Can You Be Obsessed With Rihanna Without Being Creepy?

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Can You Be Obsessed With Rihanna Without Being Creepy

People are obsessed with Rihanna. That’s because she’s the shit. But that doesn’t mean it gives you the right to be creepy and stalk her, break into her house or do any variation of the two. The 25-year-old singer has had a history of bad luck with intruders and houses in general, and the streak continues with another incident this past weekend.


While Rihanna was on her Diamonds World Tour in Australia, someone entered her Pacific Palisades property and threw a chair through a sliding glass door. According to law enforcement officials, the trespasser drove up her private road, past the “Smile, You’re on Camera” sign and walked through her backyard up to the house. The intruder set off alarms and left without entering. Pretty bold move, if you ask me, since the would-be burglar was well aware of the hundreds of cameras on Rihanna’s property.

This is hardly the first time Rihanna’s home as involuntarily hosted strangers. In June, a man was caught by her security team hanging out on her roof. Law enforcement sources said that her security guards called the police after spotting and detaining the 26-year-old intruder. The man insisted that he didn’t know it was Rihanna’s roof he was milling around on, but a Google map of the area was found loaded on his phone. Maybe he was actually searching for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s home and took a wrong turn. I bet Rihanna’s roof provided a pretty good vantage point to analyze the neighborhood.

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Before that incident, another trespasser was arrested for stalking Rihanna, who actually did get the house wrong. Obsessed fan Steveland Barrow broke into the singer’s neighbor’s house thinking it was hers and allegedly slept in what he thought was her bed before stealing some of what he thought was her shit. When total creeps are also absolute morons, it really makes you start to ponder population control. Rihanna requested a restraining order, which the judge granted a month later, requiring Barrow to stay at least 100 yards away from Riri for three years.


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As if stalkers weren’t enough, the “Diamonds” singer has also been the target of pranksters. In April, Rihanna was one of a string of celebrities who were “swatted” by celebrity hackers who pilfered financial information from major figures like Michelle Obama, Tom Cruise and Beyoncé. A hoax call was made to 911 claiming there were two armed men inside her house, but when the LAPD arrived on the scene, it became clear that it was yet another swatting prank. Other swatting victims include Paris Hilton, Diddy and Miley Cyrus. I guess The Bling Ring was only the beginning.

As if the stalkers, attempted burglars and swatting pranks weren’t enough, real estate itself has been a bane of Rihanna’s existence. Before she purchased her current $12 million home, she filed a lawsuit against the property developer of her previous home in Beverly Hills, claiming that construction and design defects caused extensive rainwater damage. She had bought the home for $6.9 but took in a major loss when she listed it for $4.5 million in 2011.


Poor Riri. She’s had some absolutely horrific luck with owning a home. The girl is busy. Nobody has time for this bullshit, least of all her. She needs to devote her time to entertaining the world, wearing fierce outfits, trying different hairstyles (and looking good no matter what) and making us jealous with her Instagram account. Oh yeah, she basically has the the best life ever. Nevermind. Maybe all the property stuff is just the world’s way of keeping things in check.

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