What Does it Mean to Be A Producer? Like Being a Unicorn

Give a voice to the voiceless!

What Does it Mean to Be A Producer? Like Being a Unicorn


Being a theatre producer is like being a unicorn: lots of people believe you exist, but since they’ve never seen you they just slap on a fake horn and keep moving.

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty shitty about the whole “being a producer” thing. I mean, I love being in charge and I love being in the room as artists make beautiful things (and even sometimes getting some creative input there). But it all came crashing down when I got a text saying “can’t wait to have you tomorrow as our sound PA!” and I said “this is the first I am hearing about this.”

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And let me be clear: this is a project THAT I AM PRODUCING. Or well, Assistant Producing. And let me tell you, the ASSISTANT part is really highlighted in that title. Because apparently all I do is sort of huddle around other people and remain peripherally involved. Or maybe I meet some other girl who is the “Associate Producer” and all she says to me is “what’s your name again?”

But everything was going great, things were running smoothly, she was doing her thing, I was doing mine. When on a Sunday night I get that text. And I’m like, I’m sorry, but WHAT THE LITERAL FUCK IS GOING ON. First of all, is “Sound PA” really what I should be doing with my time? I am not even qualified to do that because I have no experience in working with sound. Second, how has no one fucking told me about this?


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How can a producer be SO out of the loop of their own show? My answer is: I have no idea. And also: are you sure you’re the producer? Because right now it is reeeeaaallly feeling like other people are producing this and I am just kind of…there.

Best case scenario? I come out of this project with some dignity. Worst case? On load-out somebody says, “Who are you again?”

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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