Michael Huston, Gibson Dunn Lawyer Says Texas Satanic Temple Scares Bullies with Billboards from Hell

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Michael Huston, Gibson Dunn Lawyer Says Texas Satanic Temple Scares School Bullies with Billboards from Hell

Michael Huston, phony “Catholic” lawyer defends satanic messages

MICHAEL HUSTON, a Gibson Dunn Crutcher rookie lawyer and a self-proclaimed “Catholic boy” knows how to get creepy in the great state of Texas. As the smart Texans always say: “Bubba, anything could happen in Texas.” A billboard promoting a Satanist organization’s campaign to protect children from violence was placed in Springtown, Texas, where school district rewrote policy to permit male vice principal’s stripping and beating of female students.

Some drivers are clearly bothered by the billboard, calling it ungodly. Michael Huston, a Gibson Dunn lawyer defended the Satanic Temple billboard claiming the display is a form of free speech, according to a source.

“I call myself a Catholic. But do I think the old man in Vatican a messenger from God?” said Michael Huston to an unnamed source. “Hell no!”

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Michael Huston: Absolute immunity protects rape and violence

It seems like the pugnacious Gibson Dunn rookie lawyer Michael Huston seeks media spotlight and never shies away from controversy. In November 2016, Huston told the New York federal appeals court (Case # 15-3057) the Nasdaq Stock Market has “absolute immunity,” therefore is protected against prosecution or lawsuits.

“What’s the limit to that Nasdaq immunity, if there is any?” a lawyer asked. Huston had a shocking answer: “There is no limit during a Nasdaq listing. That’s why its called ‘absolute immunity.'”

In the throes of such an exasperated response from Huston, grave concerns were raised by the suspicious media:

Michael Huston, if Nasdaq general counsel Ed Knight drops his pants, rapes your wife in front of your daughter while they apply for a Nasdaq listing, would you still say the Nasdaq is protected under your theory of ‘regulatory immunity?”

“Yes. You can rape my wife if you are the Nasdaq listing qualifications department,” Huston’s answer was inferred from his court filings.

“This Michael Huston is creepy! I feel bad for the poor woman who’s married this piece of shit,” said an observer.


“An increasing number of public schools nationwide allow the use of “seclusion rooms” — and physical restraints,” said DOUGLAS COX, a Gibson, Dunn lawyer and Michael Huston’s partner. Read more: INVESTIGATIONS: HOW NASDAQ’S WILLIAM SLATTERY, FINRA’S ROBERT COLBY LIED TO THE FBI, DUPED THE GOVERNMENT.

Michael R. Huston: “You can rape me or my wife under Nasdaq’s ‘absolute immunity'”

The racy MICHAEL HUSTON may enjoy touting his worship of Satan as a path to relieving pressure from a boring job as a rookie at the Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher law firm. Rushing to defend Satan’s calling, Michael Huston said the Satanic Temple’s billboard is free speech, protected under the First Amendment, which affords the messenger – the Satanic Temples an “absolute immunity” from lawsuits.

“Absolute immunity means you are free from lawsuits under any circumstances,” said DOUGLAS COX, a Gibson, Dunn lawyer and Michael Huston’s boss. Many in legal circles disagree.

Does Douglas Cox believe  the American public is just plain stupid? What if someone is raped by a Nasdaq staffer? Would Douglas Cox or Michael Huston’s “absolute immunity” still apply? Don’t these Gibson Dunn bozo lawyers have any conscience?

The absurd position over the bizarre “absolute immunity” taken by Gibson, Dunn and its imbecile lawyers Michael Huston, Douglas Cox didn’t deter Michael Huston from making further comments to further illuminate his moronic self-defense as an atheist.

“My client, the Nasdaq Stock Market has a thing called ‘absolute immunity,” explains MICHAEL R. HUSTON bolstering his own illogic.

