Kawhi Leonard Escaped San Antonio Spurs Mafia, Godfather Popovic?

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Kawhi Leonard Escaped San Antonio Spurs Mafia, Godfather Popovic?


Should I stay or should I go now?  If I go, there will be trouble. And if I stay it will be double.  Those lyrics do a decent job of describing some of what happened with Kawhi Leonard last year in San Antonio.  And this year, the Raptors and all the Toronto fans are asking for themselves.  What happens next year, Kawhi?  Sure, the Raptors and their fans aren’t pressing hard.  Yet.  But they’re just starting to enjoy all the skills and talent that Kawhi has on the basketball court.  Last year was last year.  Right?  But now there are reports that the San Antonio mafia is real, whatever that means.  With Popovic, of course, being the Godfather.  So what did that make Kawhi last year?

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But this isn’t coming out of Toronto (probably).  An unnamed Eastern Conference exec said, “The San Antonio mafia is real.  When the Godfather (Popovich) speaks, they’re coming for you. He’s the nicest kid in the world and all of a sudden he’s an evil villain? He’s not an angry kid. -He’s a sweetheart.”  Ok, that’s interesting.  No one in San Antonio had bad things to say about Kawhi until he demanded a trade.  And no one in the Spurs front office ever did.  But last season was… confusing, at best.  When has there ever been drama down there? Never.  Not even when Tony Parker was allegedly banging is then teammate’s wife.


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So what’s this all about?  Is this a sneaky viral campaign to talk about how great the raptors think Kawhi is?  Maybe.  No one made Kawhi out to me inscrutable or aloof last year.  He WAS ALOOF AND INSCRUTABLE.  That was the entire problem.  Coach knew nothing.  His team mates knew nothing.  AND Kawhi’s people hid him from Spurs reps who came to check on his recovery status.  What was that, again?  Plus, Pop lost his wife last season.  He kept it together, which seems impossible.  And now he’s the Godfather gunning for his STAR PLAYER?  This meme needs to sleep with the fishes.

But as for next year, we’ll all just have to wait and see.  Kawhi is the real deal, no doubt.  But where does he want to play next year?  It’s a repeat of last year, but he’s playing, which is nice.  Unless you’re a Spurs fan.

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