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Fancy Alexandersson and her team from It's Fancy Events headed to Park City, Utah, for the Sundance Film Festival and shares some of their favorite moments. (It's Fancy Events photo)
Fancy Alexandersson and her team from It’s Fancy Events headed to Park City, Utah, for the Sundance Film Festival and now shares some of their favorite moments. (It’s Fancy Events photo)

Who said you’ll find glamour only where there is sun? From Jan. 22 through Feb. 1, Los Angeles’ elite replaced the beach and sun with mountains, snow and ski to attend the 31st Sundance Film Festival. Sundance is not only the coolest but also the largest independent film festival in America, featuring new movies from American and international independent moviemakers. The initiative of the festival belongs to the great actor Robert Redford since 1981, and Sundance is about film screenings, gifting suites, exclusive parties, prestigious pop-up nightclubs, and, obviously, the presence of huge celebrities is the cherry on top!

Sundance is held annually in the popular world-class ski resort town of Park City, Utah, which is a stunning place featuring fascinating ski slopes, many fun winter activities, luxury hotels and lodging and more than 100 restaurants. There are huge, cozy mansions with amazing views of the mountains, giving an experience of  a breathtaking adventure.
Fancy Alexandersson and her fancylicous It’s Fancy Events team of elegant models attended several Sundance Film Festival events and share some of their favorite moments. 
Our Sundance adventure started with me and my It’s Fancy Events team getting styled by the celebrity hair stylist Ramses III in his Beverly Hills-based salon. Ramses has styled celebrities such as Mickey Rourke, Kirsten Dunst and Paula Abdul and has created hairstyles for Valentino, Chanel, Gucci, Vogue, W Magazine, InStyle and much more. He spoiled us with his flirtatious energy and gave us sexy Hollywood glam curls.
When we were all pampered up, we all got dressed by Cottoniere, a sophisticated boutique that respects animal rights but still offers an exclusive experience to the refined women. The furs we wore were so stylish and luxurious and soft and delicate as a feather. Dress in Cottoniere, and you will manage to look chic but still stay absolutely warm. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Cottoniere is a charming store from Peru and was inspired by women who are allergic to polyester, synthetic fabrics and resistant to itchy wools. Check it out for beautiful Alpaca products, exceptionally soft Pima cotton clothing and Peruvian gifts and accessories for all ages. (Ask for the “Fancy Discount” to get even better prices!)
In time for takeoff, my fancylicious entourage and I hopped on a private jet and started the party weekend up in the air. Every special trip and experience should be celebrated with a good toast of champagne, so that’s what we did, and with good beats (and some goofy dance moves), we were all set for what was to come Sundance.
(It's Fancy Events photo)
(It’s Fancy Events photo)
Back on the ground, The Collective welcomed us with amazing gift bags featuring multiple products from Bliss (my favorite skincare brand!) at our humongous cozy accommodations at The Lodges at Deer Valley, which it had arranged for us. The Collective is a network organization whose mission each year is to gather entrepreneurs, influencers and artists who all have the same goal: to help social-impact movies make a larger impact in society.
The Fancy models looked gorgeous, and I couldn’t be more proud of our team. When we arrived at Sundance, we got so much attention walking down Main Street, the strip where everything is happening at the festival), at restaurants, events and nightclubs. The same thing happened to us at the Nikki Beach Sundance Luxury Lounge, where people literally stopped eating to come up and take pictures with us. The whole team had so much fun, and that’s what we are all about, creating attention around us and the brands we work with.
(It's Fancy Events photo)
(It’s Fancy Events photo)
During the amazing weekend, we attended all kinds of events, parties, gifting suites and even squeezed in some skiing because when it’s not about movies, Park City is about skiing!

Some of our favorite places from Sundance:

TAO Nightclub was the most popular pop-up nightclub where we ended up at every night, and it’s been the favorite party place for Sundance Festival’s guests for years. The club was filled with celebrities and VIPs such as Margot Robbie, Adrian Grenier, Johnny Knoxville and Kellan Lutz. I can never say this too much, but the best way to entertain guests at any kind of event is a photo booth, so check our Instagram for some of our favorite pictures.

On Monday evening, we attended the ICM Partners party at the exclusive venue in the luxurious St Regis Deer Valley hotel. I met so many interesting people here, and had a fun time with all my new friends.

Jason Alexander of 'Seinfeld' poses with Fancy Alexandersson. (It's Fancy Events photo)
Jason Alexander of ‘Seinfeld’ poses with Fancy Alexandersson. (It’s Fancy Events photo)

Park City is also very well known for its many great restaurants, and we had amazing sushi at Yuki Yama, which has a contemporary mix of Korean and Japanese cuisine. Extremely delicious!

One evening, we dined at the Stein Eriksen Lodge, which hosts a beautiful restaurant with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that’s also known for its impeccable service. The menu is very sophisticated with a complexed mixture of elegant and tasty foods. To my great surprise, Swedish meatballs were on the menu, and they were delicious!
(It's Fancy Events photo)
(It’s Fancy Events photo)

Sundance Film Festival is all about running around on Main Street hopping between different events. While that is extremely fun, it takes a lot of your energy (as does all the skiing during the days), so at some point you’re going to need a little break, and the best place for that is the Spa Montage Deer Valley. I was invited to experience the spa in the 5-star hotel and had a great massage by incredibly professional masseuse, Christine. It was so good, I didn’t want it to stop!

Finally, the last party we attended before taking off to prepare for Super Bowl weekend was the Geena Davis Institute’s Charity Poker Tournament. The event was extremely exclusive, and the crowd was amazing, featuring celebrity participants, food and cocktails, an auction and live entertainment.
(It's Fancy Events photo)
(It’s Fancy Events photo)
Actress Geena Davis with Fancy. (It's Fancy Events photo)
Actress Geena Davis with Fancy. (It’s Fancy Events photo)

The It’s Fancy Events girls and I had so much fun at Sundance, and it was a real pleasure to be in one of the world’s most elite environments. The best part was that our team got so much attention at all the events, which is the maximum satisfaction you can get when you work with PR and events.   

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