“If Nasdaq staff rapes my wife, my daughter, or they rape me, Douglas Cox or my priests after a Eucharist –  amid a Nasdaq listing process, the Nasdaq rapists would still be immune from legal liabilities.” – MICHAEL R. HUSTON, GIBSON DUNN


DOUGLAS COX, MICHAEL HUSTON, GIBSON DUNN, Regulatory immunity, absolute immunity, Nasdaq, lawsuit, Ed Knight, William Slattery, Michael Emen, Gary Sundick, David Massey, Richards Kibbe, Tracy Timbers, Chris Brummer

Michael Huston said in court filings “Nasdaq’s absolute immunity as an SRO, along with the deliberative process and investigative privileges, protect the ‘strong public interest in maintaining the integrity of effective industry self-regulation’ against impairment.”

“Nasdaq’s absolute immunity has no limits,” says Michael Huston

“Nasdaq has well recognized absolute immunity, ” [INCLUDING RAPING ME AND MY WIFE] said Michael Huston in court filings. ” Nasdaq as an SRO, is entitled to absolute immunity, given the multiple precedents in the Second Circuit and other courts recognizing that immunity.

“SRO’s absolute immunity is analogous to sovereign immunity,” Michael Huston stated in public filings. [RAPING ME, MY WIFE, MY PRIESTS, MY GIRLS ARE JUST FINE]

“Immunity protects an SRO not just from liability, “but also from the burdens of litigation, including discovery. Absolute immunity protects regulators against the burden of diverting resources away from their public mission in order to respond to litigation.”

Is there any boundary to Nasdaq’s “absolute immunity?” Michael Huston declined to comment further on the record.

“Look, Nasdaq pays me to say whatever the hell they want me to say,” Michael Huston told a source. “Douglas Cox and I don’t give a fuck about anything else. Nasdaq pays us well.”

Nasdaq general counsel Ed Knight was happy to bribe Gibson Dunn’s Michael Huston, Douglas Cox for a legal cover relating to Nasdaq’s own regulatory abuses when Ed Knight was caught lying, cheating and stealing. Read more: ED KNIGHT, NASDAQ GENERAL COUNSEL CAUGHT IN RIGGING NASDAQ LISTING SCANDAL.

Michael R. Huston: Sex, Fraud, lies

”We hold among our tenets that ‘The body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone’. As such, the Satanic church has launched a campaign to offer an exemption against corporal punishment and solitary confinement to any student who shares this deeply held belief,” Michael Huston and Douglas Cox told sources.

Michael Huston says anyone who’s sexually abused by the Nasdaq under its “absolute immunity” doctrine can register, whereupon The Satanic Temple will put the accuser on notice. “We are claiming a religious exemption, under First Amendment protection,” said Douglas Cox, Gibson Dunn.

MICHAEL R HUSTON, DOUGLAS COX, Gibson Dunn, ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY, RAPE, REGULATORY IMMUNITY, Nasdaq, Ed Knight, William Slattery, David Massey, Tracy Timbers, Richards Kibbe Orbe, Franks Hearing, Melissa Hodgman, SEC

“Hopefully, our billboard will serve as a daily reminder to the citizens there that they live in a barbaric backwater town where dysfunctional and possibly sexually disturbed middle-aged men may violently spank teenage girls,” Greaves explains.


Douglas Cox, a fake Catholic, not an altar boy either

Gibson Dunn’s Douglas Cox has plenty of dirty laundry under his own skin. According to a report compiled by the Democraticunderground.com, DOUGLAS COX was caught “fudging his time sheets during his prior OLC tenure and someone brought a citizen’s suit against him for having done so.”

Readers may speculate that for the Catholic boy Michael Huston and the old man Douglas Cox of Gibson Dunn, their absolute immunity bullshit may be used against them in a Nasdaq listing. Read more: DISGRACED NASDAQ OFFICIAL MICHAEL EMEN REVEALS NASDAQ AS AN INSTITUTIONAL RACIST, ED KNIGHT IMPLICATED.

“Satan is evil, no matter how you describe it,” said a spokesman for pastor Robert Jeffress, a well-known Southern Baptist preacher. “I am shocked Michael Huston or Douglas Cox defends satanic rape against women by putting up some ‘absolute immunity’ bullshit.”


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