Why Do New Yorkers Trash Talk Folks from San Francisco as Losers

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Overheard in New York: People Talking about San Francisco


I moved to New York last summer from San Francisco, but it seems I can’t get away from the endless chatter about Google buses, tech start-ups, or how much the hills suck. MAKE IT STOP.

All I want to do is talk about which trains you took to get here, or how much you pay in Bushwick in comparison to me in Harlem, but all I find, continuously, throughout New York, is chitter-chatter about San Francisco. I thought I was unique, moving across the country and all, but it seems there are way more of me than I thought. Here are some things I have overheard recently in a conversation between two people in a hipster coffee shop who just found out that they both used to live in SF:

1. “I never sit next to people coding anymore. There aren’t any!”

2. “Tech companies are just, like, starved for talent, so they will pay a lot and so I just take a really long time to complete projects. They just keep paying me like, a lot, of money.”

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3. “I pay like $2,500 for my studio here, but that’s about what I paid in San Jose. My apartment here is just way nicer.”

4. “I moved here because I really like cities, and since I can work remotely from anywhere, I just decided to move.”

5. “I used to take the bus to and from work every day, the Google bus, but now I just take the subway, which is ok.”

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6. “I don’t meet a lot of engineers here, so it’s really nice to talk to you.”

7. “You just can’t find tacos here like they make them in the Mission. Valencia street had the BEST Mexican food.”

8. “I wish restaurants here had more gluten-free options.”

9. “They won’t even let me bring my dog to the office. What is that?!”

10. “It is sunnier here, though.”

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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