I Do Not Want to Talk to You! Just Cuz Fool! Leave Me Alone!

I Do Not Want to Talk to You! Just Cuz Fool! Leave Me Alone!


Men who start talking to a woman just because that woman is in a public place make me lose my mind.

I was waiting for the jeweler to be done cleaning my ring and changing the battery on my watch, so I was reading a book. Literally in a corner, reading a book. But this older guy, another customer of the jeweler’s was there too, and I guess he thought that because I am a non-threatening person, a woman, and he is a threatening person, a man, that he could just start talking and I would have to respond. Here is the conversation we had:

What he said: “You’re reading a book.”

What I should have said: “Yeah, no shit.”

What I did say: “Yep.”

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What he said: “Not many people read books these days.”

What I should have said: “Please stop talking to me, I am reading, thank you.”

What I did say: “Yeah, they don’t really.”

What he said: “You want to be unique, reading a real book, huh.”

What I should have said: “Fuck you, I’m just trying to read in peace.”
What I did say: “I just like reading real books.”

What he said: “Let me guess. You’re a teacher.”

What I should have said: “It’s really none of your business, stop talking to me please.”
What I did say: “Nope.”

What he said: “Ok, let me guess again.”

What I should have said: “I am not playing, this is not a game I will play.”
What I did say: *looks down and quietly tries to keep reading*


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What he said: “Well, you’re not a business woman, you don’t look like a business woman.”

What I should have said: “Well, you don’t look like a fucking creeper, but you are, so I guess you can’t really tell what someone is based on how they look, just cuz.”
What I did say: *silently tries to ignore comments about my looks, body and clothes*

What he said: “Ok, just tell me, what do you do?”

What I should have said: “It’s actually not any of your business, I don’t think I want you having any information about me, and by the way, fuck you, leave me alone, I’m trying to read.”
What I did say: “I produce theatre.”

What he said: “Oh, wow, I would never have guessed that. Like on Broadway?”

What I should have said: “Bye.”
What I did say: “Ok, got to go, have a nice day.” Just Cuz…

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