CafeCoin: Consumer and Merchant Benefits in the Blockchain Architecture

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CafeCoin: Consumer and Merchant Benefits in the Blockchain Architecture


No matter what you do, customers will always stay with something only if they find it worthwhile. If there aren’t enough things to make users stay, no matter how loyal a customer a person is, those people will immediately stop using that product or service. This goes for all businesses and merchants, and it certainly rings true when it comes to cryptocurrency. That’s why simply recycling the features of other cryptocurrencies, or basically not offering anything new to people would definitely be unwise. This is where a lot of groups stumbled when they tried to launch a new cryptocoin.  So what consumer and merchant benefits does CafeCoin’s new blockchain architecture offer?

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There are multiple parts of CafeCoin that offer benefits to its future users. However, the ones we will be discussing will mostly come from the proposed blockchain architecture, as well as the targeted merchant and consumer benefits. The Foundation specifically designed their technology to confer multiple benefits to their users, whether they be merchants or consumers, and almost every process or feature was made to increase the usefulness of CafeCoin. This is because the larger the adoption rating for CafeCoin, the more benefits users are able to receive from being an adopter.


As mentioned before, there are multiple utility benefits users will get out of using CafeCoin. Because of The Foundation’s proposed blockchain architecture, these features will be enjoyed by future CafeCoin users.


CafeCoin’s Retail Partners and Initial Issuance Policy

Decentralized control – Just like other cryptocurrency, CafeCoin is a decentralized ledger, meaning it doesn’t rely on third-party officials to validate and oversee transactions. Those companies have no power over CafeCoin, and instead, transactions are validated by other users of the network. Mobile payment has been garnering a lot of positive attention lately, which is leading to their growing popularity, especially in the younger generation. Those who have no access will now have the ability to transact with mobile payments due to CafeCoin.

Almost instantaneous transactions – One of the main reasons why cryptocurrency has yet to achieve significantly widespread adoption is because transactions can sometimes take many hours before they are validated. With CafeCoin, users will be assured that each transaction will take a couple of seconds at the most.

Sharing ability – Consumers will have a recording of all their past transactions on the CafeCoin mobile app, and this data can be shared to merchants. Merchants will also have the ability to offer discounts and promotions for this data, which they can use to bolster their marketing campaigns. CafeCoin assures the consumers that because of multi-level, permission-based security, users will have complete control over who they share the information with.

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Strong security – CafeCoin utilizes the most complex cryptographic methods to secure transactions made on its network. The Foundation made sure to make use of experts during the planning stage of CafeCoin, and they also plan to leverage more of their expertise in the future. All the measures applied to CafeCoin will only serve to increase the strength of its security, virtually eliminating the possibility of malicious parties being able to access information on the system.

Low transaction fees – Another reason for cryptocurrency’s stagnation in public adoption is the high transaction costs that come with most cryptocurrencies. However, once the building of the custom blockchain is finished, the variable cost for transactions will be noticeably lowered to the point that it would be virtually nothing. This will strongly incentivize both users and merchants to make use of the CafeCoin application to do transactions with, as it will also be a more private and secure alternative to other, more mainstream methods of mobile payment.


It is proposed that the first adopters of CafeCoin will be the Café industry for their high margin business model, and large return customer pool. The Foundation has specifically made it so that merchants are highly incentivized to not only adopt CafeCoin, but to keep using it as their point of sales solution.


CafeCoin’s Technology Development Roadmap and Blockchain Design

Avoid credit card payment processing fees – For many merchants, this is one of the main detractors of using mobile payments they cannot avoid. The vast majority of credit card companies generally charge merchants 1.5% to 2.5% in transaction fees. This might not seem like a large number, but to those who have tried paying for these kinds of fees, they are still losing money that could have been added to overall profit. With CafeCoin, the average payment processing costs will be significantly diminished, and this will be especially felt in retail sectors with higher per-unit prices.

Tailored consumer marketing at point of sale – Merchants will be able to create marketing messages and price discounts that will increase demand for their business. This will be triggered at the point of sale when the merchant and consumer make use of the CafeCoin mobile app to exchange information with each other.

Instant settlement of payment – Business owners will be able to enjoy almost instantaneous processing of their customers’ CafeCoin payment. They will no longer be left to wait an unspecified amount of time to receive the payment from third-party payment processors.

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Easy conversion to fiat money – Users will be given immediate access to coin distribution platforms, where merchants will be able to freely convert their available CafeCoin.

User adoption drives traditional business expansion – Consumers will be able to purchase or reload their CafeCoin at any merchant who has adopted CafeCoin into their points of sales. This will enable greater adoption by traditional businesses across the globe.

Fractional transaction – Merchants will be given the ability to accept, as well as exchange CafeCoin at fractional units, which increases the utility of CafeCoin.


Merchants will not be the only ones enjoying the benefits CafeCoin provides. There are also multiple features that are aimed at the consumers.

Immediate savings – The Foundation expects that products and services sold through CafeCoin transactions will have significant price discounts at participating merchants. The discounts that are available will be particularly high among strategic CafeCoin retail partners in the café industry.


How Does CafeCoin Intend to Fight Volatility?

Loyalty rewards – Consumers will get the benefit of marketing and promotions that are targeted at them. These will cater to their preferences and spending habits, which is information made available to the merchant via the aforementioned transactional history data sharing.

Strong transactional ecosystem – The Foundation anticipates that CafeCoin’s ecosystem will boost liquidity and value creation. Café customers will demand CafeCoin’s substantial savings, the retailers will then benefit from increased sales, and other market participants will also enhance liquidity.

Easily fiat money conversion – Similar to merchants, consumers will be easily able to convert CafeCoin to traditional currency, or even other cryptocurrency on coin exchanges, or other liquidity platforms.

Secure transactions – Consumers will make use of their own personal mobile devices to transact using the CafeCoin mobile application. Unlike with credit or debit card payments, they will not be divulging sensitive information to unknown people, which basically eliminates one of the traditional sources for identity theft.

Fractional transactions enhance utility – Consumers will have the ability to purchase, spend, and exchange CafeCoin at fractional units, further boosting its functional utility.

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