Simon Cowell Is Proud to be a Daddy

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SIMON COWELL IS PROUD TO BE A DADNotorious bachelor Simon Cowell has finally opened up about his status as father-to-be. As the public still waits in disbelief for the other shoe to drop on baby mama Lauren Silverman, which would undoubtedly involve loads of money, Cowell is doing his part to convince us that this is all happening.

Cowell told the BBC, “I’m proud to be a dad.” This coming from a guy who has avoided settling down since the ’80s. But apparently hell can freeze over. “It’s something I hadn’t thought of before, but now I know I feel good about it,” Simon added. “[Silverman] is a very special girl.” Somewhere, Stacy Keibler is bitterly sulking.

Socialite Silveman, 36, who is almost four months along with Cowell’s first child, was married to Cowell’s former close friend Andrew Silverman, a real estate mogul. The two have had public disputes over whether Lauren committed adultery or if Andrew was aware of her relationship with Cowell and was fine with it. She cited that she only gravitated towards Cowell, 53, because of Andrew’s own philandering ways, and that they had a mutual understanding about her relationship with the X Factor judge. Apparently, she would spend hours on the phone with Cowell in front of her husband and he didn’t care. He wouldn’t even bat an eye when she would go to visit Cowell in the UK. Just from a woman’s point of view, I don’t know a single man, let alone a big-shot real estate tycoon type, who would allow this sort of fuckery to go on in front of him unless he was partaking in some fuckery of his own. These types of men let pride determine everything in their lives. I don’t think she’s 100-percent innocent or a poster child for marriage by any means, but I smell truth in her statement.


The estranged couple settled their divorce out of court earlier this month, and will share custody of their 7-year-old son. Now the only issue left is how she’s going to stay close to her 7-year-old in NYC while being baby mama to Cowell, who lives 2,800 miles away in Beverly Hills. Lauren claims that she would never leave her son to move in with Cowell, but would she move for his $15 million estate? According to sources, Cowell is considering moving his baby mama out to the mansion he bought in 2011, but never moved into. That’s a pretty tempting carrot to dangle in front of a socialite who got just over $2 million in her divorce.

Cowell and his lover will reunite this week for the first time since her divorce settlement. A source from Lauren’s Upper East Side circle said, “Lauren is so excited. It will be the first time she has actually seen Simon in weeks, she really loves him and they can’t wait to be together.

For now, it seems that everything looks promising for this budding couple, and the debris is settling to clear the way for their new lives as parents together. Maybe sometimes people do get the romantic-comedy ending, maybe Cowell was just a bachelor who refused to change until he met the right girl. Cowell also said while talking to the BBC, “Things are changing in my life right now, for the better.” My advice to the happy couple is take it slow. The faster you move, the more likely that other shoe’s going to drop. And anyway, even if you think you’re ready, you don’t want a Russell Brand, Katy Perry situation on your hands.


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