Starbucks High Tech Peeping Tom at Large

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Starbucks High Tech Peeping Tom at Large, Planted Camera In Bathroom


First of all, this is a disturbing story for anyone who might need to use a public bathroom. A voyeur is a person who derives sexual gratification from observing people undressing, naked or in sexual acts.  This observation is also specifically from a secret vantage point.  The man who gave the word peeping Tom to the English language had spied on Lady Godiva and was punished by being struck blind. The peeping tradition continues today.  Police detectives in the UK are searching for a man who placed a secret bathroom camera in the grate of the ceiling in a Starbucks in the south of London.  The camera had been recording customers using the toilet.


A customer spotted the device recently.  As a result, Starbucks immediately called police who responded and seized the device for investigation.  Officials say that the secret bathroom camera has approximately three to four weeks of footage.  The material shows a recording of a man, and the police believe the suspect in question installed the camera.  The image of the man released by the Scotland Yard has dark hair and wire rimmed glasses.  The reviewed footage is mainly of customers going to the bathroom.  It seems that officials believe that the intent of the camera recordings was solely for the purpose of voyeurism.  Additionally, the culprit has not yet viewed or had any access to the footage, according to officials.  The police have not made any explanation of this belief available.

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Voyeurism is becoming trendy in many areas.  London is a big city and in big cities there are a lot of people who have different hobbies.  You know, such as knitting, beading, reading and…voyeurism.  It’s notable that there are even Meetup groups devoted to voyeurism, such as a London based group called Voyeurs & Exhibitionist London.  They are a “London-based group for anyone interested in the harmless and recreational pursuit of voyeurism or exhibitionism…” Luckily for them it’s not the age of Lady Godiva. It’s especially lucky for them too they don’t advocate secret bathroom cameras.

Also, detectives on the case have released a picture of the man to media because the identity of the man remains unknown.  So far, the investigation is ongoing. Consequently, it would be wise to have a good look around any public bathrooms if you go to London and have to go.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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