Idiot Orrin Hatch, Retirement Can’t Come Fast Enough

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Idiot Orrin Hatch, Retirement Can’t Come Fast Enough


I’ve had a lot of disagreements with Orrin Hatch over his policies.  But I can appreciate that he is, finally, retiring.  But it is too bad that he’s essentially handing his seat over to that tool Mitt Romney.  Orrin can’t help himself.  He has to be a tool until he’s actually working on his short game and prove he’s a hypocrite.  Human decency?  In the back seat.  Condescension and hate?  Still driving the car.  Fast.  Hatch just had to weigh in and insult anyone who supports the ACA.  How, do you ask?  “We finally did away with the individual mandate tax that was established under that wonderful bill called ObamaCare,” Hatch taunted. “Now, if you didn’t catch on, I was being very sarcastic. That was the stupidest, dumbass bill that I’ve ever seen.”


Of course, Hatch is on the record SUPPORTING health care recently because he has older friends who struggled with their health care needs.  But that didn’t stop Orrin from playing politics.  He’s still choosing to carry water for the Trump Administration and the ultra-right wing Republicans.  But there is synergy here.  Romney was the first to institute Obamacare when he was the governor of Massachusetts.  Except that was just called successful healthcare reform at the state level.  It didn’t involve some black guy in the White House.  Then is became “social welfare” and “socialism.”  Funny how that works, right?

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But Orrin had more to say.   “Some of you may have loved it.  If you do, you are one of the stupidest, dumbass people I’ve ever met.”  Well, grammar, for one.  Depthless hypocrisy is a better description.  But Hatch did a duck and cover using his spokesman when people reacted to his hate.  His spokesman said it was all just a joke.  But the joke is on us.  The joke is on Utah.  Orrin’s hypocrisy and hate has been felt by us all.  Thanks for your tenure, hatch!  But you CAN let the door hit you on the way out…..

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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