White Supremacists Are Not Allowed on Dating Site

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White Supremacists Are Not Allowed on Dating Site


OKCupid is a free online dating site, founded in 2004.  It has had over 10 million members since inception and has approximately 1 million active members.  Its members use quizzes and multiple-choice questions, as well as other fun ways to communicate their likes and dislikes.  For some people, it’s about getting to know someone new and making a lifelong commitment, maybe even get married.  While for others, it’s a way to meet multiple people to shag. Whatever your preference, joining a site like this can be stimulating and finally fun.  And now, it’s a bit safer knowing you won’t accidentally saddle up with White Supremacists.  They are denied membership on the site.


The fact that you’ll meet weirdos on a free dating app is pretty much true for most people.  It’s important to have the know-how to weed out the possible maniacs.  Therefore, get your street smarts on!  Luckily, OKCupid has a no White Supremacists allowed on our love site policy.  They actually have many important rules, but this one is the best.  As far as everyone in the world understands, White Supremacist promote hate, not love… so who wants to breed hate on a dating site?  No one!  It makes sense that they are denied membership.

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White Supremacist leader Christopher Cantwell was recently featured in a Vice News documentary about the Charlottesville, Virginia violence and protests.  And on the OKCupid dating site!  Fortunately for the daters and people seekers, he was immediately and swiftly banned for life. A spokesperson for the dating app tweeted that they have no tolerance “for hate in a place where you’re looking for love.”  Hats-off to them for making the discovery.  The dating site’s support team also requested that if anyone on the site finds any other individuals involved in hate groups to please report it to the team. They have banned others from the site, but Cantwell is more prominent.  We love that OKCupid says haters not allowed!

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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