Top 3 Political Powers the States Still Have

Give a voice to the voiceless!

Top Three Political Powers the States Still Have


What are the top 3 political powers states still have?  Well, California just declared war against the FCC in regards to Net Neutrality. While this fight may not last long, it’s definitely very cool to take a stand. Let’s see the other ways states can be cool.  The Federal Communications Commission notoriously struck down Net Neutrality last year, paving the way for corporations to do what they please with the internet. While it was a sad day for anyone who wasn’t a corporation (they are people now as well), California decided that they wouldn’t take this lying down. In a pattern that they have established in the past, California passed a bill re-establishing Net Neutrality despite the ruling of the FCC.

This likely won’t last long, but it’s a gallant effort by the state to make known that an independent organization such as the FCC shouldn’t be allowed to make sweeping laws on its own. Let’s find out other cool things that states can do.  Here are the top 3 they should consider, California style.

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California already did this one in the past by attempting to institute legalized gay marriage, but it was a cool move nonetheless. The world is a scary place, and pushing for people to have the right to live their lives equally is important and dope.


No state has done this yet, but the time is ripe. The Earth’s temperature keeps increasing every year, and a significant part of the world will be uninhabitable due to the heat within 20 years, so it’s about time for a state-sized pair of sunglasses. An action like this would also make a politician immensely more likable while simultaneously having to do absolutely nothing to combat the problem at large. It’s a win-win situation.


My Time With Jerry Brown, California’s Unconventional Governor


While it may sound a bit silly for a state to pull off a skateboarding move, there is well-known news that California is due to split apart from the rest of the United States within the next century. When something so drastic occurs, a nice way to take one’s mind off the problems at hand would be to pull off a sick skate trick. California, you’re welcome.

Self-improvement is an important part of growing up, and states need to learn how to grow as well. If they really want to grow, they could learn to do some cool moves like the ones above, and make everyone happy for five minutes.  It’s like the Daily Show, just with state actors!  States need to use their political powers, no matter how frivolous!

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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