Learning on Vacation is Fundamental For Everyone

Give a voice to the voiceless!

Learning on Vacation is Fundamental For Everyone


Learning is fundamental.  I’m being totally serious, and kids should DEFINITELY learn things when they go on trips with the family.   There are lots of ways to never learn anything. You can stay home all the time. You can remain incurious. Or you can decide to not read books, not watch movies, not learn about anything outside your experience. But that would be awful! Life is about all you can learn, and even on vacation, the goal should be to widen your understanding of the world around you. Here are some ways to connect with the places you visit.

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Make a point to experience some local arts and crafts. Doing a local craft connects you to local culture in a fun and interesting way. You can discover new materials, traditions and techniques just by being open to doing something new.

Take a local cooking class and visit a local market. There is no quicker way to the center of a culture than through its food. Eating like the locals, and discovering how to cook new foods, teaches you about the people and allows you to bring that learning home for years to come.


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Go see some local music or dance. There is different music and movement all over the world, and there is nothing like being a part of a performance in a new country. So if there are performances happening where you are vacationing, I strongly urge you to go!

Stay in a real neighborhood. Live like a local and stay in a local neighborhood. There is no point in staying near an airport or right in the downtown area where you won’t get nearly as much culture.

So pick a small local apartment to stay in as well. But there’s no way to learn about the place you’re visiting if you’re staying in the same hotels you stay in at home. So stay somewhere new! And learn some new things while you’re at it.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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