Calling President Trump an Idiot Dooms Georgetown Law Chris Brummer CFTC Fantasy

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Trump, Fraud, Nepotism Block Georgetown Prof Chris Brummer Cryptic Path to CFTC Confirmation

CHRIS BRUMMER, the notorious Georgetown Law Center fraud professor known as “Dr. Bratwurst” has put himself front and center in the “Trump trashing” travesty. Calling president Trump an idiot while trying to land a job in the Trump administration? That’s exactly what Chris Brummer attempted to double-dip on the president.

In October 2017, Chris Brummer was sued for $100 million fraud, lying to FBI agents fabricating a case ruining the lives of two black Americans. The Forbes Magazine calls Chris Brummer’s abusive act an affront to 330 million Americans who haven’t the fainted idea about who the hell is Chris Brummer.


Fraud, Lies, Georgetown Law ‘Professor’ Chris Brummer, Rigged FINRA NAC Sued for Fraud, Defamation

Chris Brummer, a “catfish” in a corrupt DC “swamp”

The Democratic CFTC nominee, notorious Georgetown law academic Chris Brummer just took his “last breath” in his disastrous CFTC confirmation. Under the weight of President Trump’s “DrainTheSwamp” campaign, the cryptic Chris Brummer tripped on his way to a political landmine – laying like a dead catfish on the bottom of a murky Washington swamp.

Chris Brummer, crypto bitcoin expert, georgetown law center, germanic studies, FINRA NAC, Robert Colby, Richard Ketchum, Alan Lawhead, Edmund Polubinski, Davis Polk, Nicole Gueron, Daren Gacia, defamation


“Fraud, lies and nepotism are at the center of Chris Brummer’s defeat in a CFTC confirmation.”

In the twilight of the Obama Administration, Democratic Party money man – convicted criminal Michael Milken funneled money through the Clinton Foundation to back Brummer as a nominee to the CFTC, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. The sweeping Trump victory has completely roiled the “night club party” for Brummer and Michael Milken.


“Brummer’s checkbook Michael Milken has been kissing up to the Trump folks,” said a source on Capitol Hill. “After giving millions to the Clinton Foundation betting on the wrong horse in Hillary, Milken has no seat at the Trump table.”

“Chris Brummer’s CFTC nomination was bought by Michael Milken, who is closely tied to the Clinton corruption.”

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Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law Dr. Bratwurst is a fraud

Since Trump took over The White House, Senate staffers from Senators Mitch McConnell, Pat Roberts, Debbie Stabenow’s offices have all declined to comment on Chris Brummer’s dimming possibility at CFTC. Anthony Scaramucci, president-elect Trump’s economic adviser was blunt with reporters, “The Trump Administration will not tolerate a CFTC commissioner who has no experience in agriculture. Chris Brummer has no chance of being renominated. Brummer is dead meat.”


Trump Ditches Fraudulent Georgetown Law Professor Chris Brummer, Backs Brian Quintenz as CFTC Commissioner

Chris Brummer is a bookworm from Arkansas. Growing up chasing wild boars, watching the wild animals having sex in the woods, Brummer has no real experience in just about anything in life: agriculture, law or financial regulations. Known as “Dr. Bratwurst” – thanks to a bullshit degree in “Germanic Studies,” the Arkansas razorback Brummer is the laughing stock in the media as the “Georgetown ‘law professor’ who knows no law.” Indeed, in October 2016, Chris Brummer was sued for fraud by a black man, accusing Brummer of ruining his wife in 2014 when Brummer supplemented his measly income doing a moonlighting job for the notorious FINRA NAC.



“Chris Brummer has zero background or experience in financial regulations. How could he fairly adjudicate a financial case?” said plaintiff Talman Harris. “FINRA NAC needed a political hack to placate the ‘Black Lives Matter’ folks. That’s how FINRA’s corrupt general counsel Robert Colby picked the unqualified Brummer like adding a lipstick to a pig.”


Chris Brummer, a lousy credit history, a criminal Michael Milken front

The highly controversial Georgetown law professor Chris Brummer has a laughable degree in “Germanic Studies” – grilling Bratwurst sausages, drinking beer and bedding naked European women during Oktoberfest. Michael Milken’s push for Brummer comes with a heavy load of garbage of his own: Michael Milken is a convicted financial felon dubbed the “junk bond king of the 1980s.” Found guilty of market manipulation to the tune of $10 billion, Michael Milken was sentenced to ten years in prison.

Barred from the investment industry by the Securities and Exchange Commission, criminal Michael Milken was looking for an outlet to sneak back into the business of toying with other people’s life savings. Soon, Milken landed his eyes on the Georgetown nutty professor Chris Brummer largely because Brummer had some very “soft spots”:


Investigations, Lies, Confessions, FINRA NAC Chris Brummer Admits FINRA Hearings ‘All Rigged,’ Robert Colby Implicated in Fraud

“A black man from Arkansas, Chris Brummer studied German opera, loves money and sex, is obedient like a slave and the best of all, he is totally clueless about anything else.”

