North Carolina Senate Race Brings Out the Crazies

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North Carolina Senate Race Brings Out the Crazies

North Carolina politics. What the hell?

If you are looking for a state where Koch brother-brand conservatism has run amok, look no further than North Carolina.

Among other things, the GOP-led statehouse has passed laws requiring voters to have a North Carolina government-issued ID to combat “voter fraud,” at the same time doing away with same-day registration. The North Carolina General Assembly also slashed funding public schools, replacing those funds with a dubious voucher program, allowing students to opt for religious-based education on the state’s dime. Charming. 

Those are but two examples of unchecked conservatism masking itself as we-know-what’s-best-for-you legislation. Beyond that, we also have to brace ourselves for a general election this fall. And nothing says “bring out the crazies” like a GOP primary battle.

Among the eight — count ’em eight — Republicans running for the party’s nomination for the United States Senate is the Reverend Mark Harris, pastor of First Baptist Church of Charlotte and President of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. On his campaign’s webpage, it notes that “Harris is known for his vision, optimism, organizational, and fundraising skills.” Funny that you mention fundraising. 

Harris is in hot water for basically fundraising while also, you know, preaching.

In the video, Rev. Bill Saylor of the Blackwelder Park Baptist Church asks for parishioners to pass the plate in support of Harris, contributing to either Harris as a pastor or a Senate candidate.

Well, that’s illegal. So.

But not to worry, this probably won’t move the needle to much in the crowded field vying for the GOP’s nomination. Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives Thom Tillis remains the clear front-runner. Tillis hates gays and abortion so much, he wants to sit on his front stoop and tell you all about it:

I guess he sits there in case any gays walk by. He can throw his coffee on them and swat at them with his prop newspaper.

But if not Tillis, North Carolina could get physician and tea party activist Greg Brannon. He’s all sorts of crazy. He doesn’t believe in public school education at all:

Or that the second amendment should include the right to own a nuclear weapon:

The primary is set for next Tuesday, May 6. Whoever comes out on top will face Democrat Kay Hagan in the fall. Polls suggest Hagan is vulnerable.

Whoever the GOP nominates, God help us all.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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