Gary Sundick, Michael Emen, Nasdaq Listing Abusers Celebrate Eulogy from Hell

Gary Sundick, Michael Emen, Nasdaq Listing Abusers Celebrate Eulogy from Hell

Good riddance! the Notorious Nasdaq abuser Gary Sundick is finally dead

Thank God, the notorious Nasdaq regulatory abuser GARY SUNDICK was finally dead on February 11, 2017. He was sent straight to hell, announced by the Washington Post. Meanwhile, investors from all over the world cheered, for a good reason.

GARY SUNDICK is a former Nasdaq listing qualifications department bureaucrat and the source of immense pains for the thousands of American investors whose ruined retirement and pension plans were directly linked to Gary Sundick’s regulatory rapes against their financial health. Now Gary Sundick is dead from anal cancer and investors are celebrating, cheering, gazing down gleefully at Gary Sundick being fried like a rat in hell. Hallelujah!

“Thank God, Gary Sundick is finally churning and burning in hell.”

Sources say before his shameless downfall, Sundick left a pile of gold for the Sundick boys and gals – who were created from Sundick’s defective, violent DNAs prone to theft and rape, waiting in line to join him in hell: MARSHA SUNDICK, AMY BRUCE, SUZY BALAMACI, CAMERON BALAMACI, REECE GALAMACI, GAVIN BRUCE, ALEXIS BRUCE, ROY SUNDICK, and a loose Russian woman named ELENA STEPANOVA.

At the Nasdaq, the racist Gary Sundick raped CleanTech Innovations, Inc.

GARY SUNDICK of Chevy Chase, MD finally died on February 11, 2017 from anal cancer. The good news sent cheers across the global. Sundick’s failed career as a regulatory abuser spanned over 40 years, who raped and doomed tens of thousands of public investors. While slaving away at the NASDAQ in the Nasdaq Listing Qualifications Dept in Rockville Maryland, Sundick colluded with Tray Mitchell (a dead regulatory abuser also burning in hell since 2013), Nasdaq’s shady general counsel Edward Knight, and MICHAEL EMEN, a regulatory rapist currently suffering from herpes in Scottsdale, Arizona with his loose mistress GAYLE EMEN – the rumored source of Michael Emen’s dripping disease. A funeral service was held on February 15, 2017 at the Judean Memorial Garden Chapel. The Sundick hell boys were received by SUZY BALAMACI in Potomac. Services were organized by Sagel Bloomfield Danzansky Goldberg Funeral Care at a cost of $220.

“As the world celebrated Sundick’s death with Champagne, investors’ outrage over Sundick’s decades-long regulatory rape and abuse has found no place to vent for nearly a decade.”


Michael R. Huston, Gibson Dunn lawyer defends rape charges citing ‘regulatory immunity’

In 2010, orchestrated by the devious GARY SUNDICK, MICHAEL EMEN, WILLIAM SLATTERY, Nasdaq maliciously delisted a Chinese company CleanTech Innovations, Inc. The action wiped out $300 million investors sweat money. The wrongful delisting and regulatory rape were a Gary Sundick invention – “violating the NASDAQ SPIRIT” was the “crime” charged. What about any facts that may be more concrete and less abstract for the human brain? There was none.

Nasdaq rushed a baby-faced atheist, Michael Huston of Gibson Dunn to the indefensible rescue. Michael Huston made a bizarre argument calling Nasdaq’s willful malfeasance a “discretionary authority.”  The Securities and Exchange Commission quickly shut him up, unanimously reversed the Nasdaq delisting in 2013 ruling the Nasdaq had made up a fake ground for delisting, reported by Forbes. The disgraced Michael Huston was called out as a defender of regulatory rape speaking nonsense.

CleanTech Innovations’ investors demanded answers from the Nasdaq and Michael Huston to explain what the hell was a “Nasdaq Spirit.” It wasn’t in Nasdaq’s listing rules. Michael Huston was mum, dodged repeated inquiries from the media, quietly retreated to the Michigan farm where he had come from. Delisting CleanTech Innovations was a racist fabrication and attack on the Chinese by Sundick, Michael Huston, Douglas Cox, William Slattery and Nasdaq’s disgraced general counsel Ed Knight – a shady DC lobbyist.

Gary Sundick, William Slattery and Michael Huston, Douglas Cox sent CleanTech and its 2,000 investors on a one-way march to the Nasdaq gas chamber.

MICHAEL HUSTON, DOUGLAS COX, GIBSON DUNN, Ed Knight, Nasdaq, absolute immunity, the federal society, Michael Emen, William Slattery, Daivd Massey, Tracy Timbers, Richards Kibbe Orbe

Michael R Huston, Douglas Cox: ‘You can rape our wives’

Michael R. Huston, the creepy Gibson Dunn lawyer said Gary Sundick and Nasdaq’s racial profiling of the Chinese were fully justified.

“Nasdaq has absolute immunity under any circumstance, “said DOUGLAS COX, Michael R. Huston’s racist boss who was also implicated in the Gary Sundick, William Slatttery, Michael Emen Nasdaq fraud.

