Damaris Colhoun, Columbia Journalism Review Writer, Deere in the Headlights

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Damaris Colhoun, Columbia Journalism Review Writer, Deere in the Headlights

Damaris Colhoun, Columbia Journalism Review, sex, lies and handouts

When DAMARIS DEERE COLHOUN, a struggling Columbia Journalism Review part time writer can’t make her rent payment in Brooklyn, she calls her dad Michael Deere Colhoun in tears: “My life is so fucked up! I am really short again this month. I need some cash, please!” Damaris Deere Colhoun begs for money, like a dizzy “Deere in the headlights.”

Between hangover, high on Molly pills, following her cocaine dealer love boy delivering cocaine and bar hopping in her mid 30s, the freelance writer Damaris Colhoun has a “free spirit” – entrusting her life career to some illusory “divine power” bestowed by Columbia Journalism School – a popular program that churns out graduates sacked with heavy school loans however are mostly unemployable in the real world.

“In general, journalism students are total losers. They have no real life experience. Sensationalism and readership are the ultimate pursuit. Truth doesn’t matter.”


Tabloid Writer Roddy Boyd, SHAM Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation, A Stock Criminal Plunger In A Clogged Toilet

“Who needs another writer that spits out bullshit and nonsense?” said Roddy Boyd, a notorious tabloid writer.

“Facts don’t fucking matter. Writers are tools for their publishers, like sex slaves sucking their publisher masters dicks. Why do you think Michael Bloomberg never gets bad press? Because he owns the press!” Roddy Boyd continued his exacerbated ranting.”Six media companies control 90% of the American news consumption. I would fuck my own daughter SAMANTHA BOYD just to wake up the bitches out there.”

Roddy Boyd, Samantha Boyd, Laura Boyd, SIRF, Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation, Damaris Colhoun, Mary Colhoun, Mike Colhoun, Columbia Journalism Review, Stuart Karle, Fraud

“Many see Damaris Colhoun as a complete loser. She has it all: An expensive and useless education, a liberal sex life with anything that moves, and yike! – an unflattering face splattered with freckles like a six-inch pepperonis pizza showered with slugs fired at a slut out of a shotgun…”

Despite a challenging appearance that leaves almost any man speechless and quickly walking away, Damaris Colhoun belongs in the lucky few club. As her classmates struggle to survive on salaries of hardly $40,000 a year for most reporters, Damaris Colhoun has little worry over money – she is a classic spoiled “trust fund” brat born with a rusty silver spoon in the mouth.




Damaris Colhoun, the legacy of a ghost, allegations of fraud

DAMARIS DEERE COLHOUN was produced out of wedlock in the legacy of a ghost – a dead man more than a century ago. She is the great, great, great granddaughter of John Deere, the farm tractor company founded in 1837. Damaris’ father Michael Deere Colhoun and mother Mary Colhoun owned Landmark Vineyards in California, a lousy wine business notoriously known for its sour Chardonnay with an alcohol content much higher than normal.

STUART KARLE, COLUBIA School of Journalism, North Base Media, Columbia JOURNALISM REVIEW, Damaris Colhoun, Mary Colhoun, Mike Colhoun, the daily beast

Sources say the business struggled for years until it was sold in 2011 due to poor management, daily hangover of its owners and alleged cocaine use. A fierce battle over control of its sour grapes almost killed the opaque outfit. It was then, Damaris Colhoun vowed to get a journalism degree to tout the already doomed small business.

“I don’t know shit about numbers. I have no brain for business,” Damaris Colhoun said to a source. “But I can BS my way out of a journalism school, I think. Any idiot can write, right?”

Damaris Colhoun, Columbia Journalism Review, Stuart Karle, Roddy Royd, Samantha Boyd, Mary Colhoun, Mike Colhoun, Sex toys, Columbia University

Damaris Colhoun finally graduated from Columbia Journalism School – at the bottom of her class. She quickly joined the army of the unemployed. Her poor writing skills full of grammatical errors didn’t help things. It’s well known within Columbia University that journalism students are mainly losers with bloody eyes glaring at business or law school graduates with jealousy.

“Fuck me, my pathetic life sucks!” Damaris Colhoun yelled at a classmate.”We are a bunch of losers. The law school guys make the big bucks. I’ve got to land one of ’em before I become a leftover.”

