3 Reasons Kanye West Is a Jerk

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After his Beck Grammy stunt, many are wondering what Kanye West's problem is. We know: He's a jerk, and here are three of the biggest reasons why. (NYPost.com photo)
After his Beck Grammy stunt, many are wondering what Kanye West’s problem is. We know: He’s a jerk, and here are three of the biggest reasons why. (NYPost.com photo)

After Kanye West’s interruption during Beck’s Album of the Year acceptance at the Grammy Awards last week, many — even his fans — were left wondering what the hell is Kanye West’s problem.

The first time he disrupted an award show was when Taylor Swift accepted her Best Female Video Moon Man at MTV’s VMAs back in 2009. OK, fine, people don’t like her music, but to call out Beck is another thing entirely.

During Sunday’s incident, when Kanye got on stage almost as if to take the Grammy from Beck before seemingly changing his mind and leaving the stage, some thought he was making a joke of his uninvited VMA diatribe. But in a post-Grammys interview with E!, Kanye criticized Beck for — ahem — not respecting artistry and said, “he should give the award to Beyoncé.”

Was he kidding? Unfortunately, it seems he was not. Kanye West’s megalomania knows no bounds.

Dear Mr. West: Beck plays more than 12 instruments, is an iconoclast in the musical world and basically a legend in a genre he invented that contains only himself. I’m no Taylor Swift fan either, but come on, when you criticize someone, make sure what you are saying makes sense. Is it that you’re prejudiced against the music white people make? If so, be a man and just say that — own the fact that you are a total racist. Unless you just have a problem with anyone other than Beyoncé winning Best Album awards?

Observers, music fans and everyone who has watched Kanye’s career and increasingly jerky behavior are getting fed up with him, and for good reason. If only he could rein in his super-diva attitude somehow, get over his Jovian-sized ego a bit and go back to just making good music. But that doesn’t seem likely anytime soon.

So, because Kanye is more likely to continue being an egomaniac, here are three reasons why he is such a jerk:


Back in the days when he was a rapper and producer — it seems ages ago, doesn’t it? — he seemed to actually have a better grip on reality. Nowadays, he’s a paparazzi target thanks to wife/baby mama Kim Kardashian. Plus, he’s always singing in Auto-Tune, even after his best boy Jay-Z dissed the technology in “(D.O.A.) Death of Auto-Tune.” Jay-Z also seemed a bit curious during the Grammys as to why Kanye feigned a return to his non-invite on stage at the 2009 VMAs.

jayz grammy
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I really think Kanye believes he is a living hybrid of Prince and Michael Jackson, with the ego Donald Trump and a pissed-off supermodel.


Can Kanye do a whole interview without kissing Bey’s ample and well-shaped buttocks? It seems not, as following his almost upstaging of Beck at the Grammys he was asked in an interview if the stunt was a joke. Kanye responded by reviewing well-worn territory and praised Queen B as more deserving of the award than Beck. He then inexplicably told reporters that people should not forget about Beyonce’s artistry, which I’m assuming he meant her songs, dance moves and entire shtick.


Yeah, the dude can make beats, produce and even rap a bit, but I’m convinced he actually believes he is some sort of musical demi-god, or King Midas, where everything he touches is gold.

A quick review of his performances last week, starting with that awful song “Only One” — I don’t care if it was about his mother and daughter, it sucked — show how far he has fallen. After the opening performance, Kanye then stepped on stage with Rihanna, a huge pop star and total hottie, and Paul McCartney, a musical legend and half of what might be the most legendary songwriting duo ever. With them on stage, one of these things is not like the others, and that thing is Kanye West.

So please, Kanye, ask the Wizard for a heart and give us a rest for a while. And if you want someone in your family to continue to hog the spotlight and say dumb things, leave it up your annoying wife. Please, you will be doing the world a favor.

Noah Zuss is a reporter for TheBlot Magazine.

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