“Even if our wives, daughters and ourselves are raped by Nasdaq and Gary Sundick during a Nasdaq listing application, I would say Nasdaq is protected under a ‘regulatory immunity,'” said Michael R. Huston, Douglas Cox of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher.

“Are there any limits to the so-called Nasdaq ‘absolute immunity?” critics asked. “What if Gary Sundick or Ed Knight rapes a female CEO in exchange for approving her company of a Nasdaq listing?”

“Nasdaq would still be protected under ‘regulatory immunity,” concluded Michael Huston, Douglas Cox.



CleanTech sued Gary Sundick and the Nasdaq for racism and fraud, revealed in a racial discrimination lawsuit filed in a New York federal court.

“Delisting CleanTech Innovations was a gross miscarriage of justice and abuse of power by the Nasdaq racists,” said CleanTech’s legal counsel – the late Senator Arlen Specter in a public statement.

Under Sundick, Nasdaq shamelessly rigged Nasdaq’s listing appeal process which had ruled against Sundick and the Nasdaq, exposed in an SEC filing. The Nasdaq fraud sparked diplomatic complaints from the Chinese government against Sundick, Emen, in response to a press release: CleanTech Innovations, Inc. Sues the NASDAQ Stock Market for Racism and Discrimination.

Gary Sundick, a rapist, the ‘Nasdaq Spirit’ of racism

During depositions, Michael Emen and Sundick made a shocking confession on the record:

“The Nasdaq must send a message to the world: this is not open season for the 1.4 billion damn Chines to cheat on the Nasdaq.”

GARY SUNDICK, NASDAQ , SEC, Michael Emen, Gayle Emen, Scottsdale Arizona, Edward Knight, SAGEL BLOOMFIELD FUNERAL CARE, Amy Bruce, Suzy Balamaci, Roy Sundick, death

The disgusting remarks by Sundick and Michael Emen caught the attention the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

By 2013, the SEC had enough of Nasdaq’s and Sundick’s bullshit. In a landmark ruling against the so-called “Nasdaq Spirit,” the SEC commissioners unanimously rebuked the Nasdaq for fabricating evidence, calling the wrongful delisting of CleanTech “…ground on which did not exist in fact,” in a historic SEC decision, reported by Forbes.

“It was the first time in Nasdaq’s 44-year history that SEC had reversed a Nasdaq delisting decision, dealing a fatal blow to the Nasdaq rapists.”

Gary Sundick, a New home in hell

Sundick’s relentless torture of an innocent company led to a loss of more than $300 million for investors, ruining the lives of two thousand Americans – many are retired grandparents.

“Gary Sundick, Michael Emen, Edward Knight are sons of bitches that all deserve to burn in hell,” said Joe Fermoro, a New Jersey investor whose life was devastated by Gary Sundick. “We are celebrating with Champagne and fireworks over Gary Sundick’s new home in HELL!”

The racist Nasdaq scandal implicated Gary Sundick, Michael Emen and William Slattery, led by Nasdaq’s notorious General Counsel Ed Knight – a Bernie Madoff protege who has threatened, in a revenge, to nuke SEC Chair Mary Jo White after the SEC’s reversal of CleanTech delisting, reported by the media: BREAKING: NASDAQ STAFF WILLIAM SLATTERY, GARY SUNDICK CAUGHT LYING TO THE FBI, NASDAQ IMPLICATED IN FRAUD.

The Forbes Magazine calls Sundick’s wrongful delisting of CleanTech an “unprecedented” abuse motivated by racism, says the Forbes magazineLaw360 calls Gary Sundick the regulatory abuser who did “horrific injustice” to a legitimate company.

“We conclude that the record does not show that the grounds on which Nasdaq relied in delisting CleanTech exist in fact,” the SEC’s opinion said in 2013.

GARY SUNDICK, NASDAQ, funeral, obituary, cancer, Marsha Sundick, Amy Bruce, Suzy Balamaci, Roy Sundick, Michael Emen, Gayle Emen, Edward Knight, William Slattery, racist, delisting, listing, fraud, lawsuit

Gary Sundick, the final eulogy from a Nasdaq colleague:

“Gary Sundick is a good man. We worked together at the Nasdaq. He was instrumental in the delisting a Chinese company named CleanTech Innovations. Although the SEC reversed us for fabricating evidence, Gary Sundick showed courage by coming up with a bs reason to delist that Chinese company – violating the “Nasdaq spirit.” As Gary Sundick gets fried in hell like a rat, more than 2,000 investors are living in hell – thanks to his abuse.” – MICHAEL EMEN, NASDAQ

As Gary Sundick’s offspring enjoys his loot, the thousands of investors who were doomed by Sundick are condemning the Nasdaq abuser to rotten in hell – where Sundick belongs. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq regulatory rape continues to this day including their latest action lying to the FBI, duping the government. Read more: INVESTIGATIONS: HOW NASDAQ’S WILLIAM SLATTERY, FINRA’S ROBERT COLBY LIED TO THE FBI, DUPED THE GOVERNMENT.


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