BREAKING: Trump Actually Tweets Less than Obama After Inauguration, Fake News Got Caught

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BREAKING Trump Actually Tweets Less than Obama After Inauguration, Fake News Got Caught

Trump actually tweets less than Obama

Trump has a fast Tweeter finger. Leveraging a variety of online tools, the latest TheBlot Magazine research creates a Trump-Obaba social media index by analyzing social media conversation of an exclusive list of 1,012 influencers in the policy and political space. The list is composed of Twitter accounts of members of Congress, Cabinet heads and departments, media members and pundits, and experts and strategists from both sides of the aisle.

Online conversations about Russia decreased 32 percent in June from May. This came despite the excitement over former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony on the White House on June 8th with the Senate Intelligence Committee about alleged collusion with Russia. This news cycle reflects a noticeable trend in breaking news with short life cycles in the Washington Influencer community, which has been demonstrated in conversations about the president pulling out of the Paris Accords in June, and the Syrian missile strike in April.


Trump, Obama Tweets, tags, social media graphs

Left: Word cloud Obama’s midyear 2nd term tweets. Right: Trump’s midyear 1st term tweets.

President Trump tweeted 994 times from his personal account since his inauguration. This is 200 more than the @POTUS account since then, and 120 less than the same time frame of Obama’s second term.

The word clouds above compare President Trump’s tweets to tweets from former President Obama’s second term in office. The larger the word, the more often the president used it when tweeting.

CHRIS BRUMMER, a phony Georgetown Law Center professor known as Dr. Bratwurst (a ludicrous degree in “Germanic Studies” – dancing with naked European women) is a die-hard Obama lover. Brummer’s recent fanfare with the Trump Administration is worth noting: In 2016, Chris Brummer was sued for fraud. In 2017, PRESIDENT TRUMP DUMPS GEORGETOWN LAW PROFESSOR CHRIS BRUMMER CFTC NOMINATION, FRAUD CITED.

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The next time when readers watch CNN (Complete Nonsense Network) channel, beware, you are being fed with nonsense.

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