10 Affordable Summertime Eurotrips to Rest, Relax, and Party!

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10 Affordable Spring & Summertime Eurotrips to Rest, Relax, and Party!


10 affordable trips.  What are we all waiting around here for?? Let’s get going!! Getting to Italy or France may seem like a dream that will never come true, but that’s only because you think you want to go in the summer!! Well, let me tell you, you don’t. It’s super hot, overcrowded, and CRAZY EXPENSIVE. However, in the spring months, March-May, Europe is fresh, clear and CHEAP AF. So start planning your dream trip!! Because it’s almost March and we have to leave soon otherwise we won’t get to ever ever ever go COME ON. These 10 affordable options for the spring and summertime are a must see.

1. Barcelona – I know you never thought you would see the Sagrada Famiglia or Park Güell, but you can! Just take a quick budget airline over and stay in any of the beautiful and historic abandoned clock towers of any major cathedral! Currently local pigeons mainly reside there, but there’s plenty of room for you, your suitcase, and your dreams.

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2. Luxemburg – this isn’t a made-up country! It’s real! But a lot of people still think it’s fake, so hotels are pretty cheap. Eat Bretzel, their Lent specialty, it’s not sinfully delicious.

3. Portugal – Fly here, sail here, backpack here, they don’t care! They are so laidback they barely have energy to care about basic things like money and how much things should cost. This makes Portugal the perfect place to come, rest, and take advantage of the local culture.

4. Naples – The city than many an author has called the most beautiful place on Earth also has dirt-cheap pizza. Seriously it’s the best pizza in the world and it costs, like, 5 euros. Come to Naples, realize how small you are being in the shadow of Vesuvius, and subsist on tomato sauce and crusts. Best Eurotrip ever!!

5. Munich – Nobody eats food here, they just drink beer, yay! So you can spend all day getting hammered on delicious local beer and you will go home happy, drunk, and not broke.

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6. Paris – This is easily the most affordable city in Europe. I know the expensive wines can be confusing, but you can actually MAKE MONEY here, all you have to do is get up on stage at any bar or club, do the Can-Can, and get showered in all those tips baby! You will go home richer than you have ever known possible. YOU’RE WELCOME.

7. Amsterdam – Oops, I came here to see the tulips and windmills, but it’s already time to leave and I think I’ve been in one of those local coffee shops the whole time. My hair smells like weed and I have a lot of cool new friends. Don’t come here. Sorry I mentioned it.

8. Geneva – I love coming to Switzerland! Everyone here is nice, quick to compromise, and rich so I just stow away in one of the rooms of their enormous houses and they literally never notice. I’m not even clean or anything, but they don’t seem to mind the clutter, they just get the maid to deal with it. I leave a note when leave, though, I’m not a monster.

9. Estonia – This place is a tech paradise! Which means they have free wifi everywhere AND hologram hotels! They are free because they technically don’t take up any space and don’t cost anything to build. The future is CRAZY.

10. Athens – There are vacated buildings literally everywhere here, and they all have incredible views.  It’s a summertime bonanza.

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