Women, Fake Boobs and Donald Trumps Real Problem: Is He too Honest?

Give a voice to the voiceless!

Women, Fake Boos and Donald Trump Real Problem - Is He too Honest

DONALD TRUMP has a real problem: He’s too damn honest!

DONALD TRUMP never shies away from controversy. According to the latest count by the anti-Trump channel CNN, at least 8 women have come forward to claim sexual harassment or inappropriate touchings by Donald Trump dating back to at least a decade ago.

Donald Trump’s response: “Believe me, those women would not have been my first choices. Just look at them…” We did. We studied the steady stream of women against him. We looked at them quite closely – including the platinum blonde sobbing beside the all-sensational lawyer Gloria Allred.

Trump was right about them.

“There are a lot of things in common among those women: Fake boos, fake fat lips, bleached hair, liposuction, Kybella (chin treatment) and Botox… Yikes!”

It was odd! These cry babies came out in droves against Trump three weeks away from the presidential election. Perfect timing! The benefactor? Hillary Clinton of course.

No one had ever heard of any of these women before they gained notoriety overnight promoted by the anti-Trump media sensation. The media hated Trump’s defense. “How could this arrogant man call women bad looks?” says Anderson Cooper on CNN, almost shouting.


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Well, take a look at them. These are the gold diggers left standing alone at 4 am in a night club! Do we blame Trump for not wearing glasses? Donald Trump just told the truth. Too much truth!


America can’t handle the truth

But America can’t handle the truth. America again and again has elected leaders that give pep talks but low on substance or action. President Obama is a great example. So is Senator Elizabeth Warren. They great citizens: social workers who have never worked in the private sector. What about their understanding of the economy or job creation? Nothing. But they are great scholars and well-spoken parrots, just look at Senator Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. They are great dreamers ready to transform America into a socialist dreamland – with the money to pay for it. How about taxing the rich so much that they move to China, Hong Kong or even Russia?

Trump is too pro-economy. He is way too direct, too real, too straightforward and too honest! Voters like to be told lies: Things are great in America and the world is simply following our footsteps! Those coal mining jobs will come back sooner or later, right? Wrong. While our politicians bicker like a flame burning up in a schoolyard, the reality facing America is quite dark: Russia is about to take over the Middle East. China has just sent its astronauts into the space again. Even America’s long time ally the Philippines has openly challenged President Obama by calling him “the son of a bitch…”

Then Donald Trump burst onto the scene of presidential election and changed the rule of engagement for the establishment. Everyone has since played catch up – shaken. Can Trump win? Most likely not. The media is one-sided against him: From CNN to MSNBC, from the New York Times to Washington Post… Everyone in the media hates Donald Trump.


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“Since 85% of the American media is controlled by six groups and all six of them are against Trump, Trump is doomed in the court of public opinion.”

Yes, the American public is fed by stories told by six conglomerates and their billionaire owners: Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch… Their agenda? Defeat Donald Trump! Because Trump is is too damn honest!

America is ruled by political correctness

Some say Trump has virtually stopped trying to win this election by any conventional metric and is instead stacking logs of grievance on the funeral pyre with the great anticipation of setting it ablaze if current polls turn out to be predictive.

There is something calamitous in the air that surrounds Trump’s campaign, a hostile fatalism that bespeaks a man convinced that the end is near and aiming his anger at all within reach.

As Trump’s path to victory grows narrower, his desperation grows more pronounced. Trump also said of Clinton, “When she walked in front of me, believe me, I wasn’t impressed.”

Trump is too honest again!


Pay Attention: America Changed by Trump’s Pardon of Arpaio

His response to these charges has been surprisingly — and perhaps, revealingly — callow. He has mocked, whined, chided, bemoaned and belittled. It’s as if the man is on a mission to demonstrate to voters the staggering magnitude of his social vulgarity and emotional ineptitude. He has dispensed with all semblances of wanting to appear presidential and embraced what seems to be most natural to him: tell it like it is.

With Trump, you get a man who believes himself superior in every way: through the gift of fortune and the happenstance of chromosomes. He believes the rules simply don’t apply. Not rules that govern the sovereignty of another’s body, not rules that dictate decorousness.

Trump is fundamentally altering American politics — being honest with them, delivered in a brash, taking no prisoners approach. And America, particularly conservative America, just can’t handle the brutal truth told by a billionaire.

As Hillary gets ready to move into the White House, Trump will have plenty of time to speak the truth. How about starting a new party called “The Truth Party?” Trump will sure like that.

Give a voice to the voiceless!


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