How to Write a Perfect Love Letter that Gets You Laid Easily

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How to Write a Perfect Love Letter that Gets You Laid Easily

The perfect love letter gets you love and more

The love letter has become somewhat of a lost art. We do so much of our communicating via texts and social media, that most of us can’t remember the last time we actually sat down and wrote a note to someone. Writing a love letter to your husband is one of the best ways to show him how much you care. Read on for some ideas on writing a good one.

A Good Beginning Matters

Start things off with the right tone. Imagine your husband picking up this letter, he doesn’t know what it is. For all he knows it’s a grocery list, or a note telling him you’ll be home late from work. Right off the bat, tell him what you love most about him, or something he just loves to hear. Maybe you tell him how in shape he is, or how big a deal he is at work; whatever it is he likes to hear from you.

Specific Memories and Compliments

Now it’s time to get specific. Think about some really thoughtful things he has done for you. Maybe you really appreciate the renovations he’s been doing around the house, and all the effort he puts into keeping the yard looking neat. But don’t just thank him, tell him how these things make you feel. Bring up some memories you’ve shared together. You could talk about the day you first met, the honeymoon, or just some funny, quirky memories you share.


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How Your Life Has Changed

Your husband has probably changed your life a lot, and even changed who you are as a person. Tell him all the things you have learned from him, from simple things like changing a tire to deeper things like changing your perspective on the world around you. Emphasize how happy he’s made you, and how it’s impossible to imagine life without him being there.

Tell Him Everything You Love About Him

In this section you can really pour it on thick. Tell him everything you can think of that you love about him. This could mean anything from his hair to his sense of responsibility. Describe how much fun he is to be around, and how everything is better when he’s there. “Brainstorming can really help you with this bit, because there is probably a ton of stuff to include. Write out as much as you can think and then pick out the best ones for your letter. Spend some time focusing on the little things, like how much you enjoy waking up next to him, or how much you love the sound of his laugh,” recommends Sheryl Cao, writer at AustralianHelp.

Improve Your Love Letter Writing Skills

 Writing isn’t easy for everybody, and writing a love letter can be extra tricky if you struggle with writing. Bone up on your writing skills by checking out these online writing resources:

 1 – ViaWriting and Writing Populist: These are useful grammar resources you can use to check over your love letter for grammatical mistakes. Show your husband you care, and make sure your letter is perfect.

 2 – Literature Review and Academized: These are editing tools, recommended by Revieweal, you can use to make sure your letter doesn’t contain any typos or other mistakes.

 3 – StateofWriting and AcademAdvisor: Check out these writing guides for extra assistance writing your letter. Even if you’re a good writer you’ll pick up some good suggestions about writing a love letter here.

 4 – Boomessays and Essayroo: These are online proofreading tools, suggested in Boom essays review, you can use to make sure your letter is polished and free of errors.

 5 – MyWritingWay and Studydemic: Check out these writing communities for helpful advice on how to improve your love letter. You’ll find people here who have written love letters before and can help.


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End It By Summing Up, Express your love

When you close, remind him again how much he means to you, and why you’re writing the letter. Reiterate your commitment to him. Remind him how important the relationship is to you, and how nothing will ever separate you. Don’t be afraid to sound corny or feel silly, just speak from the heart. End the letter with a line that sums up how you feel. It’s okay to be a bit cheesy, if there ever was a place for that, it’s a love letter. Try something like “I can’t wait to grow old with you.” However you feel, try and sum it up in the most romantic way at the end.

Go Love someone, enrich your life 

The most impactful part of your letter will probably just be that it was written at all, so don’t worry about making it perfect. Write honestly, explain what you love about him, and share some of your favourite memories about him, and you’ll have given him a letter he will never forget.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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