, James blabbed about the murders to a woman, who then told police and collected a $30K reward. James went to trial and was sentenced to six consecutive terms of life in prison even though he was only the accomplice. He died in prison from liver failure in 2008 at the age of 68.


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6. Igor Suprunyuck and Viktor Sayenko
This Ukranian duo, known as Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs, became friends at 14 and are responsible for 21 murders during one month in 2007. The 19-year-old killers enjoyed videotaping their crimes. One video leaked and went viral. In it they bludgeoned a man in the face with a hammer, gouged out his eyes, and stabbed him in the brain with a screwdriver. Many of their victims were tortured but none were raped. I’m sure that is one small—very small—consolation to their families. This team was arrested in 2007 when one victim escaped and went to the police. In 2009 the boys were sent away for life. Let’s hope there will be no parole.


7. Alessandro Garcia and Jonathan Doody
In the summer of 1991, two stone-cold and moronic teenagers went to a Buddhist temple in Phoenix, Arizona, to steal a solid gold Buddha. How spiritual of them. They ransacked the joint but couldn’t get into the safe. With a borrowed rifle and a 20-gauge shotgun, they let loose on a circle of monks, plus a nun who’d walked in at an inopportune time. In Zen fashion, the eight monks and nun offered no resistance. After a wild spray of bullets, all nine of the would-be witnesses were dead but Alessandro and Jonathan were sloppy. The temple was near an Air Force base and military police found the rifle, took it, tested it, and matched it to the murders. In the summer of 1993, Jonathan got 281 years. Allesandro used a plea agreement to reduce his time. He got a mere 271 years. Just a guess, but I bet Jonathan was bullied unmercifully for his scatological last name. Still, that’s no excuse.

8. Wolfgang Abel and Marco Furlan
These two school buddies from privileged families killed an estimated 10 people in Italy during 1977–1984. Their methods varied widely, from their first victim being burned alive to a priest being hammered on the head 26 times. They fancied themselves the last living Nazis and left a note at every crime scene with the name Ludwig written above a Nazi eagle and swastika. Each note gave a reason for the killing. They said they were providing a necessary service by ridding the world of subhuman infedels. They did away with homosexuals, prostitutes, and drug addicts. To wipe out groups of sinners, they set fire to a porno theater and a disco. They were caught in 1984 while trying to alight a dance hall packed with 400 people. In 1987 they were found guilty of 10 out of 27 counts of murder and sentenced to 30 years in prison. They appealed and were released on bail. Marco fled to Crete but was caught in 1995. He was released in 2009. Wolfgang was released this year. Great, two more nutjobs to worry about.


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9. John Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo
The DC Snipers, 41-year-old John, and Lee, 17, shot and killed 13 people in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Their terrifying string of random sniper murders lasted three weeks during October 2002. During the spree, the two men alternated between shooter and lookout man. Neighbors had complained that they used their backyard for target practice. Police found bullets and casings. The pair was caught while sleeping in their car at a rest stop and taken into custody for federal weapons charges. In 2003, John was sentenced to death. In 2009, he got the needle. Lee, who was under 18, only received 10 life sentences. In June of this year, Lee’s lawyer appealed, whining that the 10 life sentences qualify as cruel and unusual punishment. After all, the murderer apologized to at least one of the victims. Hey, shouldn’t that count for something?

10. Fritz Haarmann and Hans Grans
Fritz, a serial killer in Germany, was a homely and homeless guy. He learned to cut meat and got a job, which paid for a house that he filled with transients from a nearby train station. He trapped and killed an estimated 25 to 30 young men during 1918–1924. Due to his mofugly looks, The Butcher of Hanover hooked up with handsome hooker Hans who was sent out as bait to reel in the victims. Unfortunately for Fritz and Hans, a group of skulls and bones were found in a canal near Fritz’s house. Before the kills, Fritz had been arrested on sexual assault charges, which helped lead police to him and he confessed. During his surrender, Fritz referred to his victims as game. He said he’d fed them with large meals to make them sleepy, then used force to sodomize them. But wait, there’s more. He chewed through their throats during the sodomy because when he tasted blood he came.


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He munched enough to nearly sever the heads. Fritz got all Sweeney Todd and used his butchering skills to cut up the murdered bodies, cook and eat parts of them, and sell the rest at a market as freshly butchered meat. The unsalable parts—more than 500 parts of corpses—were thrown into the canal. In a fitting punishment, Fritz was beheaded. Hans served 12 years as an accomplice. Geez, this story is a good reason to become a vegetarian.

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