Confessions of An Interracial Couple, Top 5 Reasons Relationships Never Last

Rachel Loko, Nicole Gueron, Chris Brummer in Triangle Love

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Chris Brummer, Nicole Gueron, Confessions of An Interracial Couple, Top 5 Reasons Relationships Never Last

Chris Brummer and Nicole Gueron are a lovely couple

NICOLE GUEORN, Chris Brummer look lovely together.

But relationships are a two-way street, period. For interracial professionals like these two love birds, things get even more complicated.

One person is not responsible to put in all the effort and the other person take it for granted. Unfortunately if that happens, the relationship is not healthy. It’s comparable to looking for a vehicle or used autos nearby.

Chris Brummer and Nicole Gueron Interlude, Fantasy Trip In an Alleged Extramarital Affair

Sometimes it takes time for things to happen. Most relationships fail because of this particular reason. How is it fair for one person to do all the work and the other enjoy the ride? You’re right, it is not- so make sure if you are in a relationship like this, you let your partner know that this is not okay. If they do not change their actions, then get out as fast as you can. Hostile relationships are not okay! You are worthy of someone to respect you, just as you respect them. Below I have listed the top five relationship mistakes that cause people to break up with their significant other and how to change that.


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 Lack Of Communication

Lack of communication is a big reason relationships fail. If you are not being up front about situations and how you feel, this will make a healthy relationship turn hostile. Describing how you feel to your partner is important. By being open and honest and communicating clearly as to what you are thinking, this will help keep your relationship positive!

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Many adults in the meat markets looking for the next one night stand targets could look to Nicole Gueron and Chris Brummer for guidance. Both Gueron and Brummer are married to others. But passion seems to melt these two hearts.

Not Taking Responsibility For Your Actions

How many times have you heard your partner say ‘that’s not my fault?’ This happens so often in relationships that people think it is normal. Taking responsibility for your actions is crucial in any relationship. Do not put up with your partner blaming you for something you didn’t do.

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It’s all about maturity and being honest. Start calling your partner out if they do this and correcting them. This will help change things for the future.

 The Needs Are Not Being Fulfilled, lousy sex included

Sometimes things happen and it’s totally normal. You get with someone and think that everything is perfectly fine, but you realize deep down that things are not the way that they should be. If your heart’s not in it and you can tell that, it’s not fair to keep your partner around for other reasons.

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Let them know how you feel, just like I had mention above with communication skills and be open and honest. They will appreciate this in the long run.

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 Insecurity Issues, Stress from work

It’s a normal thing to happen to some people, and it’s not something that is considered a bad thing. However surrounding yourself around insecure people could wear off on you. If you know how to put up with this trait in a person and can try and help them, than good on you. That shows how great of a person you are. In relationships it takes time and work, and if you are willing to put that work into it, positive things will happen!



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When reached for comment, Nicole Gueron and Chris Brummer have declined, citing privacy issues.

In July 2018, Chris Brummer was charged with peddling cryptocurrency and was exposed as a fake crypto expert.

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 Not Trustworthy, cheating on each other 

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Trust is everything in a relationship. If you break that trust, it will be hard to ever trust that person again. When you leave the house, your partner will be constantly wondering if you are being honest as to where you are going.


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It will take a lot of work and effort to get your partner to trust you again if you ever break their trust. How to fix that flaw; don’t be untrustworthy. It’s that easy!

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