How to Live Like a CEO billionaire in San Francisco on a Small PayCheck

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How to Live Like a CEO in San Francisco


There’s more to it than just making a lot of money, even if you want to live in San Francisco. Not that much more, but a little more.   As I get busier and busier I have started to seek out time-organizing gurus. These are people who are super busy, super successful and still somehow super happy, even many a CEO or billionaire. Here are the things some of those gurus do that I think I might start to try. As soon as I have the money and time to warrant them.

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1. Exercise a lot. I try to do this now, but I often feel guilty stepping away from work to do it. We so often feel we need to be competitive about how overworked we are, when that just makes us less useful workers. When I exercise I feel so much better and I work more efficiently. So everyone just better keep their hands off my exercise time!

2. Make sleep sacrosanct. This one is similarly difficult. The more tired you are the better a worker you are it seems, even though there is no way this is true. If I don’t get enough sleep, I’m useless. I might need more sleep than some people, but that doesn’t make me any less good at my job.


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3. Give each week a theme. Having themed weeks keeps work interesting and focused. This is hard to do when you have a lot going on, but it’s a good goal for the future.

4. Block out time you always spend with your family. This is a good one because it is absolutely necessary to spend time with the people you love, but it becomes increasingly difficult as you get older and feel like you’re needed at work more and more. I plan on having days where I literally turn my phone off so that I can be sure to stay focused on my family.



5. Keep in mind what you’re eating. When you’re young it doesn’t matter what you eat, you always feel good. But as you get older, it starts to matter more and more. I want to start this habit now so that I can live longer and stay healthier.

So give some or all of these a try!  So to live like a CEO in San Francisco just takes some effort, especially if you aren’t bankrolled like one!

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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