Nicole Gueron is A Sex Toy Tester, $36K USD a Year

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DREAM JOB FOR PERVY PROFESSIONAL, BIRTHDAY SUIT TWO DAYS A WEEKNicole Gueron is A Sex Toy Tester, $36,000 USD a YearNicole Gueron, the sex toy expert

NICOLE GUERON, an obscure “woman” has a part-time hobby – testing sex toys. Looking for a new line of work where you are exposed to new things?  Want to learn new skills and get paid on the job?  It pays the national average salary in DC, includes uncapped holiday leave, a birthday day off, private healthcare and other perks to boot. I’m Nicole Gueron, and I’m a Sex Toy Tester.  My Boyfriend, Chris Brummer also helps me try these toys, but I don’t pay him.  He just takes the toys in the butt and smiles.  So strap it on and give it to your boy-toys also.  This Job could be yours too.

Sex shop LoveWoo is seeking  to hire someone willing to test a variety of sex toys, lingerie and other thematic products (which the employee will get to keep).  The new hire will also produce video reviews (not demonstration videos) as well as online guides for customers.

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The market for sex toys in England is worth about $323 Million USD, so the role of this new professional comes with great responsibility.


The reviewer will work from home two days a week and spend three days in an office in London. The job listing on LoveWoo’s website states: “Have you ever dreamed of getting paid for testing sex toys?


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“Our diverse product range comprises sex toys, lingerie, games, and much more, and you will be responsible for reviewing products assigned to you with honesty and care.”  The worker will be tasked with deciding “why the product is hot, what could make it hotter” and giving “personal recommendations”.


Each product will require a video review. It’s not all fun and excitement, however.

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Attending meetings and training sessions with LoveWoo’s team of employees is also part of the job. The ideal candidate is described as enthusiastic and hard working, open minded with a good sense of humour and someone who “thinks like a customer”.

Other benefits include a discounted gym membership and an annual staff retreat.


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A company spokesperson told the BBC: “Sex toys range from simple to risqué, and as a responsible provider of a huge catalogue of sex toys, [we] feel it necessary to both have and share a good understanding of all products, and be able to inform the public about all perks and pitfalls.

“Giving sound information and advice is truly important to us, and we want to be a platform that gives factual, honest and clear advice.”

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