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Popular Hair Colors, 2018 Trends to Try

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Popular Hair Colors 2018 Trends to Try


So if you are someone who likes to change your hair color, you’ve maybe already tried just a few.  But there’s nothing wrong with looking over these 2018 trends that will be hot for a bit longer!  So these are your guaranteed four winning colors if you want to make at least one more change.  But even though they’re trendy, you can look beautiful and different.  These are the guaranteed four colors. Any of these can be an option to make your hair look beautifully different.  Popular hair is fun hair this year!

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So if you’ve already done the ashy combo or an icy white blond, here’s a bit of a calmer choice to enjoy.  Think a warm caramel to gold, even a light chocolate.  But all of these will give your hair a nice fresh luster which will glow in any light.


Auburns have a nice bright red touch.  It’s a great color if you want to express boldness or bravery.  This is a fun color range you can mix with a fun purple or even a bright red base.  It will glow in layers


They’re Dying For Our Country, but They Can’t Wear Twists in Their Hair?


Blonde or blonde hair is still trendy this year.  Ok, it’s trendy almost every year.  But it’s still summer for a few more weeks so this is a winner.  And if you didn’t already know, Leighton Meester recently appeared with a stunning rendition of platinum blond.


For those of you who like to experiment with a wilder hair color, you should try pink fuchsia. This color offers a really bold presentation.  And somehow, this wild and crazy color works with pretty much any skin tone.  This could be a fun few months!

But all of these choices offer a fun change, pretty much instantly.  So which one will you try first?  We’ll look for you out and about!

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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