These Are The 5 Countries Known to Be Debt Free

These Are The 5 Countries Known to Be Debt Free


Almost every country in the world has a debt, regardless of their GDP.  But  most developed countries also have huge state debt! So this means that only a few countries are free of debt.   That means they don’t have to service loans of any kind.  Most of them are small countries.  State entities having debt is just the way things work, for virtually every country in the world.  But not these 5 countries!  So here are the 5 countries in the world that are debt free.  I’m jealous!

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This country is said to be like Las Vegas but without the availability of cocaine and steroids. But in fact, there are surveys that say that Macau is even bigger than Las Vegas in terms of its income.  According to the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU), Macau is the fastest growing country in the world.  And yes, having a bigger revenue stream than Sin City is no small feat.


The British Virgin Islands are widely known as, well, the British Virgin Islands. But this country is a non-British territory.  They set their own income standards even though it is only a small island. The British Virgin Islands are considered one of the most prosperous regions in the Caribbean Islands.  Now I think I have to go there more than I already did.


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This country also has a zero dollar debt. Beautiful expanses of hills and blue oceans form a beautiful landscape.  People who visit this country tend to really like snorkeling. So the number of islands in the country is around 300 and is located in the Pacific Ocean. The population is around 21,000 people.


Liechtenstein is a state with a government system in the form of a constitutional monarchy. The country with the capital of Vaduz is led by a prince! Its location is in the Alps in Southern Europe.  Liechtenstein is flanked by two major countries, Switzerland and Austria. For some people, Liechtenstein is a dream country because it has extraordinary natural beauty.  The local economy is strong in part because of its low unemployment rate, which is far lower than the world’s average.


Since 1984, Brunei has been declared an officially independent country. Most of the population is involved in the oil and gas industry.  Two percent of the land in Brunei Darussalam is dedicated to agriculture. It is directly adjacent to the South China Sea, which connects the Pacific and Indian Ocean.  90 percent of the country’s income is gas production!

So there you have it.  Small economies, unique locations and economic circumstances.  And no national debt whatsoever.  Sounds like a dream, right?  It’s just too bad that’s not how things work for the world’s giant economies.  I’d like to visit some debt free status as well.

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