The Seven Best Benefits of Yoga for Men

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The Seven Best Benefits of Yoga for Men


Generally, yoga classes are available at various sports centers, usually taken by women. But this may surprise you: yoga is not a women’s only sport! Yoga for men also has the same amazing health benefits.  Yoga routines can sharpen your mental focus and flush toxins out of your body. But while yoga can also increase the flexibility of your body which is great for sports, it also improves performance in bed.  Got your attention yet, guys?  So here are seven of the best benefits yoga provides for men.

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You might think that range of motion is the same thing as flexibility, but they’re slightly different. Men have many hard muscle groups, such as hamstrings (thigh muscles), glutes (hips and buttocks), abdomen and shoulders. Most don’t realize that these muscle groups range of motion is limited, even with training.
When we only do exercises like weightlifting or bench press, these repetitive and monotonous movements focus only on certain muscle groups.  But over time these repetitive exercises can also limit their range of motion.
Yet yoga classes for men can emphasize movements that can greatly increase these muscle groups range of motion (and others!).   This allow greater overall flexibility which helps you move and feel better, especially as improve with every new yoga workout session.  So when you do go do bench presses, you’ll have better posture as well as power and strength.


You may feel that your breathing is just fine.  But when you first do yoga, you’ll be shocked to discover that breathing properly while you hold and switch between various positions is really challenging.  The breath is the exercise.  The exercise is the breath.  When that’s new, it’s really hard to do at first.  What’s more as your yoga work intensifies, these positions will actually “force” you to slow your breathing rather than speed it up.  That seems backward, but it’s true.  Seven breaths will do more than 15 used to.


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But this breathing technique will teach you to take a long, slow breath when you really need it.   This training will also expand your lung capacity.  You’ll be able to take shorter breaths and get as much, or even more, oxygen for every breath.  Efficient breathing helps everything.  That’s how you work out to be the best you can be.


Yoga involves many unique poses in addition to the widely known like downward dog, plank, other variations of lateral movements, twisting, spinal-arch, as well as many other balance exercises.  And you better believe these aren’t exercises you can just do in a weight lifting class.
But doing these poses to varying degrees and in different combinations will help you develop muscles mass in a totally different way than weight training.  You’ll be more balanced and your joint support will be much better as well in comparison.  You’ll get stronger, that’s for sure, but you will also build up weak joints that you don’t even know about.  That helps to prevent injuries, doing exercise or just walking down a flight of stairs.  So in other words, men doing yoga covers a lot of bases you never even feel in simple, isolated weight training.  Cross training is the best.


If you are a gym rat, you will understand that there are certain days where you should rest.  You should still be active, for sure, but no power training.
That makes yoga the perfect option on the “off” weight training days.  You get that activity in but allow your body to recover from the wright training.  But you also maximize the benefits that cross training with yoga bring.  Just think of anything you just read above!


But even more than yoga’s real benefits in improving balance and joint strength, it also lets you know what’s really going on with your body.  All of your body.  Yoga is also great at reducing stress.  Compared to pounding on a punching bag (which is still great!), yoga helps you be more calm overall.  The combination of meditation, breathing exercises and physical relaxation techniques are truly effective at reducing stress.  Seven perfect breaths and a clear mind is a less stressed mind.
Yoga practitioners tend to find that they change their lifestyle and diets almost by instinct after some time.  It’s hard to do real yoga and then go out and betray your body by smoking or drinking too much.  Yoga makes you very connected to your body, in a good way.  While doing yoga, you can be better focused and find a stable peace of mind.  It’s hard to have a panic attack when you practice yoga regularly.  It helps focus the mind to help you deal with anything with more clarity and confidence.  In other words, yoga helps increase your productivity, your personal insight and creativity.  That almost inevitably means less stress.
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THE BEST WAY BUILD MUYoga uses your own body weight and mass to build muscle mass and strength.  Here’s a great comparison.  Say you need to bench press 200 lbs to achieve those perfect pecs.  Yoga allows you to get even better results with combinations of pushups, squats and several other modified yoga poses.  Where you can max out with the return just doing a bench press, you always get stronger doing yoga.  Since yoga expands your range of motion, it also impacts vastly more of your muscle fibers.  That means when you work out a muscle doing yoga, you work out all of that muscle.  That means yoga gives you deeper hypertrophied processes.
And what does that mean?  Hypertrophy is the process by which muscles develop due to enlarged muscle cells.  That means you are creating bigger muscles at the cellular level.    So if you are a weight trainer, adding yoga to your practice means that you can target muscle masses that you miss in your regular weight training.  You get all of it with yoga.  Bigger, better, faster.  Seven minutes of yoga does more than seven minutes of weight training, every time.


Harmony is a big part of yoga.  That’s why breath work is a part of every exercise and pose.  This helps you build your body more efficiently.  But it also greatly helps reduce the risk of injury.  You can often push too far and hurt yourself while doing weight training.  While you can also do that with yoga, it’s less likely.  Why?  Yoga helps you build a better awareness of where your body is and how it feels.  You are more connected.
Yoga helps you push to where you want to be.  But it helps tell you where you are first, which is key.  Does weight training alone do that?  Take another look at these seven yoga benefits.  They’re for real!

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