Killer Clown Arrested After Twenty-Seven Years of Terror

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Killer Clown Arrested After Twenty-Seven Years of Terror


Twenty-seven years ago, a shooter, dressed up in a clown costume and a red clown wig, carrying balloons and flowers, rang the doorbell to Marlene Warren’s home in Florida.  Marlene opened the door and was shot in the head by the killer clown.  Her son, Joe Ahrens, 21 years old at the time, ran to the door when he heard the shot and saw the aggressor leave in a vehicle without license plates. His mom died two days later.


Sheila Keen-Warren, 54, was arrested in Virginia without incident. Detectives on the case indicate that they believe her husband subsequently wed the killer clown, leading police to believe Keen-Warren was the killer.  Court records show that there was a fugitive warrant for her arrest. She waived an extradition hearing and is being brought back to Florida to respond to a grand jury indictment charging her with first-degree murder.  She has no attorney at this time according to court documents.

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Marlene’s mother said she never thought that the killer would be arrested and charged.  She is finding it difficult as past feelings are coming up. Despite the arrest and charges, she would prefer to have her daughter back.


Keen-Warren was working with Marlene’s husband at a vehicle rental agency at the time.  Investigators said that they were having an affair and later married in 2002. In the past few years, they had been running a popular restaurant, called the Purple Cow, in Tennessee. They sold it last year.


Detectives on the case always suspected Marlene’s husband and Keen-Warren, however they never had enough evidence.  They reopened the case after learning of their marriage.  Luckily, DNA testing had become more advanced and they were able to test fibers and hair strands found in the vehicle the killer they believed had used.

Officials are glad that they were able to find and arrest the killer despite it being a 27-year cold case.

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