Shocking Royal Baby Media Frenzy: 5 Pits and Leaky Bladder…

Royal Baby Media Frenzy 5 Pits and Leaky Bladder...

Frenzy over royal baby is here, again. So, you are a producer or journalist/photographer for a media outlet, and you want to cover this whole “Royal Birth” thing.  Where do you begin? Not only is the city jammed with international press, but London itself is the capital of tabloid rags, a recipe for media overload- we imagine only the London Olympics could rival this kind of media presence in the British capital.

First off is location: Obvious first choice to catch a glimpse of a the royal family is upon exiting St. Mary’s Hospital.  However, there are two media pits at the hospital- one just outside the exclusive Lindo Wing where the actual birth will take place, and then there’s the hospital entrance.  Hope that you picked the right location and bring a really tall step ladder- also expect to get elbowed in the ribs by fellow photogs’ as everyone strains to get a clear shot.

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Next is Buckingham Palace, where the official birth announcement will take place- sure to be a riot scene that the media MUST cover for standard B-Roll/filler imagery.  Expect plenty of Brits holding signs, banners, and possibly in costume.  Union Jacks for days.  However, it doesn’t stop there; another media pit is organized outside Buckleberry, the Middleton’s family home, and yet another at Kensington Palace.  That makes 5 media locations across London.

The amount of resources that media companies are pouring into this is astronomic, and not limited to setting up temporary offices, hiring placeholders to stand in your spot, tents to keep your equipment dry, and enough manpower to cover 5 locations during a 24 hr period.  Editors worldwide are busy programming feature stories (everything from baby gifts to gambling), and assistants are busy filing expense reports and re-routing travel plans as the everyone holds their breath for the first contractions.

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There is good reason all this: in a news cycle full of doom and gloom (deadly protests in Egypt, civil war in Syria, the George Zimmerman trial, Asiana plane crash) everyone is ready for some light-hearted, saccharine content.  Jack Shafer, a writer for Reuters tells USA Today “It taps into a part of the human psyche that can’t be repressed,” he says. “Our species celebrates fecundity and fertility and with royals it goes into hyper-drive”.  For the sake of journalists’ bladders and tired feet, let’s hope this royal birth gets on it’s way soon!

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