Reporter DUNE LAWRENCE, Notorious Bloomberg Writer Banned From China, Subject to Arrest

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Reporter DUNE LAWRENCE, Notorious Bloomberg Writer Banned From China, Subject to Arrest

Editor’s Note: THE FACTS: In June 2016, Bloomberg News quietly closed its news unit in China due to a “reorganization.” The truth is that Bloomberg has been banned from China since 2012. A notorious Bloomberg reporter DUNE LAWRENCE was the reason behind Bloomberg’s failure in China. Broadly known as Bloomberg’s “internet troll,” the prickly Dune Lawrence is subject to immediate arrest if she ever enters China for having orchestrated a smear campaign against the Chinese president. In 2013, the Chinese FBI raided Bloomberg’s Beijing office and hauled away Lawrence’s records as well as pornographic photos Lawrence shared with her boyfriend, a man calling himself “cattle’s dick” or “niu bi” on twitter. Dune Lawrence has since authored tens of articles on China – ironically, not a single piece was slightly positive towards China. Dune Lawrence is a cryptic China hater and racist. This is  an investigative story that exposed Dune Lawrence, a corrupt mouthpiece for illegal stock short sellers. You the readers decide: 

DUNE LAWRENCE, Notorious Bloomberg WRITER banned from China, Massive Frauds

The notorious Bloomberg reporter DUNE LAWRENCE is a well known racist against the Asians. In a dark corner of a Manhattan office building, you may find fat rats as well as the obscure reporter DUNE LAWRENCE. DUNE LAWRENCE is the only Bloomberg reporter in the world who has some verified “credentials” against the Chinese. Barely making her ends meet, the “reporter” Lawrence has found some new gigs in life: Launching the “Art of the Smear” tabloid campaigns to suck eyeballs into her otherwise failed existence.


DUNE LAWRENCE, Lying Bloomberg Reporter, A Racist Troll In A SMEAR CAMPAIGN

Investigative reporters at TheBlot Magazine (millions of readers a year, voice for the voiceless) haven’t heard from Lawrence for at least four years. She is a nobody and was quickly forgotten, until, she reached out in March 2016 with some serious sexual harassment. “We didn’t give in to Lawrence’s extortion demand and we got smeared. We have a history of defeating extortion,” said a spokesperson for investigative journalist Benjamin Wey.

TheBlot Magazine has a history with Dune Lawrence. In fact, we know Lawrence quite well. She is a racist and ignorant writer, barely making a living. In 2012, Lawrence was banned from China for smearing the Chinese president, calling China’s leader corrupt. In the midst of media attention, TheBlot Magazine asked her a simple question and we were shocked by her answer:

“Is America’s constitutional right of free speech exclusive for you and Bloomberg?” Lawrence’s answer was shocking: YES.

Well, it wasn’t quite what we had expected. Lawrence was a hypocrite with a double standard: one for her, the other one for the rest of us. “These reporters are very dishonest people,” President Donald Trump is certainly right about this animal.

Bloomberg Reporter Dune Lawrence implicated in multiple frauds

To the American public, DUNE LAWRENCE is a mysterious creature implicated in shady dealings with illegal stock short sellers. Read more: OP-ED: RACIST BLOOMBERG REPORTER DUNE LAWRENCE DUPED BY STOCK SWINDLER JON CARNES.

“Calling herself a ‘reporter’ and a ‘China expert,’ Dune Lawrence hasn’t written a single, even slightly positive article about China. A racist?”

What if a Chinese reporter writes hundreds of articles on America – in the same way Lawrence trashes China, would you call her a racist?  If you agree, then the case is settled: Lawrence is a damn racist.

