Eat With Your Family Because it’s Important

Give a voice to the voiceless!

Eat With Your Family Because it's Important


Everyone knows that eating together is nice, so find a way to make time, it’s important.  I always ate with my parents. It wasn’t always at the dinner table, though. Sometimes we would just sit on the couch and eat dinner and watch a show at the same time. We were still together though. And that appears to be the most important part! Here are some ways to eat together better as a family.

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1. Choose the days, times and meals you can be together. It doesn’t haven’t to be every day or every meal. Just pick one meal to be great and one meal to be good enough, and see where that gets you.

2. Have some breakfast and dinner dates with your family during the week and some lunch dates with your family on the weekends. Make them fun, maybe even make one lunch a picnic.

3. Talk to each other. This is why eating together is great. It offers opportunity to talk about things other than school and work. It’s a time to talk about shared ideas and passions. It’s a time for parents to model what good conversation looks and sounds like.


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4. The meals don’t have to be gourmet, they just have to be balanced and healthy. They can be sugary too, just save it for the dessert!

5. Don’t stress your family out by going from zero meals a week to seven, either. No need to stress out over something that’s supposed to be easy going and nice. But that’s the quickest way to ruin something good. So start small and work your way up.

6. Even if you can’t all make it to the table for a meal, you can find a time to all have a late-night dessert together or a mid-day treat. Just some moment that is made special by everyone being together is the goal.

7. So once you all finally get to the table, don’t talk about things that will stress everyone out. Leave grades and politics to other moments. Now is the time to talk about weekend and vacation plans, and what everyone wants to have for dinner tomorrow.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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