CafeCoin’s Intuitive Mobile App and User Interface

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CafeCoin’s Intuitive Mobile App and User Interface


One of the biggest reasons why cryptocurrency isn’t as widespread as it could be, is it takes a certain amount of technical knowhow to properly make use of most cryptocoins. Cryptocurrency makes use of complex, cryptographically secured technology in order to protect its network, and navigating around that takes some getting used to. When people use mobile payments on a mobile app, they want it to be intuitive, quick and easy—a user interface that’s instantly usable at first glance. Once the transaction is settled, they would be able to leave and go about their business. Most of today’s cryptocoins don’t have that ability.

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This is one of the things CafeCoin offers its customers—an intuitive, custom-made, mobile application that CafeCoin users will use to purchase their wares that is able to settle transactions in a few seconds at the longest. Most cryptocurrencies available on the market today will take many hours for transaction validation, and the processing fees are quite expensive too. This gives users very limited utility as a commercial mobile payment method. CafeCoin might very well be the first cryptocurrency that is able to give its users quick transaction settlement, which is only one of the many benefits it offers.


CafeCoin’s accompanying mobile application will contain all of the cryptographically complex technology that most cryptocoins offer their users, and it wraps it up in an easy-to-use software. The app encompasses wallet creation, transactions and liquidity statistics, and others. This application will be what consumers use to initiate transactions with merchants, and it will also be utilized by any two users exchanging CafeCoin. The consumer-facing mobile application is planned to be especially intuitive, so it can be marketed to the potential users no matter what their level of technical skill when it comes to cryptocurrency. The app is modeled to be as easy to use as other traditional mobile payment applications like PayPal and Venmo.


How Does CafeCoin Intend to Incentivize Users to Mine?

The primary abilities of the mobile application include holding and transferring CafeCoin from one account to another. The application will basically be your cryptocurrency wallet, albeit one that is only able to hold CafeCoin. Users will also be given retail discounts and be privy to an incentivized reward program due to the application’s ability to store transactional history. This history can be shared to merchants, which they then use to glean market information and spending trends, and merchants may also offer specific rewards to those users who are willing to share this information.

Users will also have the ability to see their own savings from leveraging CafeCoin. More specifically, these savings will be generated based on the value of discounts and promotions, as well as other savings they were able to gain because of the application’s information-sharing mechanism. Participating brick-and-mortar stores are also expected to already offer savings to people who purchase their products and services through CafeCoin, even if these consumers did not share any transaction history with them.

The CafeCoin intuitive mobile app will also be connected with third-party liquidity providers. These entities will be utilized by both merchants and users to convert CafeCoin into traditional fiat currency if need be. Consumers will also be able to migrate data from their mobile wallets, online banking applications, and traditional payment platforms to CafeCoin. On the merchant’s side, their accompanying software will also be able to integrate to their already existing point-of-sales system, or they can also opt to use the CafeCoin application as their new point of sales solution instead. Because the majority of the easy-to-use features were made specifically for consumers in mind, The Foundation will target the development of the mobile application first. The robust desktop and web applications will then follow.

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These applications will be made available on iOS, Android, as well as any other mobile or desktop web platforms. What’s more, the CafeCoin app will have a plugin functionality, which will enable simple integration with Alipay, WeChat Pay, or Square. This will further facilitate the adoption of transactions in CafeCoin. For example, when it comes to merchants making use of a point of sales application on the Square platform, which is a very popular point of sales solution, the CafeCoin application could identify a completed cash sale to Square, which will avoid any credit or debit card payment processing fees.

It will still retain the benefit of using the inventory management software, which is a valuable feature for many businesses who already use Square or similar payment processing and inventory management software. The software interaction between merchants, consumers, and the API that facilitates interconnectivity with existing CRM and inventory management systems is proposed to be incorporated within CafeCoin’s software.


A lot of people would usually underestimate just how important the user interface is when it comes to an application’s ease of use. Although CafeCoin’s mobile app has features that make it easy for anybody to use, it would mostly be useless if the GUI were confusing and hard to navigate. Whenever somebody opens up the CafeCoin mobile application, one of the main features displayed would be the current balance and the fiat currency conversion rates. The current balance would show just how much CafeCoin a user has in their wallet, and the fiat currency conversion rate would be a self-updating display of the current market value of CafeCoin.


CafeCoin’s Efficient Ecosystem and Blockchain Architecture Make for the Best Cryptocurrency

The main feature would, however, be the buy-and-sell button. As the name suggests, this button is the one that triggers an exchange between two users of CafeCoin. The seller in the exchange has the option to either manually input costs and description of the goods to be sold, or the CafeCoin app will determine the amount through its integration with the point of sales system. Afterwards, it will generate a QR code which encodes all the details of the sale, and a public key for the digital wallet of the merchant.

The buyer would then be able to scan the generated QR code, and the CafeCoin application will reflect the proposed transaction on screen. The buyer can then confirm the transaction from the privacy of their own phone or reject the transaction. The Foundation assures its customers that no CafeCoin will be exchanged until the buyer has agreed to settle the transaction. One the price is agreed upon, the transaction will then be created and sent for validation on the CafeCoin custom blockchain. A confirmation screen will then appear after the app has finished the transaction between buyer and seller, and this will also serve as visual feedback for both parties confirming the completion of the transaction.

The last two features will be regarding transactional history. The first is where users will be able to peruse the information regarding all their past transactions regarding particular merchants. The second feature is the ability to share the past purchase information. Unlike most social media platforms and large tech conglomerates, CafeCoin will ensure users that they have complete control over the sharing of said information. It should also be noted that the data merchants receive will only be about transactions in which they were part of. This will still provide information regarding customer spending trends, and other valuable information, while at the same time merchants are assured information regarding their transactions with users will not be shared to other businesses.

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