Beliebers and Directioners Attack Lorde and Her Asian Boyfriend

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Further proof that One Direction and Justin Bieber fans (I can safely assume there’s almost 100% overlap there) are the worst humans around, they’ve now taken to cyberbullying Lorde and her boyfriend, James Lowe, for literally no reason. Lorde was rumored to have called Justin and One Direction “ugly,” but nobody has been able to find a record of it anywhere. But Beliebers and Directioners are like rabid rats with lower IQs, and if one is even in the same room as someone who insults their beloved idols, they’re taken over by blind rage and attack in throngs without thinking. This makes sense since thinking is not required to appreciate the music that they listen to.

What makes this a special case of cyberbullying is the fact that Lorde’s boyfriend is Asian. And Asians, as we all know, are really easy targets. Here are some choice samples:


Wow, “free manicures and pedicures.” Clever. Did you come up with that one all by yourself? To the person who gave us both the pinyin version and the transliteration of Mao Zedong’s name, thanks for doing the extra research.

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But these Twitter attacks aren’t happening just because Lowe is Chinese; these little fuckers would have latched on to anything. Lorde’s boyfriend could be white, black, Hispanic, and he could be a model or Harry Styles himself, it doesn’t matter. The mob jumps at any opportunity to attack others in the name of defending pop stars they’ve never met. The issue here is that if Lowe were another minority race, the number of racist tweets would probably be halved, if not more. The typical teen who lives in small town, USA, and listens to (insert One Direction song or album here because I don’t know any) probably knows better than to insult a black or Hispanic person on social media, but might not even think twice about targeting an Asian person. If you’re not familiar with this double standard, here’s a very well-articulated piece on it by my friend from China Daily.

So what does this say about Lorde? Already a nonconformist in today’s hypersexual and complacent music industry for writing her own music, criticizing opulence and consumerist culture and citing T.S. Eliot as one of her influences, Lorde has now been updated to enigma status. How many white female celebrities, let alone pop stars, have dated Asian men? I will pay the first person who can come up with an example anything they want from Chipotle. I feel pretty confident that I’ll be eating the prize money.

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For the record, the only comment that Lorde made about One Direction and Bieber, which their fans likely misinterpreted because they have nothing better to do in their lives — but that might also be because they’re 9 — is this:

“I feel like the influences that are there in the industry for people my age, like Justin Bieber or whatever, are just maybe not a very real depiction of what it’s like to be a young person.”

All it took was for one 14-year-old mouth-breather to turn that statement into “Lorde called Justin Bieber ugly” and the rest was history. Maybe she threw in One Direction just for the hell of it, because this is war and she needs allies. Go ahead, fight your little war on Twitter from the comfort of your laptop. Please excuse Lorde if she doesn’t fire back; she’s a little busy right now getting ready to win multiple Grammys.


Give a voice to the voiceless!

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