Florida Woman Live-Streams Herself Drunk Driving

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Florida Woman Live-Streams Herself Drunk Driving


So what is it with kids these days?  Sorry, I always wanted to say that.  But seriously, what the hell is wrong with them?  Maybe it’s all the new tech that makes it even easier to be fools in public.  But this takes the cake, just a bit.  A 23-year-old Florida woman drank just a wee tad bit too much alcohol.  But then she got in her care and went drunk driving.  So sure, that’s not all.  She used the Periscope app to live-stream her drunk driving.  Who live streams that kind of stupidity?  Her name is Whitney Beall.  And Whitney is in some hot water. 

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So ok, it wasn’t just one video she live-streamed.  It was several.  So how did police get involved?  Well, Beall live-streamed her drunk driving.  So people saw it, live.  But they were obviously concerned so they called the police.  But what would you do?  You’d call 911 too.  If you see a girl online who’s so drunk she live-streams it, you know that’s not a good thing on a Saturday night.  Or on any night, for that matter.  But at first police couldn’t locate Beall quickly.  So one officer logged into the app which made it pretty simple. 



But when they found her in person and pulled her over, it wasn’t pretty.  Beall promptly drove straight into a curb.  Without braking.  She then refused a breathalyzer, which isn’t too stupid.  But she totally failed a field sobriety test.  So police promptly arrested her and charged her with DUI.  Fortunately, she didn’t hurt anyone.  But viewers were pretty concerned.  Beall was saying things like, “I am super drunk in the USA” and “I am drunk on South Florida Avenue because I’m a drunk person.”  But according to Beall’s lawyer, she will be pleading not guilty.  Good luck with that. 

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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