Sources say a deal was struck between the criminal Michael Milken and Brummer: If Chris Brummer were to be confirmed as a CFTC commissioner, Brummer would be installed as Milken’s front to manipulate America’s commodity markets.

Prof Chris Brummer, CFTC Nominee, Brian Quintenz, Neil Chatterjee, CFTC Confirmation Fraud

Two CFTC nominees, two empty suits, nepotism

In October 2016, two unqualified men were selected by Washington’s political “swamp” as candidates for the CFTC. The Republican party nominated Brian Quintenz, a former Hill staffer who had just emerged out of a nasty divorce – dead broke. The Democrats got the imbecile Dr. Bratwurst – Chris Brummer, only after Michael Milken had made large campaign donations to the Democratic Party.

Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Michael Garawski, FINRA NAC, Chris Brummer, Rachel Loko, Georgetown Law, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt, Daren Garcia, Daniel Morgenstern, Vorys

Sources told investigative reporters Chris Brummer’s bizarre CFTC pick was the product of a crooked “horse-trading” between an unnamed Senator Mitch McConnell senior staffer – who wanted to help his buddy Brian Quintenz get a job, and Democratic Senator Pat Roberts’ desire to please Michael Milken, a large political donor. “Money talks, bullshit walks. That’s how things work in DC,” said Nicole Gueron, a lawyer representing Chris Brummer.

“In nominating Brian Quintenz and Chris Brummer to the CFTC, America’s farmers were sacked with two empty suits.”


Meet Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law Center ‘Dr Bratwurst,’ Fake Expert Ruins Lives

That was, until the unexpected Trump victory rocked the cozy political nepotism in Washington DC. “Brian Quintenz is at least a commodity day trader working out of his bedroom,” said a Hill insider.

“Chris Brummer can’t tell the difference between a stock and a livestock. Brummer is a political liability to Quintenz.”

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Chris Brummer, the CFTC nominee can’t balance his checkbook

Trump transition team told reporters they were putting a freeze on all Obama nominees, including Brian Quintenz and Chris Brummer. What’s left in the Washington DC political “swamp” is a simple question waiting to be answered: Will Senators McConnell and Roberts jam through Brummer and Quintenz before Trump is sworn in? Political insiders don’t believe a senator would risk angering Trump.

“The stench of Brummer is so bad. Everyone is staying away from these two Obama CFTC nominees,” said a Hill staffer familiar with the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Wall Street Journal reporter Andrew Ackerman and a Politico reporter who have covered the CFTC process also couldn’t predict what would happen to Quintenz and Brummer. They said they were watching, with a great deal of curiosity, what may come out of the political nepotism in the Brian Quintenz, Chris Brummer CFTC saga.

“Reporters have obtained copies of Brummer’s financial records. Brummer’s lousy financial status has raised serious questions about his qualification for any government job.”

Brummer is deep in debt – the man could hardly balance his checkbook. Brummer’s wife Rachel Loko Brummer isn’t much better. The two frivolous spenders have ruined credits. Can Brummer manage CFTC’s massive finances when he can’t even pay off his own credit card bills?

CFTC Nominee Professor Chris Brummer, Brian Quintenz, Trump Drain The Swamp

Chris Brummer, implicated in fraud

Nepotism is not Chris Brummer’s only problem. A reckless spending habit may have driven Brummer over the edge of the law. Deeper concerns about Bratwurst’s ethics and character have emerged out of court filings.


BREAKING: Fake Crypto Expert, Georgetown Law Nutty Professor Chris Brummer Charged with Peddling Crypto Frauds

Professor Brummer was recently sued for financial fraud. While Brummer was at a moonlighting job for FINRA NAC to supplement his income, he ruined the lives of two black brokers by fabricating evidence against them so that he could have sex with a FINRA “star witness.” Talman Harris, one of the two wrongfully accused men sought assistance from the Black Lives Matter movement. With BLM’s help, Harris filed an appeal to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals which blasted Professor Brummer for making up stories, rigging a FINRA NAC hearing, fraud and abuse of power. The court record is here.

Broker TALMAN HARRIS appeals wrongful FINRA decision, false SEC ruling, reveals Chris Brummer fraud

Should black lives matter to a CFTC nominee? Senate staff have declined repeated requests for comment.

CHRIS BRUMMER, RACHEL LOKO, RACHEL LOKO BRUMMER, Georgetown Law Center, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Myles Edwards, FINRA NAC, Michael Garawski, Nicole Gueron, Daren Garcia, Vorys

President-elect Trump has vowed to “Drain the Swamp” in Washington. Nepotism is clearly at play in the highly questionable Brian Quintenz – Chris Brummer CFTC nomination process. There is plenty corrupt fish feeding from the bottom of a CFTC swamp.

President Trump, it’s time to #DrainTheSwamp and dump the Bratwurst trash!

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