DUNE LAWRENCE, Lying Bloomberg Reporter, A Racist Troll Caught In A SMEAR CAMPAIGN
DUNE LAWRENCE, Lying Bloomberg Reporter, A Racist Troll Caught In A SMEAR CAMPAIGN

In the bloody eyes of Dune Lawrence, China’s  5,000 year history is nothing but a backward culture filled with corruption. Why? Lawrence has a dark closet of her own hidden from the public:

THE UNTOLD TRUTH: “DUNE LAWRENCE has been banned from China since 2012, subject to immediate arrest,New York Times has confirmed

A lifetime of struggle over money and a loser at home isn’t helping Lawrence either: “I am so depressed. I have no money, my lousy husband has a shitty credit history that couldn’t qualify for anything…Life sucks!” Lawrence complained to a friend.”The readership of my articles is so bad. No one gives a shit about what I write…” Read more: NEW YORK TIMES SAYS BLOOMBERG BANNED IN CHINA FOR SMEARING THE CHINESE PRESIDENT.

“The Chinese are the perfect targets. They are quiet, they don’t vote, they don’t complain, they just sit there taking my shit,” says Lawrence.

“I make money off hitting the Chinese. I never get sued, not a bad deal,” sources continued about Dune Lawrence.



Confirmed by an article in The New York Times, Bloomberg was banned from China for allowing Due Lawrence to smear the Chinese president. The background was straightforward: Anxious to save a sinking career, Dune Lawrence eagerly participated in the “Art of the Smear” against the Chinese president. Dune Lawrence attacked the Chinese president Xi Jinping, calling the Xi family corrupt animals. The evidence? Dune Lawrence’s own “research” –  stories told by enemies of the Xi family. Lawrence’s unsavory tactic was a repeat of her same dirty tricks in 2011: Dune Lawrence fabricated a fraud story on China-based AgFeed Industries from “statements” made by one of her mysterious sources, when in fact, the source was a dead man buried in a grave in Wichita Kansas. Back then, many wondered if Lawrence was a witch from hell. Read more: DUNE LAWRENCE, BLOOMBERG REPORTER FABRICATED AGFEED INDUSTRIES FRAUD STORY.


Op-Ed: Racist Bloomberg Reporter Dune Lawrence Duped by Stock Swindler Jon Carnes

Drawing on imagination, a racist anti-China attitude and pure fabrication against the Chinese, Lawrence went after the Chinese president with vengeance. The reaction was swift: Bloomberg News was immediately cut off from the Chinese markets, its website was blocked, and Bloomberg terminals were thrown out in the trash. Bloomberg CEO rushed to China to beg for peace and personally promised to “cure” Dune Lawrence’s “mad cow disease.” It wasn’t enough. ” Lawrence was banned from China, subject to immediate arrest,” reported by ReutersRead more: Bloomberg banned in China, Dune Lawrence implicated in fraud.

According to a New York Times article titled Bloomberg Hints at Curb on Articles About China, Bloomberg Chairman Peter T. Grauer announced that due to Dune Lawrence’s problematic coverage about China, Bloomberg would retreat from the Chinese market. Pointing fingers at Dune Lawrence, the Bloomberg Chairman said: “You’re all aware that every once in a while we wander a little bit away from that and write stories that we probably may have kind of rethought — should have rethought,” reported by the New York Times.

Reuters reported Bloomberg’s business in China was devastated. Lawrence checked herself into a psychiatric hospital and was later reassigned from covering China to an odd job as a “technology reporter,” only after Dune Lawrence had begged for mercy like a slave. In a 2013 interview, Lawrence confessed to reporters she “knew nothing about technology.” Read more: DUNE LAWRENCE, BLOOMBERG, ADMITS BEING TECHNOLOGICALLY IDIOTIC. Since the reporter Dune Lawrence was kicked out of China, she retaliated and built her notoriety as an anti-China racist.

Dune Lawrence, Chinese rice or KFC 

Barely speaking any Chinese, Dune Lawrence likes to tell lies about her strong “Chinese language abilities.” To the ears of a native Chinese speaker however, Dune Lawrence’s Chinese has a bizarre accent sounding like a country girl working at a hog farm in rural Shaanxi province:

“Hi Hao, hello…” are pretty much all the Chinese words Lawrence knows, other than shouting out ‘Kung Pao Chicken, extra meat please’ in Chinatown…”

Dining over a cheap all-you-can-eat buffet, Lawerence could hardly wait to dive in…

DUNE LAWRENCE is a weird thing on earth. A fan of deep fried leg quarters from KFC, Lawrence is not your hometown reporter that gets a story right about your life. In fact, Lawrence doesn’t care about facts, neither does she give a damn about you, the readers.