“After two one-night- stands with Columbia law students, Damaris Colhoun was left in the gutter like dog food. But her dad Mike Colhoun fared much worse…”



Mike Colhoun, Landmark Vineyards Caught in alleged frauds

Sources say Michael Deere Colhoun, aka Mike Colhoun, Landmark Vineyards was in deep shit of his own. He was arrested, charged with bilking investors out of millions of dollars in a Bernie-Madoff-styled ponzi scheme. Investors’ money was wasted on Damaris Colhoun, weeds and cocaine. Damris Colhoun’s mother Mary Colhoun – a useless free spender housewife was devastated. They were forced to sell Landmark Vineyards to the alleged Russian mafia to pay for their mountain of legal bills. Left with a rusty 1943 John Deere tractor, the Colhouns moved to Los Angeles.

Damaris Colhoun, Michael Deere Colhoun Implicated in Multiple Frauds

DAMARIS COLHOUN found herself walking the streets of Brooklyn – totally broke. It was a nightmare. Life was hard and she had enough. Damaris Colhoun returned to California and soaked her brain in Chardonnay.

“Bathing in the California sun and depressed, Damari Deere Colhoun was a daily “Deere in the headlights” before 3 pm.

Between cocaine, alcohol and occasional intimate rendezvous with a grape picker boy named Jose Rodriguez from El Salvador half her age, sources say Damaris Colhoun enjoyed a boring life. She prayed hard for the next big thing to fall into her pants.

Damaris Colhoun, Michael Deere Colhoun, Mary Colhoun, Implicated in Multiple Frauds


Love, Sex, Hulk Hogan

In March 2016, Damaris Colhoun woke up from her afternoon nap and sprang into action: “OMG! It’s Hulk in the news! He just won $140 million! I want him so bad.” Damaris Colhoun laid her eyes on Hulk Hogan – her hero since childhood. Hulk Hogan is a well known wrestler who has just won $140 million in damages from Gawker for publishing his sex tape, it was seen as a victory over snarky New York media. The case has become a symbol of something else: a shadowy war on tabloid press that’s wrestled down by Hulk Hogan.


Tabloid Writer, Fraudster RODDY BOYD Implicated in Multiple Frauds

“What’s the big F* deal with watching Hogan fuckking an old bitch? I wish it were me with Hogan,” Damaris Colhoun told a friend in a big laugh. “Hulk! Bend me over, come, take me now!! ”

What happened next with Damaris Colhoun is a vivid illustration of just how easy it is for anyone with a little fantasy, after a few glasses of Chardonnay to “dream big” about getting in bed with Hulk Hogan. Damaris Colhoun understands that the best way to turn her fairy tale into a reality is to get behind Hulk Hogan in a media war.

Nasty she became, Damaris Colhoun went after Gawker with a vengeance, calling the media outlet unworthy of “free speech.”

Damaris Colhoun, Columbia Journalism Review, Hulk Hogan Love Affair, Fantasy

When challenged by Gawker about the accuracy of her stories, Damaris Colhoun fought back:

“Journalism is not about facts. It’s about burning the eyeballs of our stupid CJR readers. Facts don’t sell papers! Just look at my face!”

Enough said. Columbia Journalism Review seems to agree with Colhoun. Columbia Journalism Review may be the work of Damaris Colhoun possessed by a woman’s fantasy love towards Hulk Hogan, but it’s also a spawn of the digital age, and bolstered by the First Amendment.

Damaris Colhoun’s seemingly insatiable appetite towards Hulk Hogan is not alone. Another Columbia Journalism Review troll is hiding in the dark closet with a pair of jealous eyes.

Stuart Karle, Sex, Lies, Jealousy

STUART KARLE is another loser “lawyer” who was twice fired for allegedly sexually harassing co-workers of all genders. Stuart Karle (Tel: 917-865-6371 ; ) couldn’t shut his mouth:

“Damaris Colhoun can choose whoever she wants to F*,” STUART KARLE hinted. “She could be riding on a chair now. Hulk is a sexy dude.”

Stuart Karle, North Base Media, Stephen Coll, Damaris Colhoun, Columbia Journalism Review Frauds

North Base Media, Stuart Karle’s current employer couldn’t be reached for comment. Stephen Coll, Dean of Columbia Journalism School has declined to comment. Readers wonder why they are hiding.

