How to Save your Computer from a Liquid Spill

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How to Save your Computer from a Liquid Spill


So a water or liquid spill on your laptop can definitely seem like a death sentence. But, good news! It doesn’t have to be. Because there are some immediate steps to follow to have the best chance to save your life force- I mean your computer.

1. Turn it off IMMEDIATELY. This will help make sure it doesn’t short circuit. And don’t bother trying to turn it off the “right” way. Just hold down the button and shut it down.

2. Unplug the power cable as well. It needs to be completely shut down and unplugged to try to save it.

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3. So if you can remove the battery, do so. If you don’t know how to or don’t feel comfortable doing so, then just leave it.

4. Remove all USBs or dongles you might have connected. But you don’t want to have anything draining power from the computer at all.

5. Keep away from your computer if it starts sparking or bubbling, safety first!

6. Turn it upside down so that all the liquid can drain out. You can also take a dry cloth and start wiping up any excess liquid off the keyboard, vents, or crevices. Try to leave it all the way open over a towel for 24 hours. It can be hard to stay away from it for that long, but the longer you can leave it the better. Minimum four hours draining though.


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7. So don’t stick your computer in a huge bowl of rice. Just let it air dry. Otherwise you might get rice lodged in places that you’ll never be able to clean.

8. If your battery came into contact with water, you should get a new one. A damaged battery can render your machine dangerous. Take care of yourself!

9. But computers can also be brought in to specialty stores where they will clean every piece of the machine and make sure it works and is safe to use.

10. Good luck with your liquid spill triage!

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