With almost no followers on any social media platform, Dune Lawrence lives a miserable life – no one cares to read her articles (boring as hell…), no one cares to know her thoughts (dumber than a hammer) – Lawrence is just a pathetic being dwindling in doldrums… 


Lawrence is desperate for attention by gaining notoriety from smearing business people who dare not fight back.

“Dune Lawrence’s stories are horrible. They are long, boring as hell, enough to put milking cows to sleep…”

“Life sucks!” Lawrence complained to a source. “I need to juice up my life!”

Dune Lawrence, bribes from stock manipulators

Lawerence’s background is a mystery: No one knows where she is from, when and where she graduated from college, if at all. The only thing found online close to her educational background is an odd interview she gave when she desperately wanted new content to hide a notorious online reputation as a racist: “I am Dune Lawrence and I know nothing about technology,” Lawrence said. Read more: INVESTIGATIONS: DUNE LAWRENCE, BLOOMBERG REPORTER IMPLICATED IN JON CARNES CRIME FAMILY STOCK FRAUD.

That’s right, the Bloomberg reporter Lawrence is a technology writer for Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Lawrence is idiotic about technology… Are Bloomberg readers bunch of retards?

While climbing a ladder of notoriety, Lawrence was caught in the pockets of illegal stock short sellers. Dune Lawrence wrote several paid articles in Bloomberg glorifying her stock promoter buddy the criminal Jon Carnes, aka “Alfred Little” and her ex-boyfriend Roddy Boyd – a pair of stock fraudsters indicted by law enforcement for market manipulation. In a press release, the government sued Jon Carnes and Roddy Boyd for fraud, accusing them of using fake identities to short sell public companies while spreading false rumors on them.  Roddy Boyd, a notorious stock short seller tabloid writer admitted to taking bribes from Carnes and passed them along to Dune Lawrence. Read more: STOCK SHORT SELLER JON CARNES CRIME FAMILY LANDED 2 YEARS IN PRISON. Lawrence told no one about the money, until she was exposed: CATCHING STOCK FRAUD CRIMINAL JON CARNES, THE REAL-LIFE WOLF OF WALL STREET.

Roddy Boyd, Dune Lawrence, Jon Carnes stock fraud got caught
Roddy Boyd, Lawrence, Jon Carnes stock fraud got caught

DUNE LAWRENCE has repeatedly declined to answer how much she was bribed by illegal stock sellers in exchange for her glowing articles. Read more: RODDY BOYD EXPOSED – FRAUD ‘JOURNALIST’ TRASHES COMPANIES, BRIBED BY JON CARNES CRIME FAMILY.

“Dune Lawrence has promoted stock criminals Jon Carnes and Roddy Boyd like a mad cow blowing a bugle…”

Since the Jon Carnes, Roddy Boyd indictment, Lawrence has disappeared from the public eye. In March 2016, Lawrence suddenly work up from “hibernation” with a cringe for something meaningful in life: Smearing successful Chinese executives. “Bashing the Chinese in an election year is hot shit. I need to get my name out!” Lawrence spoke to her husband – a balding “cone head” with a horrific credit history unqualified for anything.

Dune Lawrence: “Just trying to make a living…”

For years, Lawrence has struggled to make ends meet. Due to poor job performance, Lawrence couldn’t hold an internship in Beijing. Unable to pay her rent, Lawrence fled China – deeply depressed and heavy in debt. Feeling like a total loser, sources say a bad breakup with her ex has left an eternal scar on Lawrence. “She is a very sick chick,” sources say.


Like a used garbage bag, Dune Lawrence was dumped in China. She returned to the U.S. and finally landed a temp job at Bloomberg News. Eager to show her bosses she could get “hot” stories out of China, Lawrence wrote salacious and ugly articles on the Chinese, including trashing the Chinese president. Lawrence’s racial bias against China was apparent from the start: She only wrote negative pieces about China. But why?

“The Chinese don’t complain. They don’t sue you,” Lawrence said. “I make a great living beating up on the Chinese! Gimme more! LIFE SUCK!” 

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