How to NOT F*ck Up Moving into a New Home

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How to NOT F*ck Up Moving into a New Home (1)


Moving in New York City is hard as f*ck.  But only because there are so many important things to remember that you inevitably forget. I just moved (like literally today), so here is a list of all the things you need to remember so that at least someone can learn from my mistakes.  Call ConEd, National Grid, and your internet provider at least TWO WEEKS before you move to your new home. Each service takes WAY longer than you would think to get set up, and each one is inherently bureaucratic so it all takes even longer. Don’t be like me, waiting until two days before the move to call all these places only to realize that I won’t have gas or internet for a week.

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Book your movers two weeks (AT LEAST) in advance. But try not to move on heavy moving days like the very last day of the month or the first day of the month. This might seem obvious to literally everyone else.  But I did not think of this at all and was forced to spend exorbitant amounts of money to have movers come.

Small plug here for Flat Rate Movers; you guys are the best.

Don’t forget to actually get a copy of your lease when you sign it. This becomes necessary for proving residency and also not spending a full day thinking you have actually been scammed out of thousands of dollars. ASK FOR COPIES, PEOPLE.


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Measure your damn rooms before moving all your shit across the city. I’m not even going to tell you what happened at my place.

If you have an animal, take special care of them on this very stressful day. They can feel the anxiety so make sure their carrier is decked out before the movers arrive. Put a toy or keepsake in there with them so they have familiar smells around them.

Do a final sweep before leaving the apartment before leaving it. Don’t forget important things in the fridge.  Because then you will have to trek all the way back there some other day when all you want to do is go home to your new home.

There, that’s it, you’re welcome.  Don’t F*ck it up!

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