The Ten Most Important Foods for Summer Fun

The Ten Most Important Foods for Summer Fun


Everyone loves a contest, so why not pit summer foods against each other? Well, we have, and there are definitely winners and losers.Which foods are best? This may sound like a subjective question, but it turns out it isn’t. Let’s find out which summer food kicks the asses of all the other summer foods.  Here they are, starting with number ten first.  Which food do you think will be the most important for summer fun?  Find out below!


10: Fries – and not just any kind of fries, but the standard, thin ones. They are delicate, can only be fried once, yet pack a flavor punch.

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9. Hot dogs – and not the fancy sausages or bratwursts of other nations, but the classic American dog in a soft little bun.

8. Watermelon – this is a classic summer food and it continues to prove that it deserves to be on the list. This fruit is perfect, but its downfall is its less-than-perfect brothers and sisters a.k.a. watermelons you buy that just taste bad.

7. Haribo Gummi Candy – this is the perfect summer car-food. It is sweet, tangy, sour, and it feels like a real food because it takes so long to chew.


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6. Beef Jerkey – this is a great summer snack because it is filling but takes just seconds to eat.

5. Mexican Coke – there is nothing like a real Coke made with actual sugar instead of sweeteners. And once you’ve had this Coke, you won’t be able to go back to the cans.

4. Fudgesicle – this chocolate popsicle is the perfect blend of light texture and flavorful taste.

3. Ice Cream Sandwich – this treat, however, leaves behind the tasty chocolate dough right on your fingers. That’s a big deal.

2. Tomatoes – these might seem like they should be number one, but canned tomatoes are good too, which leaves lovely red tomatoes squarely in second place

FIRST PLACE GOES TO: Corn! – grilled corn can sometimes be better than the burger next to it. It is sweet and you can only eat it in the summer, which means you have to wait all year for it. The waiting definitely heightens the experience of finally being able to eat it under a warm sun in the summertime.

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