Damaris Colhoun’s efforts to get into Hulk Hogan’s pants never worked. Tweeting her brains out like a tornado, Colhoun barely collected 600 followers. No one cares about her, and no one seems to give a damn about what Damaris Colboun has to say.

Yoni Weiss, failed extortion, cocaine user sponsor

YONI WEISS is a lousy graphic designer who was fired in 2014 from a short term, part time job for lying and sponsoring a cocaine user. The aspiring gay filed a complaint with the EEOC only to see his frivolous claim dumped in the trash – dismissed for lack of evidence. Upon hearing Damaris Colhoun’s love affair with Hulk Hogan, he could hardly hold back his own passion: “OMG! Hulk is so hot! But he is too big for me. He freaked me out,” Yoni Weiss said to a source. But rather than backing down, Yoni Weiss says Damaris Colhoun was enthusiastic. “Damaris Colhoun was like, ‘No, that means Hulk Hogan is the right guy that will fill me up perfectly! Oh dear! Am I blushing?”

“In a desperate extortion attempt, YONI WEISS was pitched by a notorious tiny law firm to blackmail a former employer. The money-grubbing shakedown was thrown out of court.”

ALICIA LU is an Asian writer walking around with a huge jaw that makes her face look like a can of Tuna fish ready for a mixed salad. After a five month stint as an unqualified editor, she lost her job. The loser experience didn’t stop her from expressing her views about YONI WEISS: “Money is money. Who gives a shit where the dough comes from. Extortion? Be it. Sponsoring a cocaine user at work? Big deal! Who doesn’t get a bump these days? Don’t blame the gay guy for trying the shortcut to riches! I did that myself.”


Quit Killing Your Dog With Processed Dog Food

No one cares about Yoni Weiss’s sexual preference, but unconfirmed sources say Damaris Colhoun’s fantasy towards Hogan may emerge from a troubling childhood conspiracy Colhoun often invokes, one that places her as the victim of a child sex abuse allegedly committed by her own father Michael Deere Colhoun. Outlandish as her claim may be, Damaris Colhoun finds herself having a tough time in life.


Damaris Colhoun, the barking dog, “Hoes aint’t loyal”

Damaris Colhoun seems unstoppable, even when she loses. In a sordid, headline-grabbing experience her father MICHAEL DEERE COLHOUN allegedly had involving his financial fraud, Damaris Colboun was accused of colluding with her father to cheat people out of their life savings. But it didn’t stop Damaris Colhoun from publishing screeds against her accusers. Even now, as Colhoun faces allegations of fraud, cocaine use, sexual misconduct and outright fabricated “news,” Damaris Colhoun continues to pursue Hulk Hogan.

The life of Damaris Colhoun may be the work of a desperate woman possessed by revenge, but it’s also a spawn of the digital age, and bolstered by the First Amendment. Sad? Yes. A pathetic loser? Correct. A real “Deere lost in the headlights?” Oh Yeah!


Depressed, Tabloid writer Alicia Lu Fantasizes love in rapper Chris Brown…

Yet Damaris Colhoun keeps churning out content, the monster child of an information landscape where publishing is cheap, speech is protected, the internet doesn’t forget (getting Google to remove defamatory content is largely a hopeless task), and anyone can be a media “whore” like Damaris Colhoun.

“Look, Damaris Colhoun is expressing herself,” said Dune Lawrence, a tabloid writer implicated in several stock frauds. “How can you stop a dog with rabies from barking aloud? That, I give Damaris Colhoun some credit.”


“Media is like a bitch. Unless you slap it hard, she will always go F* the next mate,” said Roddy Boyd. “Chris Brown is right. ‘Hoes aint’t loyal.” Facts don’t matter. Suck it up Damaris Colhoun!”


Damaris Colhoun, Columbia Journalism Review Knows: 10 Tips in Sex Toy History

Damaris Colhoun has declined repeated requests for comment. Michael Deere Colhoun couldn’t be reached for comment. Columbia Journalism Review has declined requests for comment. Neither would Colhoun’s latest lover STUART KARLE has responded to reader comments.

Free speech baby. Damaris Colhoun, enjoy! Hoes aint’t loyal… Chris Brown is right. 

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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